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Confusion Tears

on November 10, 2018

I don’t know, can you even call them that?

Am I confused or lost? Are they the same?

Hmmmm… And there’s double meaning to it, too…

What did *you* think I meant when you read the title of my post?

I meant the crying kinda tear, but after I looked at it a second time, it could also mean the ripping kind of tear.

Maybe that explains why it hurts so much – are my eyes crying because my heart is torn?

6 responses to “Confusion Tears

  1. Da Absentee says:

    I thought if crying. I think it goes both ways. Your last statement could be more of what it truly means…

    Best wishes

  2. I read it as tears that came because of being confused. Unable to find what is the right way and whether there is anything even right for me, that is out there any more. Do I even know what is right for me. God, this confusion is killing me and I hate the helplessness and therefore the tears… This is what I read, and mostly because that is where I am in my own life as well.

  3. Such a beautiful write-up!!

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