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The Uncommonly Common Narcissist

on May 20, 2019

My theory:

Narcissists are becoming more and more common because –

… care….

In 1971, when I was born, it was mostly unheard of to send your babies out to be raised by strangers. I mean, (imho) why would you even have children if you didn’t want to teach them and raise them as your own little selves?

At what point did it become ok for children to raise themselves?

One time, quite a while back, I saw a bit on “How It’s Made” about chicken.

Hell started immediately for those baby chicks! As soon as they hatched (forcefully), their brand spanking new bodies were placed on a conveyor belt so close to each other they couldn’t move. As soon as their eyes opened, an antibiotic was sprayed directly into them.

From there, they were shoved into a pen. Where, again, there was no room to move.

And the baby chicks were left there like that… To grow bigger and bigger in their tiny surroundings, crunched up against each other, violating each other, food being thrown in their faces so they could fight for their lives every minute… living in their own feces, until they were slaughtered or just died from pure misery.

They were never taught how to be chickens… 😦 😦 😦 😦

It gets particularly sad (and real) right at the 2:35 mark 😦

Sometimes I think that day care is a lot like those chicken pens – children (babies!!!!!) are left to fend for themselves with very few adults around to teach (or show) them how to react/respond.

Children are meant to have parents. Parents teach them how to treat others; parents are an example of acceptable behavior; parents prevent them from making mistakes…

When a child doesn’t have parents around to show them how to act, the children just act however they want. Then, the parents, feeling bad about not ever being around, don’t ever correct the misbehaviors because they feel so bad about being neglectful of their child.

To sum up – if children don’t have the proper guidance and nurturing, directly from positive role models (aka, parents), they will only learn how to love themselves and will continually struggle with interpersonal relationships

IMHO, as a society, we are doing this to our children, and it causes a complete disruption of their lives as future adults.

No wonder the world is such a shitty place any more….

Children get NO natural nurturing from their parents – just fabricated learning from machines…

And they never learn how to be children, let alone PEOPLE!!! 😦 😦

Utter and complete sadness…

2 responses to “The Uncommonly Common Narcissist

  1. An excellent point. I am sure that lesser than required parenting creates behavioral changes in the children. If you get an amazing sitter or teacher, you might change for the better, but the likelihood is not all that great.

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