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Other People’s Stories

on October 16, 2019

I am sick of people being so self-absorbed that they can’t see others’ stories

Maybe it’s bothering me because I’ve been getting caught up in my own story and forget about the others – so I am trying to dispel my guilt

But probably it’s bothering me because…


There are still a few good ones out there who try to think about your situation before jumping to conclusions (aka: judging)

Sadly, mostly what I have seen is that a huge percentage of them don’t give a hairy rat’s ass about what others are going through

It’s like they believe the whole world is their own, personal story

For a very long and humbling four months this spring/summer, I quit my well-paying job in a field I have been in for 24 years (basically my entire working career)

All because I couldn’t stand a handful of people who were not only entitled and self-absorbed, but also bullies

I went back into Customer Service, thinking:

I can do that, it feels nice to help people, it makes them happy

Making others happy will make me happy


In fact, it helped me see how terrible people are inside their hearts

(If they even have hearts ☹ )

They will totally ignore the fact that you’re lugging a 50 pound bag of oatmeal across the store to fill an ’empty’ bin (because someone was upset it wasn’t heaping full)

All they will see is that you are an employee and they are entitled to your help

Fuck your stupid, working ass

Fuck that you are already doing something

Drop that bag of oatmeal and stop helping that other frustrated customer because this new frustrated customer’s needs are much more important

It’s like every single one person is the most important person

How can that be?

Everybody has a story

You can see it as they speed through their day

Seemingly blind to the rest of the people

Maybe everyone is seeing what I am seeing

And feeling what I am feeling

But avoiding confrontation

No one wants to speak up and tell the fucking world

To look outside their story

Because there are other stories, too

And, ultimately, don’t all of our stories connect at some point anyway?

Why not act like it?

2 responses to “Other People’s Stories

  1. The V Pub says:

    I misread that meme initially and thought it said ‘strangest’. But, that didn’t make sense and then re-read it again. Now it makes sense. 🙂

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