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The “Return” of Mr. Nice Guy

on October 24, 2019

To be honest, like Alaska, he’s never really gone. He just lurks on the sidelines waiting for the perfect moment to reach out and let me know he’s still around.

Let us rewind for a moment:

Mr. Nice Guy and I used to work together – almost 5 years…

For a hot minute, in 2016, I thought we were going to be a “thing”, but it never really worked out or clicked or whatever. We had a few dates, each a little worse than the last

(the first one should have been an omen OMG!)

Whatever it was lasted a year.

A few months after that, I was laid off, but we kept in touch and hung out sometimes.

Fall 2018 I asked him to stop calling me pet names, because we weren’t “dating” any more and I simply didn’t like it. That conversation made him so uncomfortable he didn’t reach out to me for months.

Until his condo flooded January of this year. He had reached out to all his friends on Facebook and apparently they weren’t coddling him enough so he called to tell me.

I truly felt bad… I still do, because to this day, he says he’s still living in an extended stay hotel waiting for the insurance companies to approve the work šŸ˜¦ But every time I ask if he needs anything he says he’s fine.

But he never really left and he never stopped calling me sweetie, love and honey.

And here we are at present day: a little more than a year after I asked him to stop calling me pet names.

Pet Names

Typical beginning of messages from M.N.G.

Oh. My. Fucking. God.

Why text something if you knew you were going to have to take it back immediately?

Why hitĀ Send before changing the message?

Every. Single. Time.

To me, the receiver of these comments, they seem rude and inconsiderate.

While he’s possibly thinking any of the following things:

a) If I say it enough, she will let me keep saying it (so far, so good…)
b) I wonder how long it will take before she actually yells at me for not respecting her wishes
c) Maybe she will actually be my girlfriend if I keepĀ pretending she is

Honestly, I don’t fucking know.

Talk to me :-)

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