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New Addition

on November 21, 2019

Meet my “new” doggie: Tori

She’s a Newfoundland

We’ve been together 10 weeks now

She was surrendered to the shelter after living with the same family for 10 years (her whole fucking life – and they just let her go)!!

I don’t know all of her story, but I wish I did

It would probably make it easier to understand her

She’s afraid of all other dogs, to the point she wants to attack them before they can attack her

But then, I am kind of afraid of all other people to the point I want to attack them before they can attack me, so maybe we’re well-matched

It all came about one day when I was trolling animal shelter webpages. I do that sometimes to see if one of the puppers “call out” to me.

Tori did

I saw her cute, giant self and wanted to save her

Quite probably because I needed an excuse to stay away from Alaska

With Tori around, I wouldn’t have as much time (if any) to spend with him

And he’s never been much into pets…

But also…. I mean, who was going to want a 10-year-old, 109-pound Newfoundland?

She’s challenging (and cute) as hell

Especially since I’ve never had a dog before

Inside the apartment, she’s mostly an angel

Outside is a different story

She’s never been leash-trained

I think she was strictly a inside and backyard dog

She has no self-control

Everything distracts her

The poor girl doesn’t even know what to do with a toy!

But she knows how to sit and stay and wait and shake (both) hands

When I got her she was shaved and I was told that she was all matted when she was surrendered

She had a “hot spot” on her left front knee from where she would lick, and lick, and lick

She had skinless spots on her front elbows from (presumably) having to be outside

The only thing I know for a fact about her is that she and the new family dog didn’t get along: she had puncture wounds and I was told by the shelter “absolutely no other dogs in the house!” and they meant it! She seriously freaks when she can even see any other dogs (after 2 months it has gotten a little better, but not much). Sometimes she freaks out when she’s laying in her bed and hears  another dog!

She’s constantly trying to get into other peoples’ cars – especially white 4-door sedans

Men are her favorite

I frequently wonder if she’s biding her time with me, waiting for her previous owners to come pick her up

I have so many questions…

What happened with her previous owners? Why did they stop liking/loving her? Why did they get a new dog?

What is she thinking when she wakes up from a nightmare in my room and *I* am there?

What goes through her head when she sees another dog?

Is she bored because she’s stuck inside all day now?

But she seems to be thriving!

The hairless spots on her elbows are gone, along with the hot spot on her front left knee!

Her hair is growing out nicely.

She was overweight and has lost 12 pounds, making her much more manageable, but also more energetic!

It’s been a struggle and, at the beginning, I wanted to quit

Admittedly, there are times now when I still want to quit

But I imagine her cute, giant face and think that I couldn’t be the one to do that to her again

We’re in this together to the end, Tori

4 responses to “New Addition

  1. The V Pub says:

    That’s a beautiful story!

  2. She is so beautiful! Bless her little heart omg, I pray for her and I’m glad to see she is thriving! So thankful you took her in, I bet she loves you ❤️❤️❤️

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