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Actual Goals

on October 22, 2020


I set a few actual 30-day goals last week (gotta start small, since sticking to my goals is a relatively new concept to me)

  • Journaling at least twice a week (pretty good about it)
  • Exercise every single morning (pretty good about it)
  • Only eat when hungry (not so good about it)
  • Start exercise every day by 7PM (50/50 on this one)
  • Make at least $200/week driving rideshare (fail)

Except I am writing this entry instead of exercising…

Yesterday I finished a chapter of my Master Herbalist course and took the test and I’m feeling pretty good on that note. It’s not even on my goals list!

The past week I’ve been feeling pretty funky. Work today made me feel stupid, and I’m very competent – there and elsewhere! My supervisor got a weird attitude with me when I stopped her from interrupting. Then proceeded to talk to me like I knew nothing before working there.

I’ve completely gone off the deep end when it comes to relationships. So, I’ve started reading more about toxic relationships. I think my dad dumping me when my brother was born, and the constant on-and-off with my mom probably caused a bit of it.

Okay – exercise now…

One response to “Actual Goals

  1. davebolter9111 says:

    Bravo.., We will Prevail. 🙂

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