Smitten with Him

grown-up stuff happens here sometimes

Temporarily Reunited

on October 28, 2020

So…. Something very unexpected happened to me recently.

Lov(s)erman returned the $800 he borrowed from me BACK IN 2014!!!

Long Story, Short:

He bought a broken-down Ford Explorer that spring, and was going to rebuild and resell it (he’s a great mechanic). When he sold it, he was going to pay me back plus a percentage of the profit.

Instead of doing anything at all with the truck, he parked it in a hotel parking lot near his house. Where it sat.

In the meantime, his (wife’s) house was foreclosed on (here) and he became homeless (he is still homeless. He’s been living in his fucking 2003 Ford F-150 since the fall of 2014!)

Once a week he or I would check on the truck; push it to another spot; clean off the snow/branches/leaves/whatever.

But then our whole, dramatic breakup happened (here) and I stopped checking on the truck.

Then he stopped.

Eventually, the hotel caught on and towed it away, and I was out $800.

Eventually, I gave up on getting that money back.

Over the past few years, occasionally I would shoot him a text. Like, when Thing #1 got a boyfriend (finally, at the age of 24), or when I had to go to the junkyard by myself and I wished he was there to help me. Sometimes he would reply, sometimes not. I stopped caring either way, I was just sending him light and love (basically).

Fast forward to present day…

A few Tuesdays ago I got a text message from him telling me he had something to give me. 😉

We messaged back and forth briefly, but the texts weren’t his typically badly-spelled-and-punctuated texts.

For a minute, I thought it was someone SPAMming me.

But it wasn’t !!!

He really did want to meet me to pay me back that $800 (which I need SO very badly right now! It’s already gone!)

We met at a coffee place near my work and talked for over 5 hours! It might have been longer, but the sun went down and it was getting chilly.

There’s more to the story, but I’ll spare you the details. To sum up – he was only back in town for a couple weeks for a court settlement and the next day he would be driving back to St. Louis.

Our conversation flowed like we were long-lost friends, but there were times when he would contradict himself. I chose to ignore those…

I told him I’d love to skate one last time with him the next evening (because Wednesday is still one of my skate nights).

“We’ll see.” He said.

I texted him the next day with the details, and in true Loserman form:

Talk to me :-)

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