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Struggling with Self-Love

on May 5, 2021

I need your help…

How does one just start loving themself?

If they don’t already love themself?

My reason for quantifying it like that:
I think it’s hard – for a person who already loves themself, and has always loved themself – to understand or advise on this. I mean, what struggle does that person have to pull from? How can they sympathize?

How many times do I have to look in the mirror and tell myself that I’m amazing/pretty/smart before I start feeling amazing/pretty/smart?

That is all.

2 responses to “Struggling with Self-Love

  1. Hello! One thing for me that helps is positive affirmations. I was in a really dark place a couple of years ago, in terms of a lot of things – I remember writing in my journal ‘I am a good person I am a good person’, I was so afraid but I had to change. I look back and know that my situation was just a Spiritual Awakening, however, that’s not to say it wasn’t SO hard. One thing that really helped me was seeking help through a Spiritual Counsellor also. I think another thing to remember is that you don’t have to ‘be’ anything to be worthy of loving yourself. I always think, I chose this ‘me’ too before coming here to Earth. I chose to be me. I’m very Spiritual so I look at in this way, that we chose to be ourselves. To learn, to heal, to be the best version. Why wouldn’t you love yourself when you literally came here to experience happiness? You should root for yourself! I would start small, each AM, perhaps write one thing down that you love about yourself, or that you’re proud of, something you’ve accomplished this week / year whatever. Think about a compliment someone else has given you. Then take that to the mirror and just tap in, don’t just stand and tell yourself you’re beautiful, take a few deep breaths, ask for guidance if need be, and just stand there, look at yourself and be with yourself. I also recommend following @CaitlinAmyArcher on Instagram. She’s great! I promise, you are so worthy of loving yourself because it’s YOUR life. You’re here for YOU, so love it (life) and love yourself. You will get there and when you do, it’s going to feel SO amazing ❤️

    • smitten says:

      Those were amazing words!!! **Thank you** for taking the time to write them down for me!!! I needed to hear all of that b/c I honestly don’t know where to start. Even the baby steps seem gigantic when I’m not believing in myself. Also, changing my environments into places that don’t make me feel icky is something I am working on. Xoxox 😘

      I truly wish my parents had taught me all that you said. Thanks again!!

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