Smitten with Him

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on October 20, 2021

How many of you feel like it would be easier to give up than to keep going?

I’ve tried to adopt 3 dogs – 3 fails

I’ve stopped dating completely – again ultimate fails

Nothing brings me joy any more

Ok… to be fair, I look forward to alcohol 🍷

But is that really something to live for?

Ummm, no!

This is my last outlet. I no longer want to tell my ‘friends‘ that I’m feeling lost and want to die.

They call the cops on me and then I have to explain, to people that don’t give a shit, why they need to leave me alone because I’m “okay”.

Maybe if one of them actually came to me instead of calling the police….

But I get it, they’re scared.

Aren’t we all?

(Please don’t call the cops on me. I’m not okay, but they have way better stuff to do. Really!)

4 responses to “Frustration

  1. nsnroberts says:

    I’m right there with ya !! I have been sad for so many years, with so few genuinely happy days, I can’t even remember what happy is like. Everyday I’m just like, “how many more damn days am I gonna still be alive?” I’ve seen enough, ready to go ….

    • smitten says:

      I’m so sorry you feel that way! It can be very overwhelming and no one seems to understand. I wish I could get rid of the panic attacks and the need to drink myself into oblivion. Hugs and love to you, thank you for saying something and I hope you feel better or find relief in some way.

      I am here if you need to chat, you can send an email to this account and I will see it and reply if you need someone to talk to you.

  2. Da Absentee says:

    Sending good vibes your way. Hopefully things will get better.

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