Smitten with Him

grown-up stuff happens here sometimes

Cast of Characters

I don’t write about my family very much on here, but these are the ones that show up most often in my posts:

Thing #1 – my oldest daughter (she’s almost 21 — holy shit!)

Thing #2 – my youngest daughter (18 and SO intense)

Doom-n-Gloom — as of 9/28/2015, he is officially my ex-husband (need I say more?)

Loverman, now known as Loserman — the ex “other man”. He owes me $1,200 and promised he would fix my truck to pay me back. He didn’t. Click “here” for things that pertain to him – he has moved on and so has everything associated with him. Including my wonderful truck… Loserman’s Informational Page

Bear — In truth, he was my dream truck. He was a 95 Isuzu Rodeo with 4WD, manual transmission and a sunroof. In December 2014, he broke down completely, and I left the responsibility in the hands of Loserman… Ultimately, 4 months after the repairs were promised to be finished, nothing had been done and I sold my broken dream truck to a local junkyard.

Breezy – my Loserman-repaired car: a 97 Plymouth Breeze. I brought it to Brakes Plus in 2008 to replace the water pump. Ultimately, it cost me $2,000 to pay them to put the timing belt on totally wrong and pull my clutch cables totally out. Loserman had to replace the engine, and some other things that Brakes Plus did not fix or completely broke. It took him a very long time — 4 years — but the car is finally fully-functional again. (Good thing too, because I no longer have my beautiful Bear)

Lil Bear –

Kitty — our orange kitty. He’s perfect.

Chara — Thing #2’s very evil furry grey kitty.

The Other “Other Men”

Innocent Schoolteacher or Hot Librarian

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