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Loserman’s Informational Page


We were together for 6 years… I thought he was my soul mate…

I was wrong.

We went on a vacation together and things ended very badly and in a very confusing way.

Here are things relevant to my posts about him:
Loserman, previously known as my sexy Loverman — the EX “other man”.

DivaLoserman’s wife, or ex-wife now. I don’t know – they lost their house mid-2015 and have had minimal communication since. It’s entirely possible they are back living together again.

Elle — his wonderful car that I borrowed when my ankle was broken. A man rear-ended us one-morning when I was dropping the girls off at school. Eventually Elle had to be junked. I still miss her dearly!

Ranger – his Ford Ranger. *I* named it “Broken” because there are so many problems with it. It is financed through a “credit-helping” company and the payments are so high and frequent that Loverman doesn’t ever have enough $$ to fix it.

Coconut — our nickname for Loserman’s “stuff”

Vanilla — our nickname for my “stuff”

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