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The Other “Other Men”

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Seriously Folks, this page should have a different name. Most of these men aren’t “other men”. Some are in a grey area of in-between, but most of them happened after my divorce…

Loserman is my only true “other man” – I cheated on my (now x-)husband with him for 6 years.

He ended things with me November 8, 2014. It took me 7 months to see it was truly over, but I fought it all the way 😦 It was truly pathetic now that I look back at it.

I’ve been divorced since September 21, 2015.

Alaska – (post-divorce, late 2015 to present – off and on, more on than off currently ) We met through Tinder at the beginning of September 2015. He was my first “boyfriend” as a single person; my first “Daddy”; my first butt sex… I like him, I think he likes me… But I’m still guarding the tenderest part of myself from him whilst trying to figure him out.

Dreamboat – (post-divorce, May 2016- present?) I was “dating” Mick (below) at the time and I only wanted a better different piece of ass for a second, so I went exploring on Tinder. This was only meant to be a one-time hook-up.

Then it was twice. Then he was asking me to marry him. Then he moved to Steamboat Springs…

It all happened in a matter of a few weeks. What a whirlwind!

We texted throughout last summer, on and off. At one point, he drove a friend to the airport and, on his way back home stopped and took me to dinner.

During the fall, communication with him dropped off to practically nothing until he invited me to come see him again on St. Patty’s weekend 2017…

Mr. Nice Guy – (post-divorce, early 2016- January 2017) We work in the same office. So, by his rules we can only be friends… After more than a dozen dates over about a year, two of which I had my hand on his rock hard cock (through his pants!), and another time when he answered the door in his underwear (I stopped by to pick something up. He was expecting me),

we never once had sex!!!

He’s short and nice and funny and chivalrous and we have a great time when we’re together. He’s taken me to the museum, out for pizza, to a comedy show, The Cheesecake Factory, Mongolian Barbecue, the Movies… Most times we’re together, we smoke way too much weed.

Mick/”Jim” (post-divorce, Feb-Sep 2016) – I guess it kind of means something when I can’t think of much to say about him… He was 14 years my senior. We have had a 6-month “contract” that expired on September 27th, 2016. However, I ended it a couple of weeks early – not on good terms.

Mr. X – (pre-divorce, late 2014 – early 2015) He was a VERY short-lived fantasy of mine (not even three months). We had sex 3 separate occasions. I was too needy – I met him right after Loserman broke up with me. It just didn’t work out and I am okay with that. He has since reconciled with his wife and he only keeps tabs on me through my blog.

Mitch – (pre and post-divorce, 2014-2015) He was a real estate agent in the office where I work. 58 years old… We had been friends through work for a while, but it started to be a more than that after Loserman stopped talking to me. He checked up on me regularly during the two years we were friends. For a little while, I wanted to get more serious with him, but he told me all we could ever be was FWB. I was good with that. He ended things poorly with me at the beginning of 2016 when he moved to a different real estate firm.

TC – (divorce in process) He was my “Twitter Crush”. Long distance, whirlwind romance from March to August 2015. We spent three weekends together, each progressively worse than the last. He was completely enamored with me, then he kinda liked me and then he completely didn’t (when he found/read a previous version this page, actually). It was absolutely crazy-making (understatement of the year)! Turns out he is a total horsefly. All along he knew about my blog, but had only read the most current posts and had never explored into my past. I am transparent as glass here 99% of the time! I thought he knew almost everything about me when we started something. This has taught me that telling my lover/partner about my blog (or dating someone who finds me through my blog) is a very terrible idea. (I know of others who can attest… I should have taken their stories to heart and learned from them… But that isn’t how this life-thing works now, is it?)

Azi – (mostly pre-divorce) My on-again, off-again booty call from December 2014 to October 2015. Azi is a 55-year-old, divorced Nigerian man. Very vanilla – always missionary-style, no oral. We had intense therapy sessions after sex. Once I left angry and he thought I would never call him again – he had made some comments about how I was going to get back together with Loserman (I told him that friends support each other in their weakness and have faith in their strength, then I walked out. I have actually had that exact same conversation with Loserman). Another time he told me that I was VERY wrong to write/read/watch porn; that it will desensitize me and make me think all sex is cheap and trashy. It was an interesting and heated conversation where, at the end, he apologized for being judgmental and presumptuous. I haven’t seen him since.

Scorpio – (pre-divorce) A 24-year-old hottie that I met skating one Sunday – Skaterman (directly below) introduced us. We fooled around for a very little while at the beginning of 2015. I thought he dropped off the planet, but it turns out he moved to Phoenix and works with friends that *I* introduced him to! He is currently traveling around the country doing research for a project called Roller Skate Reality Show. (That’s pretty much done with now. Apparently in 2017 he’ll be back in Denver. I look forward to seeing him, but don’t really want anything sexual with him again.)

Sexy Skaterman/Skaterman – (pre-divorce) one of my roller skating friends. He was very aggressive in his pursuit of me while I was with Loserman. He was in and on-an-off relationship with one of my girlfriends, Amy. But that’s over now (she says). I used to talk to him on our skate nights and he would give me drunken advice – but he moved back home to Chicago. The only thing I have done with him is kiss – and he touched my boobie once… 😉

Bruce – (post-divorce) Craigslist Date #1

Shakespeare (just one date, but it’s noteworthy) –

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