Fear of Success?

Fear of Success
Is that a thing?
Because, if it is, I think I have it…
I start out feeling motivated
But then I think about the “consequences” of my motivation
How busy do I want to be?
… … …
I don’t even like talking on the phone.
And face-to-face?!? That’s a different story altogether!
Are these excuses because I am afraid?
Afraid of something I know nothing about?
There are other things I started in my life that worked out okay
How do I know that I won’t be good at this, too?
Just because I don’t have a “knack” for it in the beginning doesn’t mean I won’t take to it later
Starting a new job is always a challenge
Starting a new CAREER is a big change
Change hurts
Change is SCARY!
Change is necessary
The caterpillar doesn’t even know it’s going to change and look out how glorious it’s change is!
It simply builds a cocoon
And then starts being something else entirely
It’s probably hard at the beginning
But the caterpillar learns how to be a butterfly
Because it HAS to
My Psychotic Break (Part 2)

My Psychotic Break (Part 2)

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After all that bullshit, we didn’t have another interaction for 6 days.

And it’s the 5th week of barely any contact…

On that Friday afternoon, he sent me a text. “You won’t believe it, but I hyperextended my knee playing basketball last night.”

He was right. I didn’t believe it…

“Oh, that’s terrible,” I answered.

There were a few more trite comments where I tried to be nice and pretend like I gave a shit.

Then our chat was over.

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He’s Gone

He’s gone. I shouldn’t be so sad anymore.

But I am.

He’s gone. I should feel relief instead of loneliness.

But I don’t.

He’s gone. I need reach out to others for support.

But I can’t.

He’s gone. I still hate myself for being so stupid.

But I’m not.

He’s gone. So, why am I still broken?

Because he never refilled my cup.

After drinking so selfishly from it…

My Psychotic Break (Part 1)

My Psychotic Break (Part 1)

After I told all you folks that I was completely done with Alaska and never ever in a million years going to take him back,

I took him back.

I was so ashamed that I couldn’t write about it.

Just like all those other times before I stopped writing because of him.

Because I didn’t want to hear your objections.

Because you were right.

And at the end end of it all, I ultimately broke.

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My Stolen Self

I hate you for stealing me from myself

I am so broken that all I can see is the ugly in people

Taking advantage of those who are generous

Lying, cheating and stealing to get what they want

Or to hurt someone deeply


And I am becoming that person

I’ve lost my trust

My willingness to help

It’s so hard to be nice

To remember that everyone has a story I don’t know

My heart used to be eager


But it’s dead now

Or maybe in a coma