Smitten with Him

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…Into the Woods

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I feel the pull of the truck as you drive forward out of the garage and turn onto the street. The furry blanket you have wrapped around me is remarkably warm and comfortable. As you drive, I shift my head back and forth a little to gather up some of the fur underneath myself to form a makeshift pillow.

The radio is on. Nothing special. I think it’s the local classic rock channel and it sounds like Fleetwood Mac or something. I’m able to focus on it instead of what’s actually happening to me.

There are some turns and some stops. At first, I try to concentrate on how long between stops, how many turns… But I have never been good at directions. Being blindfolded and laying on my side in a Jeep isn’t helping to orient myself.

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Waking Dream…

… I wake up to a gentle nudge at my side and then feel something being slipped onto my head and over my eyes. It’s soft but tight, and once it’s in place I truly can’t see anything. You lean in to me and whisper in my ear “Do you trust me, baby?”. I try to answer, but you put your hand over my mouth and I can only nod.

“That’s right,” your words have a reassuring tone. “Stay quiet, get out of bed, take my hand and follow me. I am going to take you somewhere.”

I do as I’m told. A lot naked and a little afraid.

You open the garage door and lead me down the few carpeted stairs leading to the chilly pavement. A shiver runs through me and I can’t tell if it’s the cold or fear. I hear the truck’s hatch as it pops open. Your hands envelop my curvy waist as you guide me toward to the back-end of your Jeep.

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Monday Motivation: Camping…

After our long drive and then setting everything up, both of us were tired and ready to sit by a hot, roaring fire and enjoy a glass of Reisling. Problem being, we hadn’t build a fire yet. But, the wine was chilling nicely in the cooler!

I wandered around the edges of our campsite to gather up kindling and you went into the tent to grab the wine, some paper to start the fire and a book of matches. When you came back out, I had already started building a pyramid out of the sticks and twigs I had found and you said, “Nicely done. We should have no problem getting a fire started now” then winked at me.

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Two Halves of One Whole by Lesya7 on DeviantArt

Two Halves of One Whole
by Lesya7 on DeviantArt

Our bodies writhe

Connected to each other

Like a mind-meld

As we linger within

Our minds converge

So much so

That when you pull away

It feels as if I am losing a part of my self

And the longer we remain apart

I feel the distance growing


Until our bodies and minds

Can become one

Once again

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Wishing for a Unicorn

I started writing this back at the beginning of June 2013 and it’s been sitting on my desktop ever since. Every once in a while I change a word or open it to read it. It hasn’t changed much. I’ve just been waiting for the end to come to me.
I finally figured it out.

Unicorn tattoo for SherriFeelings broken
Like a shattered pane of glass
With razor edges and points
Stabbing outwards
As the first line of defense

Wanting to lash out and make others suffer, too

Hoping to be swept up and put back together again

Wishing for a unicorn…

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In the Bell Closet

This work of fiction was inspired by The Hook, my very favorite bellman-who-is-also-a-writer 😉

It had been a long Saturday night, as Holiday weekends usually are. I will never understand why perfectly “normal” people choose to get so fucked up drunk that they feel the need to take a shit in the corner of the lobby or vomit in the hallway on the way to their room. As Manager on Duty most weekend nights, I had the wonderful opportunity of dealing with most of these shitfaced scoundrels and this night was no different than the others.

It was already 3 AM and, before I had to start doing the Night Audit paperwork, I wanted to duck away someplace quiet and take a couple tokes off my pipe so I could relax for a few minutes. Only one other person knew where I had gone — Matt, the valet — and it wasn’t because I told him. He watched me sneak into the back entrance to the bellman’s closet from his perch at the valet desk. Before I closed the door behind me, I turned and shot him a quick look that begged, “Please don’t tell anyone”. He answered with an almost imperceptible nod.

For a second, I hoped that he would come and “hide” with me. We were friends. Kind of. For the past year I had been buying my weed from him and sometimes hanging out at his apartment after work. One morning a few weeks ago, I stopped by his place to pick up some smoke and he was still in bed, quite naked and barely covered. When he leaned over to his side table to take out my baggie, he teased me with a glimpse of his tight ass and I had to fight the urge not to smack it. I still kind of wish I had…

I made my way around the few awkwardly placed pieces of luggage until I reached the back of the room where there was an air vent I could easily get to. I sat down in the strategically-placed chair that the bellmen use for the very same reason I was, took out my pipe, lit it and inhaled the sweet taste of nirvana. I sat there with my eyes closed, holding in my hit, relishing the taste, listening to the night-time hotel noises. Underneath the bell closet was the boiler room, and every few seconds I could hear the valves release pressure with a low sigh. There had also been a party in the ballroom next door and I could hear the Convention Staff tearing down tables and returning them to storage.


I was so scared that I practically fell off the chair! Matt was standing in front of me, laughing his ass off, shaking his head and slapping his knee. “I wish I could go back and do that again! I want to get a picture of that face!”

“Oh! My! God! Matt, I almost wet my pants! You’re a total dork! I almost dropped my pipe, dude!”

“Aw come on, Lorie! You know I was just playing. Hand me that pipe and let me show you how it’s really done!”

If there was a pot-smoking contest, Matt would be the hands-down winner! He could roll a perfect joint in 90 seconds and then he could smoke that entire fucking joint, all by himself, in one fucking breath! He had truly impressive smoking skills. That’s not really a goal of mine or anything, he was just that damn good.

“Matt, that’s all I brought with me tonight and I was kind of hoping to have enough to get myself high before I have to go back to work in 20 minutes. I’m on my lunch break.”

“Don’t worry, sweetie-pie. When I am done smoking your kind, sweet bud, I will just fill you all back up again.” He stepped in a little closer and then winked at me.

I am quite the flirt and I had been hinting for weeks (maybe even months) that I wanted to get in his pants. So I responded in kind by stepping my own body in closer. I cleared my throat and asked “Ummmm. Is that code?”

He took a long drag from my pipe and, as he was exhaling, blew smoke rings into my face. They were so perfectly shaped! Each one was big enough to encircle my entire head and then float all the way around me. I was hypnotized by them. He took another drag and exhaled into my face again. I was in such a trance that I didn’t even notice he had moved another step towards me.Couple with Man Blowing Smoke Rings

My eyes re-focused after the smoke cleared, and his green, blazing eyes were burning straight into mine. “Do you have any idea how beautiful you are, Lorie? How long I have been waiting for this chance… I don’t know why you didn’t just jump on me that morning you came over and I was still in bed.”

I blushed and tried to lower my eyes from his, but they held mine as if they were magnets. Strong magnets, pulling me in with nature’s full force. I could feel my cheeks getting hotter as he leaned in towards me; I was sure he could feel their fire. His hands cradled those fiery cheeks as he pulled my lips in to meet his. The sweet taste of his mouth was mesmerizing, the smell of weed surrounding us was intoxicating…

My hands were immediately in his hair. His short, luscious curls tangling through my fingers. My mouth savoring his, hoping for a longer moment. I was so distracted (and high) that I didn’t realize Matt had already untucked my uniform shirt until I felt his fingers slowly and softly tracing up my spine, probably trying to find my bra strap. He found it and, in less than a second, POP, it was completely unhooked! Impressive, but I should have suspected as much. I let out a protesting sigh when he pulled his lips away from mine and traced then down the right side of my neck. At the crook of my shoulder-blade he paused for a moment to inhale my scent. “Mmm…. I love the way you smell”.

His kisses moved across my clavicles to my opposite shoulder-blade where he inhaled me again. As he exhaled, he whispered, “I want to unbutton your blouse so I can taste those awesome breasts of yours. Will you let me do that?”

Oh.                    My.                   God.

I was in heaven!

But, I was also at work. How could this be happening to me right here? Right now? Why didn’t he just ask me if I would come over to his place after work in the morning? My thoughts answered him for me before I had time to stop them. I heard myself say, “Yes” in a sultry, silky voice.straddle

He kissed me again and turned us around so he could sit down in the chair. “Come here,” he beckoned, “sit across my lap. I want to feel you grinding on me as I undress you.”

I anxiously looked around, not sure what I would see but nervous anyway. When I turned back around to face him, I could see the look of wanton desire in his eyes; it was so heavy I could feel the electrical pull. I was frozen before him, like a deer stuck in headlights. He leaned forward so he could grab the waistline of my pants and pull me into him. When he released his grip on my pants, his hands traced delicately around my waist to rest on my hips. I shivered and felt goosebumps raising all the tiny hairs on my body. My legs were straddled on each side of his and I sat down on his lap. Underneath me I could feel his erection poking at me through both our uniforms.

His hands were in my hair now, pulling me towards him for another kiss. He probed my mouth with his lips and tongue and moved his hands down to the top of my blouse to begin unraveling unbuttoning me. His lips were on my neck and his breath felt so steamy on my skin. “Oh, I like goosebumps,” he said, “I wish I had time right now to kiss every single one of them away.” He cradled my breasts in his hands as he raised one nipple to his mouth to tease with his tongue while his thumb brushed back and forth across the other.

My back arched as he suckled and hummed against me. “Mmmmmmmm,” the vibrations from his baritone voice rumbled through me. I could feel a fresh wetness between my legs and adjusted my hips to lay more squarely on his. He switched breasts and resumed his humming and thrumming. For a moment, he gazed up at me, eyes glassy with pleasure. I ground my pussy further down onto his stiff, but still completely clothed, cock.

He whispered my name as he broke away from the nipple he was tending to, his masculine hands grabbing onto my hips again to pull and grind me deeper onto him. My arms were tightly wrapped around him as he guided my hips back and forth against his. Both of us were breathing heavily and I felt like I could explode any second. He must have sensed how close I was because he stopped everything we were doing and looked up at my flushed face.

“I think this is something we should continue when we have more time. Why don’t you come over to my house when we’re off work later and we do this thing the right way?”

I kissed him again and replied, “Now that you got me all worked up, I don’t even know if I’ll be able to make it that long. I surely won’t be able to concentrate on getting any work done!”

“Oh, you can. There’s only a couple of hours left and everyone is finally passed out in their rooms. You can do the Night Audit in your sleep, Lorie.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence.” I winked at him as I stood up from his lap to straighten my pants, fasten in “the girls” and re-button my blouse.  He rose from the chair and adjusted himself, too. As he was standing there, I couldn’t help but notice the bulge in his pants and tried to fight the urge to grab that bulge, but I couldn’t resist. I seized his cock in my hand and squeezed confidently, “I would love to come over to your house after work to finish whatever this is, Matt.”

… … …


So Many Times

cuddlingSo many times

I lay warm and contented

In the nook of his shoulder

Naked and peaceful

Exposed and vulnerable

Sweaty and sated

Just as many times

When I move to leave the bed

He pulls me ever closer

Nestling his face in my hair

Breathing in the scent of me

The scent of us

I know he wants to say it too

All of those times

It’s so difficult to get up

I want to lay there and tell him

Over and over

“I love you!”

Until I have lost all ability

To say it again


The Way Bear Sees It

Daily Prompt: The Cat Says Meow

Write a story about yourself from the perspective of an object, thing, animal, or another person.

(From the perspective of my awesome truck, Bear. I love him so much and he takes such wonderful care of me.)

Not my Bear, but close!

Here comes Momma Bear! Good morning, Momma!

It must be time to bring her to work. It’s so sweet the way she talks to me every time she comes to get me. “Hey, Boo Bear!” she says in her cheerful way. “How much are you going to need this morning, Buddy?”

My door gets unlocked and opened, then Pop! goes my hood as Mom pulls the lever inside. She climbs into the back seat to get the bright blue plastic jug with the thirst-quenching, heart-cooling water she calls ‘antifreeze’.

Sometimes I wish I could just tell her how thirsty I am. That darn leak under my hood has really gotten worse in the last few weeks and I hope she fixes me soon. It really bothers me when I can’t take care of her the way I need to. I know that she doesn’t mind — I usually work really hard for her — but I don’t ever want to let her down. Momma Bear takes very good care of me and she needs me. I know how disappointed she would be if I couldn’t take her to the places she needs to go, but she will never say it.

She walks back around to my front to open my mouth the rest of the way and prop it open. Her slender fingers gently unscrew the cap from my nose and, a few seconds later, I can feel the sweet sensation of that slimy, green water oozing into me. Ahhhh, that feels so nice! I guess I was pretty thirsty, huh?

“Wow! You were really thirsty this morning, Bear! It’s not long now. Papa Bear is going to replace your water pump tomorrow and you will feel much better in no time at all. I know you’re getting old, Bud, and I really appreciate all that you do for me. He’s even going to give you an oil change because I know you’ve been asking for it.”

Whew! That’s a relief! Even though I can’t use words with Mom, she always seems to understand the noises I make for her. The last couple of weeks I have been tapping a little louder to remind her that it’s time for my regularly-scheduled oil change. I overheard her tell Papa a few days ago that she knows I’ve been asking for one. I’m a little disappointed to hear that Papa will be doing it this time, but he takes really good care of me, too.

I hear from under the hood, “Everything else looks good, Bear. You’re such a good boy.” Then she closes my mouth with a little slam and affectionately runs her hand across my hood as she walks around me to open my door and get in. The key is turning in my ignition now and I can feel the power surge into my heart, my motor, my lungs. “RRRROOOOAAAARRRR!” is all I can say, but I say it loud and proud and Mom loves it every single time I say it to her.

“Yes, baby, I love you, too,” I hear her say from inside of me. Her foot is on my clutch and I am shifted into reverse. The gas surges through my veins and I am ready.

Ready to take my Mom wherever she wants to go!

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I woke up with you today
When I rolled out of bed
You were my sunrise

I bathed with you today
When I was clean
You were my towel

I dressed with you today
When I was exposed
You were my clothes

I ate with you today
When I was hungry
You were my food

I worked with you today
When I was speechless
You were my words

I slept with you today
When I closed my eyes
You were my dreams

I dreamt of you today…


Tiny Stolen Moments

Shade Tree


How your body consummately beckons to mine with a simple, quiet gaze

The way my heart skips a beat as you wander through my mind


The smell of you as it completely envelops my mind’s eye

Your voice just another enchantment of distraction


Your tiny kisses creeping from the small of my back to the base of my neck

Laughter in your eyes as you said “That’s why I love you, Babe!”


The overwhelming passion you feel as you nuzzle my inner thigh

Your trust in me as you lay your head in my lap to fall asleep


That you were forever with me to share these as unrationed pleasures

Instead of tiny stolen moments