Smitten with Him

grown-up stuff happens here sometimes

Don’t Be a Dick

I thought he was different than the dude who stole my car

Turns out he’s exactly the same

Signing me up for health insurance quotes and Magic Jack and time share condos and (apparently) my social security number is no longer valid…

I’m getting at least 5 calls a day

Too bad they’re recordings or I would try to sell them on my business


At least he didn’t steal my car…

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Apparently, exactly 2 years ago, I posted this.
The Facebook gods of the past were kind enough to remind me…
I don’t even remember it!

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Love this quote… It’s in another post back there somewhere…


Embarrassing Questions?

Yesterday while I was looking up some drug¬†interactions,¬†I inadvertently¬†came across this video “section” of Web MD called Embarrassing Question… (scroll down a bit on the linked¬†page and you will be able to see the vids). None of them would work on my computer but, lucky me, there are transcripts!

I really, really enjoyed this one…

Embarrassing Question:

Can I lose something in my vagina?

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If I Were A Drug

This is eerily true…

I found it both hilarious and disturbing:

Click {here} and take the test for yourself


Carts, Horses and Busses

I know the idiom is: don’t put the cart in front of the horse.

The last few times I said it, I messed it up and instead said put the cart in front of the bus.

In my case, the latter seems more apropos.

I think I’ll keep it.


Ooooh! Sparkly!

I’m doing a work project for Alaska right now…


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Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day


Mr. Player


(Nice kitty!)

I was having a “lovely” conversation with a fella on Tinder (because I caved and signed back up *sigh*).

He seemed decent enough. Usually I swipe left on guys without a picture, but this guy had made an effort to write a profile and put his height in it, the words were spelled correctly, AND he made a challenge about having fun!

I figured, what the hell? If I don’t like him, I don’t have to keep talking to him.

As luck would have it, I did enjoy talking to him and, before taking things any further I wanted to see a picture of him.

So we exchanged numbers.

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