Smitten with Him

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Spongebob Squarepants is my hero. He is simple and naive and loving and forgiving and he seems to be at complete peace with himself (most times). He likes to try new things, he finds joy in everything and he persists in trying to make his grumpy neighbor/co-worker as joyful as he is!

I should remember, every time that I am grumpy or down in the dumps, just to turn to Spongebob.

There is much to learn in his simplicity.

Good idea coming here, Patrick.

That’s my specialty!

What? Having good ideas?

Nope. Being called Patrick.

Maybe we should do some stretches first.

Good idea!

Well, that’s MY specialty!

What? Having good ideas?

Nope. Doin’ some stretches first.


Processing Through…

This Tuesday was Alaska‘s birthday. He asked me to make him an ice cream cake and spend the evening (night) with him.

We had a fun play session with the new riding crop I got him as a gift. He totally loves it. He says it makes a better sound than any of his other impact toys back in Anchorage.

He also managed to fit in a couple smacks with the good ole, tried and true switch that I cut for him a couple months ago (he likes the marks it makes)…

But, that’s not what I am going to tell you about here. LOL!

Before playtime started, we happened to be watching Everybody Hates Chris on MTV and the following commercial for one of their new shows came on:

It’s a new fantasy series!

ON MTV!!!!!

And it looks really fucking good… Thing #1 and I are really excited to find out if it’s as good as it looks.

I mentioned that to Alaska when the commercial finished.

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“My Hole In the Wall…”


Nicky Nichols
in Orange is the New Black

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Monday Motivation: Imagination



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On Serendipity


From Sirens on USA Network
Episode “Briandipity”

There’s so many beautiful women in this world that, when a man commits to one, it’s necessary for him to believe that he’s found his destiny.

Otherwise he will be powerless in the face of so many vaginas.

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Monday Motivation: Secrets



Words to Live By: David Spade

…if a girl ever gifts you with a dirty picture, don’t ignore it! That’s such a mistake. Answer quickly.

You don’t wait hours, then you get another text from her “Hey, uh,by any chance did you get that picture of my PUSSY!!!? Huh?!

Oh, yeah. No, I did… It was cool. You did do that… Ummm, we were eating. Uhh, yeah, no great. Send some more…

No. No more.

~ Excerpt from “My Fake Problems





We all have secrets, there’s nothing wrong with that. But we all need a confidante, a friend to share our secrets with.

In a way, a shared secret tells us who our real friends are. They’re the people we trust the most.

Henry Morgan
in Forever

Forever (2014) Poster


I watch too much TV. It’s a problem, I guess…

But, as long as I am watching all of this television, binge watching, etc… (which I find exceptionally entertaining), I will try and share as many ‘meaningful’ quotes as I can 😉


“…wait for me”

You know… I never answered that question you asked me a while ago, did I?

You had asked: if you were human instead of an android, would you and I have fallen in love?

If things had been different like you said, maybe we would have. That’s my answer to you and, please don’t tell me I’m dodging the issue. Right now I can’t seem to commit to one truth, but I know I won’t waver in doing what needs to be done or in going down the path I have to take.

Wait for me.

Roger Smith
The Big O


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A Hole Lieth Therein

“Your Highnesses,

We do humbly request thine permission to befix doth holes yonder.”

It's princess rainbow sparkle. #ParksandRec

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