Smitten with Him

grown-up stuff happens here sometimes


The last 10 days have been a mix of emotions for me.

When you love something so much, it’s hard to let it go free. But the joy you feel when they come back is the most amazing feeling you will ever have!!

I hope you never have to feel that terrible emptiness, but I wish you all the joy of their return! 💕💗😘 🥰

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Struggling with Purpose

There was a time, a very long time ago, when my children were young

They needed me

We would go places and do things, like people do

And it was difficult sometimes, but we did it

For a while there, my life had some sort of meaning…

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If you’re a bank robber, you attract bank robbers

People who go to Church on Sundays, hang out with people who go to Church on Sundays

Peacocks are not attracted to pigeons

C-chords will recognize another c-chord and resonate

… becoming the mop and broom for other people, because you don’t know your own self…

… automatically, narcissistic people are manifested in your life…

—- Me, right now —-

But I am choosing to be alone, and learn myself.

Right now, I just need to focus on me.

Like all y’all, be safe and care mostly about your own self and well-being.

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New Addition

Meet my “new” doggie: Tori

She’s a Newfoundland

We’ve been together 10 weeks now

She was surrendered to the shelter after living with the same family for 10 years (her whole fucking life – and they just let her go)!!

I don’t know all of her story, but I wish I did

It would probably make it easier to understand her

She’s afraid of all other dogs, to the point she wants to attack them before they can attack her

But then, I am kind of afraid of all other people to the point I want to attack them before they can attack me, so maybe we’re well-matched Read the rest of this entry »


The Uncommonly Common Narcissist

My theory:

Narcissists are becoming more and more common because –

… care….

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Be the Moon!

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Why We Choose Difficult Partners

“We probably can’t change our templates of attraction”, but we CAN change how we respond to trigger behaviors.


Have You Ever Thought? 

Hey! Have you ever thought 

I like my life a lot, but not with you in it

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Last night I got a new tattoo!!

Like it?

Can you guess where it is?

And, because I paid for more time than it took, he also touched up my kitties 😋😻

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Monday Motivation: A Fresh Start


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