The Kisser: That Fucking Good

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So, getting cleaned up after, you say… lol

And helping you clean up too, of course! That would be even better

You’re telling me! I’m feeling a bit dirty already…


Don’t stick that thing out at me!

You liked it enough the last time…

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…Like I’ve Never Known…

…Like I’ve Never Known…

Good afternoon (or whatever time it is when you get this ūüôā )tied

I found the other picture that I was telling you about. Yeah, it’s only decorative, but it¬†can also present¬†some nice handholds… And I did that by myself, so the point really was more art than function.

My mind keeps wandering back to Thursday night… And now yesterday¬†[Sunday] afternoon… Maybe it was the rush of the wind and all the oxygen, but I don’t think it could have been more perfect while we were alone.¬†Messing around with you in that pavilion was nice. Too bad we were interrupted – both times ūüėČ .. It would have been fun to see what might have happened if we had been allowed more time by ourselves. Those rafters were amazing and so strong…¬†And thinking about being tied to your bike as you whip me… When I got home, my panties were quite wet!

Discussing¬†what¬†we want and are¬†afraid to lose is going to be difficult for me because I am looking for¬†something quite¬†a bit¬†different¬†than you are.¬†You’re right that we¬†need to talk about it and know exactly where the other stands. You’re way better than I expected, Mick. It’s going to be difficult for me not to develop certain feelings for you and to start to get attached. Maybe part of the reason I initially chose you was because I thought, since you aren’t really my “type”, I would be able to keep it more clinical and keep some emotional distance. But I also¬†like spending NON-sexual¬†time with you…

Before yesterday¬†I didn’t think much of it, but now I’m worried about seeing someone you know or “getting caught”…¬† Meeting your friends for lunch heightened my sense of paranoia quite a bit. And a funny thing…¬†[She] mentioned that I looked like someone they already know, but I recognized both of them like I had actually met them somewhere before! I got¬†a huge¬†feeling of deja vu every single¬†time I looked at¬†[her]. I know I haven’t, but I really feel that I’ve met her before…

Anyway, when you read this, I might have already said most of it to you… Hopefully it isn’t too redundant.

Riding with you was so much fun for me. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of it!!
You’d better stop making me so happy or I’ll start getting used to it! LOL


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“She’s Beautiful”

“She’s Beautiful”

Wednesday evening, before I went skating, I recorded a version of a lovely poem by Da Absentee – “She’s Beautiful” –¬†and emailed it to him.

It is amazing and beautiful and traumatic and agonizing all at the same time.

Reading it was like he was in my head.

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He is amazing, but not like those guys in the stories.

He is amazing for the way he thinks.

He is amazing for the way he treats me, for his desire to care for me and help me improve myself.

He is amazing for his ability to keep me feeling special, even when I feel mundane.

He isn’t amazing simply because he’s a nice guy, he’s amazing because he found my soul in the quagmire of a billion and had the courage to reach out and touch it…