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I’m Just a Mom: Moving

MovingDayIn a little less than 3 weeks, Thing #1 and I will be moving to a new apartment across town.

Finally, after a year of being divorced, Doom-n-Gloom will no longer be living in my apartment.

I’m super duper excited!!!

However, Thing #2 is kind of creating issues.

She has decided she would like to continue living with her father.

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The Park

EroticTreesI’m heeeeere!

I’ll be out in a minute. Everybody’s still here playing poker and drinking. I thought most of them would have gone home by now, but my Mom’s even still here.

It’s almost midnight. Wow!

I know, right? We can go up the street to the park and hang out until people start to clear out.

But it’s almost midnight.


A minute later, the car door opened and he got in.

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2 Whirlwind Weekends

So, I still haven’t told you about my two weekend whirlwind romance with Mr. Dreamboat. You know, the one who proposed on our first date?

For some reason or another, I’ve been putting it off. Not because it was bad or anything, but as it drifts further into my past, the less I remember so I best get to this…

Okay, I left off with our first Saturday morning together and his marriage proposal… From there I had a regular Saturday: grocery shopping, hanging out with my daughters and roller skating with my crew Saturday night.

Dreamboat asked me to come to his place and spend the night with him after skating. I mentioned that I would need a shower and would be famished. His response was, “When you get here just let yourself in. I’ll probably already be in the shower. And I’ll make sure there’s plenty to eat.”

What a sweetheart!

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Life Changes

from Pinterest

from Pinterest

For the time being, my life is in a quiet, restful place.

Like the calm before the storm.

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Glutton for Punishment


I neglected to mention in my previous post, on my way out of Alaska’s house New Year’s Eve?

Yeah. I caused quite a ruckus.

He rents an apartment in his brother’s basement. I spent Thanksgiving there and used one of the platters that my daughters made me (back in 2008) to plate the food I brought. I left it there and kept forgetting to pick it up.

First, we tore apart the kitchen looking for my platter. It wasn’t there, so he told me that he would talk to his brother’s girlfriend and find out where it was – I could come back a different day and get it.

Then, once I got outside and started walking to my car, I realized that I had left my phone charging on his TV stand. I knocked, got the dogs all riled up, but he didn’t come to the door. Probably because he was back down in his apartment and didn’t realize I was trying to get back in.

For a minute I totally panicked. I was SO mad at myself! But, once I took a breath, I realized I could go around the side of the house and knock on his basement window until he came back up. In the process, I fell over the child gate blocking the deck from the dogs.

I’m actually surprised none of their neighbors called the police. It probably seemed louder to me than it actually was…

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I had a lovely day with Alaska and his family and friends! Of course, it helped that I had already met half of them…

The atmosphere was comfortable. There was no stress or family drama. Alaska’s brother invited a client and his wife over to watch one of the football games that day (they had a bet going!).

Alaska and I even had time for some play before and after and an evening nap! (That boy sleeps a lot!! But I guess sex does that to a guy 😉 click here and scroll down to #4. Apparently it’s a thing.)

When I first arrived, I brought my veggie tray to the kitchen and said my “hellos” to Alaska’s brother and sister-in-law. I thanked them for having me and asked if there was anything I could do.

While I was helping with a few last-minute things, Alaska went downstairs to his apartment and instructed me to come down when I was done.

I am an obedient girl 😉 so I did as I was told.

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My First Day In Houston

I had a big, long debate in my head whether I wanted to be verbose or just sum up my trip. There is going to be some of both, I think, and not nearly as much of the sexy bits as I might normally write, but we’ll see what happens…

TravelThe Denver airport was nerve-wracking!

  1. I thought that, at 4AM, there wouldn’t be so many people. The wait line was already an hour long. I have learned my lesson for next time.
  2. I was patted down by security for a metal object in my left back pocket. (I didn’t have a pocket in my sweatpants. I was wearing garter panties, but there was no metal in them… Later TC suggested maybe it was the plate in my ankle and they were reading it wrong…???)
  3. Security had to go through my bag right after that because the denture cleaner I brought set off their “alert” (powdered bleach… Again, now I know.)
  4. I was flying Southwest and had managed to get into the “A” boarding group. Yay! But, by the time I finally finished getting through security, my flight had already started boarding… *sigh*

Even so, I made it right as they started boarding the “B” group, so I got my window seat! I wasn’t particularly fond of the couple who sat next to me, but they didn’t smell… She just kept rubbing up and down my arm while she was playing video poker on her phone. That was all. Like for most of the 2 hour flight… But I got a window seat 😀

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BocaI have been watching a girlfriend’s cat for the last 18 months. She was getting evicted from her apartment and couldn’t afford to have a cat where she was moving. When she had the money she was going to pay the pet deposit and the extra $25/month and take her cat back. We already have a cat and he seemed lonely, so when I took in the friend’s cat [B] temporarily I didn’t think it would do any harm. And it didn’t.

Until now…

The first month that we had B, he hid in the walk-in closet in the Master Bedroom. He wouldn’t come out. I had to bring him food and water and change his litter box in that closet. Our kitty [K] would go in and try to make friends with him several times a day. It was cute — he just wouldn’t give up, bless his heart. At one point, I was asking my friend [E] to come and get him back. He was so pathetic. But, on day 30, B walked out of the closet on his own accord and acted like this was where he belonged.

B proceeded tear up the carpet (our cat is declawed — don’t judge, he came that way. We had nothing to do with that decision), eat twice as much food and therefore poop twice as much as K. He’s also able to open up the front door of our apartment and would escape — on this note I am not 100% sure if B opened the door, because the husband does not always close the front door all the way when he leaves for work at 1AM. Regardless, all the times that he had escaped, he either came back or we noticed before he would get too far…

Not this time…

This time I woke up at 5AM (because that’s when I get up) and when I went downstairs from my loft I saw that the front door was gaping open (again! I can’t tell you how many times I have asked the husband to LOCK the door when he leaves, let alone SHUT it!). Our sweet K was sitting in the doorway looking out, and B was nowhere to be found! Better yet, it had just snowed 4 inches and the windchill made the temp -3 degrees!! I called out to B from the doorway, then put on my boots and my coat and went outside to find him. But, my ankle is broken and it’s snowy and I didn’t have my walking cast on so I didn’t get very far. And it was early in the morning so I couldn’t go around screaming out his name in hopes that he would come.

The strange thing was, there were no cat-foot sized/shaped tracks in the snow and there should have been. I could see cat footprints in front of one of the other neighbors doors, but those tracks were from OUR kitty, not B, and they led right back to our door.

When the husband got home about 20 minutes later I told him that I didn’t know if it was him that left the door open or the cat that opened it, but K was missing. I said that I had gone through the entire apartment calling for him. I looked out on the deck to make sure he wasn’t there. I checked all his favorite hiding spots and he wasn’t there… Regardless of my words, the husband had to go back through the spots I just mentioned (I wouldn’t have minded if I was wrong in this case…) and he didn’t find B either. He put on his jacket and grabbed a flashlight and went outside to check himself.

He didn’t see any cat-like footprints either… That was last Thursday morning…  We have looked for him every day since then, we knocked on doors to make sure someone else hasn’t found him, hung a sign with our contact info, etc…

I told his “Mom” last night. She took it quite well. Better than I thought she would, really… But she has two kids and, after we hung up, she had to go tell them… I feel so bad…

I guess this is just another lesson in how to handle circumstances totally beyond my control…