Square One

…you know, if you say a word enough times, it no longer sounds like a word… it doesn’t even look like one really…


I am such a hypocrite.

When I am dating (aka: fucking) someone on the regular, somehow I feel it’s okay to get possessive/jealous and not want their dicks to be in any other women’s holes,

yet *I* still continue to “play the field”

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Off the Deep End

Off the Deep End


I am very disappointed in myself for re-engaging with Mick. I should have let his little tantrum be the end of us.

*sigh* But that isn’t the choice I made and I’m now reaping the consequences = excuses, excuses, excuses…

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Monday Morning Dream Fantasy

Monday Morning Dream Fantasy

Lance GrossThis is what I am looking for… Tell me what you think…

(I am not normally this aggressive. When you meet me you might be surprised because I’m mostly very shy… But I’m already here talking to you so I figured, what the hell?!)

I am looking for someone that I can “hook up” with once or twice a month to relieve tension — if you get what I am saying. I don’t want to have multiple partners, I would prefer to just have one that gets to know me and “how I like it” and tries a few new things with me.

But, mostly I am old-school and every once in a while I just want to have somewhere to go after work where I can de-compress and then I can leave and go home; no strings.

As you already know, I have two daughters, both are teenagers and both are very smart so this would have to be very, very discreet. There are a few other details, but I won’t even mention them if you are not interested.

I am so nervous as I write this… I wish you could feel my heart beating like crazy in my chest. Let me know what you think…

That will work perfect for me, my dear. I’m on the same page. I’m also very secret type of person so I’m down with it.

Don’t agree yet… There are a couple things that I need to be clear about first…

  1. You have to wear a condom, at least at the beginning. We can talk about it later if you want that to change and things work out, but this is really important to me. (You would have to be the one to supply them, I want you to be comfy 😉 ) I don’t care if you have other partners, that’s why I need you to do this for me…
  2. Never at my place. Your place is fine. If you want a hotel, we will have to talk $$$. I am on a very tight budget.
  3. No anal sex. I will try a lot of other things, but not that one. Sorry.
  4. I want you to be comfortable with me and around me and inside of me, but no attachments.

It really would just be a couple of times a month, maybe less. I don’t have a lot of time, but I definitely have a libido!

If you still agree with this, I need you to decide where you want to go from here. I’m not usually in charge and this whole aggressive thing is new to me so I really don’t know what to do next.

Fridays after work (5PM is when I’m off) are best for me, but sometimes I can do Tuesday or Wednesdays after work… I’m a 9 to 5 girl, Mon-Fri — sometimes little holidays…

It would be nice to meet you first, like for coffee or pie or something to see if there’s chemistry and to work out the details, etc…

Well I’m not into anal sex. I’m down with it. And getting condoms will not be a problem, my dear.

I’m getting off work in 10 minutes. Send me a pic for later?

Inappropriate Thoughts

Maybe someday I will have the courage to do something like this…

Dangerous and sexy and unexpected. Like in movies and dreams.