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Date #2 With Mr. X

Last Friday we were having our morning “check in” talk and Mr. X told me that, for what it’s worth, he was sorry about the way things ended with Loserman. How sweet was that? I really appreciate his acceptance of me as I am. I mean, I put it all out there for him to see! It’s nice not to have to pretend for the first few “dates” until the ice is broken.

Also, I love having a daily check-in with him. It helps reassure me that everything is “okay”. You know how bad I am with that kind of suspense 😉

On another note, I keep expecting for him to ask me questions about what he’s reading on my blog. I wish he would ask more or say more or something. Some days, his silence is my suspense. Here’s what he’s said about my blog so far:

1. I need to keep it up just as I have been, talking about what I have been, etc…

2. What he said about being sorry Loserman ended it the way he did

3. He mentioned that he wished my post about our first date had been more positive about myself. Subsequently, he asked me to write a positive post about myself (so I wrote two! 😉 ).

I am going to have to be at peace with this thought:

If Mr. X has anything to say about my blog, he will say it. That is the way it has been and that is the way it will continue.

I worry too much!! Mither (1 of 2) Eventually I asked the inevitable question: when would I be able to see him again? And it would be perfectly okay if it was just a lunch meeting.

He answered, “How about today?” I was surprised! Honestly, I expected him to say Tuesday or something.

I don’t remember exactly how I responded, but it was like, “Same time, same place?”

“Okay,” he replied.

The butterflies in my stomach were doing flip-flops, I felt a surge of wetness in my panties. We talked a little bit longer and then hung up.

A couple of hours before we were to meet, he messaged me that he would be a little late. We ended up meeting 30 minutes later than originally planned. No matter. I was happy he told me at all! The consideration felt very nice.

It was wonderful to see him. I have been busy at work finishing up a part of the budget I didn’t think I was going to have to do, finalizing November’s numbers and also dealing with some more drama from the Atlanta ladies. Seeing Mr. X was a very pleasant diversion (although it did make it more difficult to concentrate on anything but him for the rest of the afternoon).

I enjoyed his company very much and felt more relaxed this time around. We spent a lot of time gazing into each others’ eyes and he kissed me a lot more. Even while we were sitting across from each other at our tiny table!

The way I feel around him is amazing! I feel pretty and intelligent and captivating and sexy and worthwhile. I completely understand that *I* control the way that things make me feel, but Mr. X sure makes it easy for my feelings to go in a positive direction!

When we first sat down, I mentioned to him that he was setting the bar pretty high for himself: talking to me every day, his incredible attentiveness… His being able to make this kind of time for me on an ongoing basis might be difficult to maintain. I am starting to really enjoy it and it’s something I could definitely get attached to.

I believe his response was, “I want to make that time for you. I enjoy talking to you and I don’t think you understand how often I really think of you.” (OMG – I think about him all the time!)

At one point he asked me if I would liked to be spanked for fun or for punishment. I think I blushed a little and I really didn’t know the answer. He answered himself quietly, “I will figure that out myself.” Now that I have had time to think about it, I have an answer!

Sweet Mr. X, spanking me with your hand would be fun for me. Punishment spanking would be you using something that isn’t you – something that doesn’t allow for direct contact of you to me. For example: a riding crop or belt 😉

While we were chatting I interrupted him. Probably a hundred times, actually. But, I remember once in particular because he was outwardly assertive with me and it really turned me on! He looked at me with a gentle smile, his hand raised a little bit to the side of my face (but not too close), and sternly told me to stop interrupting him. He really didn’t like that. Then directed me to look at his left hand positioned to ‘slap’ me. Immediately I felt a warmth surge between my legs (again!). And I stopped interrupting (I think).

I am not adding this to excuse my behavior (I guess maybe I am…), but interrupting is something I do when I get excited. With some of my friends, it isn’t a problem, it’s like we talk back and forth bouncing off each other like that; that’s how we talk. With other friends, it bothers the hell out of them because it seems like (to them) I am not listening; when really I am, I’m just so excited/intense/afraid I’m going to forget.

(I have a feeling that this will probably be the reason for many of my “reprimands” in the future.

I look forward to that part of my education 😉 )

It seemed like time had slowed down for us while we were together, but eventually it had to end and he walked me out to my truck, where he devoured my mouth with his most sensuous kisses yet. Later that night, I wrote him how they made me feel (at his insistence):

I truly am surprised I could stay standing after you left, let alone be able to turn around and get into my truck and drive away. My body was trembling and I had to take a bunch of deep breaths before I was able to go into work. My panties were wet almost all afternoon and I can still feel my pulse in my pussy now as I am writing this! I can only hope they made you feel half as good as that!

My panties were squishy for the rest of the afternoon and he has directed me not to masturbate until we have a chance to be intimate together. The suspense is killing me!

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I don’t think I’m going to make it through this month at work

Work Sucks!

I have to do the 2015 budgets for all three of our locations. It should take me a couple of weeks to finish. Need I say more?

The ladies in Atlanta are still thwarting established procedures, but it should be getting a little better since that manager has been put “on notice” for the 3rd time in as many months *sigh*

I have an office mate here in Denver and her personality is like the weather here: hot, then cold, then raining, then sleeting, then hot enough to melt everything, then a bunch of very pleasantly-deceptive comfortably-warm days, then snow, then hot, then more snow, then sleet… I think you get it right? It’s fine for weather, but not for co-workers. I can’t stand working with her! In my entire life, I have never had so much difficulty getting along with someone I work with! She is SO hard to work with that I am actually entertaining the idea of finding a different job.

But, it’s retrograde right now and I shouldn’t be making any crazy plans like quitting my job! Plus, we might get a Christmas bonus at the end of the year, so it would be stupid for me to leave now: with only 3 months left.

My words aren’t coming out right either. Every time I think about writing a post, I come up empty. When I try to think of what I want to say, there is nothing…

I have been thinking about doing some free-flow writing in the evenings before I go to bed… Maybe revving up my “attitude of gratitude” will help.

But, for right now, I think:



Do You Understand the Words That Are Coming Out of My Mouth?

First, let me warn you: this post is boring… I might even delete it at some point because it bores me so much to look at 🙂

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We have a super-special-challenging worker at one of our “remote locations” and I am sick of dealing with her… Below is why…

I paste for you, the email I received this morning from my “challenged” co-worker — a Supervisor at one of the “remote” offices who we have been having problems with since before I started this blog. (See: Ad Nauseum) This is the 5th time she has been told that she only has a $300 discretionary marketing budget. It has been said each time to her with those words exactly. Sometimes with more explanation behind it because she doesn’t seem to get it…

HER: How is the $500 for print marketing in our budget being used?

ME: That $500/month was set aside for … marketing that the Denver office would be doing for the separate locations — Properties that would be XXXXX Realty’s and then we would assign each “new listing” to an agent. Since Denver hasn’t used these funds for your office, go ahead and use the January $500 for your postcards. However, please continue to bear in mind that you do are not required to use the entire expense amounts that are budgeted to you. Those are just estimated amounts for what we might need. FYI – as of today, 1/28/2013, your location’s net loss for January is $4,700. There will be at least another $6,000 in expenses that will hit your January P/L before the month is completely processed (one more payroll, credit card expenses, rent, depreciation, etc…).

HER response: So we have the $500 per month for print marketing and the $300 discretionary budget dollars?

I am sick of telling this woman (the supervisor of that “remote” office) how to listen!
(“Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth!”)

This woman keeps pushing her limits to the extreme! The parts in red are what I actually sent. The parts in pink are the parts I wanted to send. Should I have sent the pink parts, too?

Not listeningME: No. As has been stated numerous times, you ONLY have $300 to use each month at your own discretion. My previous email stated:

That $500/month was set aside for … marketing that the Denver office would be doing for the separate locations… Since Denver hasn’t used the January funds for your office, go ahead and use that January $500 for these postcards…

I believe that I also stated that it is not a requirement to spend every single expense dollar we have earmarked for you. Just because the money is there doesn’t mean we have to spend it.

As of today, 1/28/2013, your location’s net loss for January is $4,700. There will be at least another $6,000 in expenses that will hit your January P/L before the month is completely processed (one more payroll, credit card expenses, rent, depreciation, etc…)

We are making a special exception for you, this one time, for this one specific instance.

 If this truly is that difficult to understand we could simply eliminate the discretionary budget altogether, and the Denver office can do all the marketing for all of the offices.

I just told her that her location has already lost $4,700 for the month of January 2013. And, with the month-end postings, that location will lose at least another $6,000. They have two properties that are scheduled to close — the absolute total possible additional commission income that location can earn by 1/31/2013 is $1,600.

1,600 – 4,700 – 6,000 = -(9,100)

I’m trying to tell her, “Damn, girlfriend!!! You have all year to single-handedly run this company into the ground. Why are you trying to do it all in January?” She is going to be $9,000 in the hole at the end of the month and all she can do is think about spending MORE money.

I know that accountants and salespeople do not get along. I have been in accounting my whole career and I have had to deal with my share of salespeople. So I came up with this plan:

Maybe the “remote locations” should have to submit a proposal for the advertising they want to do and THEN, if we approve it here in the Denver office (the “home office” — my boss here is the ultimate boss and I am the company’s ultimate staff accountant – LOL!) they can turn their proposal into reality… But, if we say “No” here at the Denver office — that’s the end of it.

Also, if we here at the “home office” want to do any advertising for the “remote location”, we have to submit a proposal for them. If they can submit a counter proposal that is better than ours, than we will do it their way. Otherwise it’s my way or the highway, baby!

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