Smitten with Him

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Ooooh! Sparkly!

I’m doing a work project for Alaska right now…


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Tomorrow Night

When you come over tomorrow night, let yourself in.

I will be sitting at my desk working.

Don’t say anything.

First you will greet me with a kiss.

Then you will strip down slowly as I watch.

Let me admire you, Heavenly.

When I am ready, I will turn you and spank you until both your ass cheeks are burning red.

When I am through, you will go straight to your drawer and get your butt plug and the lube.

You will get on your hands and knees in your spot and face away from me.

Spread your legs wide so I can see your perfect little asshole.

Lube up your plug as much as you need and insert it for me.

I want to see everything.

Then, get comfortable and relaxed so you can wait for me to finish working.

Want to be Mastered


Chatting with Mr. X

I have unhidden my Ashley Madison profile and sent a few messages.

One very handsome and quite eloquent man responded.

I have named him Mr. X.

He is only 33 — I’m not super-keen on younger men, but this one gives great chat.

Also, he a Pisces — Loserman was a Pisces, but I don’t expect that to be a problem. I think all comparisons in this case are going to work against Loserman.

Here is how our first conversation went:

I will admit. I do not think I am what someone would call a Dom. But I am a man who knows what I want. I can lead and I can take us on a journey of exploration. If that sounds remotely interesting please feel free to continue to contact me. Here or at my email: …

Mmmmm…! If those sexy lips of yours are leading the way, I think it would be a deeply sensuous journey of exploration. At least for me, anyway…

I am still trying to figure out what I want. I definitely want someone to lead me and teach me new things, but then also I want him to learn things from me and there will be times when I need a really good spanking! I have begged for them in the past but only gotten a couple swats — my ass wants to glow!

Think on that…

Happy Friday!

Well, my sweet!!! I know we are only 3 messages in, but I would love to meet. Feel your energy, possibly taste your presence if you will. There is only so much the screen and keys can convey. I am glad to use this space as an initiator but I will need more to continue this chase. I am free during the days for large blocks of time. What does your availability look like?

Ooooooohhh!!! Straightforward! I like! And you are so good with your words I’m practically melting off my seat.

Days are difficult for me. I work your standard 9-5 desk job as a staff accountant for a real estate agency – I get an hour for lunch… Sometimes I can slip out a little longer… That could work for meeting and getting a feel for each others’ energies. Then we could go from there. The only nights I am unavailable are my skating nights, Thursday and Sunday — but you would be more than welcome to join me there if you wanted. Maybe I’d impress you with my smooth moves.


Skate Nights huh? I can’t skate; but that does not mean I am afraid to learn. Send me times and I will let you know if I can drop by. What part of town do you work in? I can absolutely do lunch to feel on you. I mean feel you out. See how the energy flows. I believe if there is enough time put into planning anything can happen.

Now. What toys do you already have at your disposal? We will need to go shopping. There is always a time at every beginning where we need a solid memory to attach ourselves to.

I can make your little ass burn red for you, darling. All I need is time and opportunity. Which means I will make the opportunity possible. I do not know if TTFN means I won’t get a reply like before; but I await your reply!

If you’re brave enough or feel inclined to I would love to make our communication a little more instantaneous. Text me: xxx-xxx-xxxx
Of course this is a number you can call but let’s hold on that until later.

~ X

Oh. My. God. Reading your note makes me so HOT! I wish you could feel the energy coursing through me right now! Or you could just be my office chair and I would slide right onto you… I work down in Xxxxxxxx and usually I take my lunch around 12PM, but it’s flexible and I can go any time really. Next week Tuesday and Thursday will both work for lunch. I look forward to feeling your handiwork and maybe doing an oral demonstration of my own 😉

… blah, blah, blah, skate address, skate times, blah, blah, etc…

Hmmmm… Toys… I like your thinking! I don’t have very many. I just use them on myself and they do the job nicely most times. I have never had anyone using them on me – but there are plenty of things I want to try! There’s a tiny butt plug that has only been used once (kinda scared to go there), nipple clamps and a vibrator/dildo. Same on the lingerie… 2-3 things that look good. I have lost a lot of weight, but my husband isn’t interested in sex for over 4 years so I haven’t had any reason to get anything new.

I just shot you a text.
You’ll have to tell me when are good times to contact you… I would hate to get you (or me) into any trouble!

BTW – I can be pretty freaking brave! There just needs to be the right incentive 😉

This reply!!! Love it! Lets just put that out there.

I am experienced in anal play. So small is the best way to start. I like to note that, if you have a high threshold for pain, anal will be a lot easier. If not it’s definitely something that you should work up to.

Now let’s be clear. I have no expectations for our first encounter. You are a lady after all. But the second and after are definitely open for interpretation. You can text anytime. I have My bases covered when it comes to that. You can call 6a to 6p during the week

But we will have plenty of time to play.


Dear Mr. X,
(that is what I have decided to call you until you tell me otherwise)

I prefer the first-encounter-no-expectations option. I feel the same way — there doesn’t need to be any more added pressure, right? Really, all I am hoping is that we get along this well in person (I can be a little shy/quiet at first, but a glass of wine can help cure that). And I really like your optimism about a second encounter – “open for interpretation” indeed! I concur.

In regards to my pain threshold, I guess it depends on what part of my body it is and my comfort level at the time. Does that make sense? (I love the way the nipple clamps feel, and then the sensation when they come off — all I can think about is how warm, wet lips would feel soothing and suckling them.) It seems like “outside pain” hurts me a lot more than “inside pain”, and things hurt more when I am scared or nervous. I guess I don’t know how I will tolerate something until I try it and, with anal, I understand that it helps to relax. So getting comfortable with you and being able to talk to you up front is important. You’re off to a wonderful start! And, clearly, you have more experience than me — that helps, too.

Patience is not one of my greatest virtues, but it is one I have!

Looking forward to our next exchange. I hope you have a wonderful night. XO!

When you get this take your time to read it. It will be short but I hope everything is understood.

We do not need anymore pressure added to this situation, we already have the “infidelity” aspect. Pressure to perform and deliver. Ability to satisfy and just straight up doubt. So no more pressure wanted.

Mr. X is quite fine. You are classified as my “Lil Flower”. We will get along fine. I have had other Virgo’s in my life. Me being a Pisces just makes it easier to “get through to me”.

The body part pain makes sense. It is different. It will be a pleasure pain. I read your last reply as “I would like to do anal, as long as you can make me comfortable”. This is something I know I can do.

I would love to suck and soothe your aching nipples after restraint. Anal does need trust and comfort especially in upfront experimentation.

I am a thinker. I can be overly patient, some would see it as too much patience. I look at it as opening avenues. Nothing is more imperative than my own objective in these circumstances.

I know in being a successful master/dominant I have to listen to my charge/submissive. I want to be an excellent controller. I will have a better night because I have thoughts of you intertwined in my normal path from now on.

Oooooohhhh!!! I like this man SO much! I’m going to have to sleep on his last response. It was so steamy and intense. I am worried it’s contrived.

And I really don’t want to send a stupid reply.

Please tell me your thoughts. Did he copy these words directly from a book?

And even if he did, he seems genuinely interested, right?


The Butt Plug

I have always been afraid to stick something up my ass. Like a phobia! I could go into details here, but I think you can mostly understand: I was raised as a prude and poop is gross!

That being said, it was not as bad as I thought it would be.Yay! Granted, I did get the “starter model”, but it actually felt kind of nice.

Let me set the scene…

This morning I had in my new ben wa balls and I was playing with my vibe and thought, Aw, what the hell?! I have the day off, I will just spend the morning fucking myself silly (thanks for the inspiration, Ann). If I don’t like how the butt plug feels, I can take it right out, fuck myself some more and forget about it.

It turns out that I liked it. At least I like it while I have my vibe and the balls inside at the same time!

I felt the vibrations all the way up my spine and, when I moved the vibe to my clit, my entire body shook in an all-over, completely satisfying self-made orgasm! I had a hard time holding back my moaning and, I usually do not make any noise while masturbating.

When I finished cumming, I just laid there in bed thinking, How do I bring this up with my sexy Loverman?



My New Toys

For the most part, I am a sex toy virgin. I have a dildo and a vibrator which is all I have had for as long as I can remember. They give me happy endings consistently so I’ve never really thought about it very much.

Loverman and I have never used either of my toys when we’re together. Once I brought my vibrator along and told him about it, but he’s very old school and didn’t try it. He wanted to get me off “manually”.

I have introduced him to a couple of things I know no one has ever done with (or to) him before. But we’re very sexually ‘vanilla’ so it didn’t involve many ‘props’.

A friend of mine recently suggested that I get a little more adventurous and try something new. Insisted that I get a butt plug! Ass play isn’t really my thing, but I was guaranteed that I would love it once I tried it. I’m getting a small one to start off.

And, of course, every girl needs a fancy set of nipple clamps 🙂

I’ve wanted a set of Ben Wa Balls since I learned they exist (not too terribly long ago). I’m not sure what prevented me from buying them before now, but since I was buying the plug and the clamps, I thought “what the hell?”