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I *Am* A Hardass


I didn’t pay much mind to Friday’s text ‘conversation’ with My Catfish until Sunday afternoon, after the rest of my “crew” had checked out of our hotel and returned to Denver. (I opted to stay an extra day and check out a different rink while I was there, as I am probably not going back to Texas – especially Houston – unless I have to. It was definitely worth it!)

But on Sunday, I started thinking about how I responded to him after he reached out to me and told me his mom wasn’t doing too well…

Whatever” is a shitty response and it probably would have been better for me not to respond at all.

But sometimes I feel the need to have the last word…

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Conversations with a Catfish: Fight for You



I don’t want you to ever feel trapped or that there’s no way out. I don’t want you to feel like I’m making you stay in a situation. I want you to see that you have someone who’s willing to fight for you because I know, one day you may do the same.

But, if not, you will know that in the world you have someone who was always willing to fight for you.

I’m here and I’m going nowhere. I will just wait to maybe hear back from you, buttercup.



Conversations with a Catfish #6

We’re going to skip ahead a couple of months because this Catfish keeps saying the same shit over and over again. He wants me to be his babygirl fully and completely, but he can’t seem to find/make the time to even drive the hour MEET me.

Since I moved across town at the end of September, things have been rather insane. (The Catfish has been chatting with me since August.)

And, for a big part of that time, Lil Bear and Breezy were both broken down – overheating and stalling…

Well, one horrific Monday in particular started off badly because I couldn’t find change for the bus.

When finally I did, I almost missed it. I had to run across/through moving traffic, against the light, during morning rush hour (I know, I know, uphill both ways, barefoot in the winter… Cry me a river ♫ blah, blah)

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Conversations with a Catfish #5


She made daddy super happy tonight
That she was in bed half naked and thought about me for a second

Awwww… Thanks!
A lot of seconds…

Was she playing with herself?
What was she thinking?

I was just thinking about you… Being with you… How very kind you are to me…
How I might like sitting on your lap and being cuddled and how I might like to kneel before you and see what it’s like with you.

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Conversations with a Catfish #3



12:00 PM

Morning beautiful. How was your weekend?

I’ve had better, thanks.
It sure would be nice to meet you in person.

That’s all up to you and when you’re ready buttercup.

Will you be visiting Denver for any reason any time soon?

I was this weekend lol
But you’re a good reason

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Conversations With a Catfish #2



Morning buttercup

Good morning

How is daddy’s special girl doing today??
By the way, daddy loves her voice and talking with her last night.

Thank you for saying so. It was nice talking with you, too. But I don’t think that I am able to commit to abstinence and being “all yours” yet like you want. I don’t want to jump into anything like that.

I’m not asking you to yet sweetheart

I must have misunderstood then. My apologies.

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