Spoon Fed

Thank you for today. I can still feel you inside me.

Mmmmm. Good.

I like carrying you around with me and feeling your cum squish out of my pussy…

Yeah. I like leaving my nut in you. Next time I’m going to make you squeeze a fresh load out of your pussy and spoon feed it to you.

Mmmm… I’ll pretend it’s ice cream – the chocolate kind.

Mmmm hmmm…

Yummy Yummerific Yummalicious Yumminess

Yummy Yummerific Yummalicious Yumminess

At least that’s the way it looks to me 🙂

South Beach Diet Tiramisu
South Beach Diet Tiramisu

Look at that yumminess and tell me you don’t even want to try it!!! DO IT!!

If you can 🙂

I found it on accident this morning when I was looking for something completely unrelated and now I am going to have to make some for myself this weekend just to see if it tastes as yummerific as it looks.

FYI – I’m not on the South Beach Diet, but I am always looking for new, yummalicious and healthy things to eat (especially if they’re sweet and involve chocolate of any sort!!).

SB Diet Tiramisu RecipeSource: The South Beach Diet Supercharged