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On: Being a Good Little Slut

I may or may not have misbehaved this past weekend… šŸ˜‰

Good morning

Good morning, Sunshine! Happy Saturday šŸ˜€

What are you up to?

Running errands and going to the eye doctor.

What’s wrong with your eyes?

I get new glasses. Woo hoo!

Oh, new glasses. Nice.
I was gonna see if you could come over for a quickie. lol

Darnit! I’m all the way across town.

Well, give me a shout on your way back. If I’m not working, you can stop by for a few.

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Sharing Space and Mind


Last Thursday with Mick was better than wonderful.

(So far, we’ve had 3 overnights and have found time to see each other every Sunday afternoon as well. It’s not only sex with him. We talk almost once a day over the phone and are constantly emailing… At times I have to remind myself that this was how it started off with TC – thatĀ scaldingĀ flame burnedĀ out faster than the speed of light!)

I met Mick in the parking lot at our hotel after work.

After exchanging a prolific amount of hello kisses, he led me around to the back ofĀ his truck to show me something.

He had a tiny grillĀ on the tailgateĀ filledĀ with hot coals. When I pulled up, he was justĀ getting ready to put the salmon on.

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