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Conversations with a Catfish #6

We’re going to skip ahead a couple of months because this Catfish keeps saying the same shit over and over again. He wants me to be his babygirl fully and completely, but he can’t seem to find/make the time to even drive the hour MEET me.

Since I moved across town at the end of September, things have been rather insane. (The Catfish has been chatting with me since August.)

And, for a big part of that time, Lil Bear and Breezy were both broken down – overheating and stalling…

Well, one horrific Monday in particular started off badly because I couldn’t find change for the bus.

When finally I did, I almost missed it. I had to run across/through moving traffic, against the light, during morning rush hour (I know, I know, uphill both ways, barefoot in the winter… Cry me a river ♫ blah, blah)

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My Grandiloquent Craig’s List Experience (aka: get ready, this is gonna be a long one)


Last week I thought I would try something new and check out Craig’s List. It was interesting and seemingly more honest than any of the actual dating websites that I have been trying. (Don’t bother with Zoosk. You have to pay for everything.)

I was going to show you part of his original posting here, but it looks like he’s taken it down. Let me just say that it was quite loquacious and leave it at that.

I will be referring to him here as Shakespeare.

Very shortly you will see what I mean and why.

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I Need to Learn How to be a Salesperson


Good morning and happy hump day, you lovely people!!

Alaska introduced me to Total Life Changes a few weeks after we started seeing each other. I was telling him about my work frustrations one night and asking him if he had a way I could get the hell outta there. I was kind of kidding, but he had an answer: I can build my own business!

It’s one of the ways he visibly takes care of me every day. He checks up on my progress and my contacts, he offers support and answers when I need help and have questions.

That being said…

Sales pitches aren’t my thing at all, but I REALLY want to share this with everyone I care about! I am SO excited about these products and the program!! I’ve lost 7 pounds in the last 3 weeks and I feel more energetic and healthy than I ever have.

If you want to get healthy and feel better, please come and see what I am talking about: healthy coffee and cocoa and a night-time chai that will melt off the pounds while you sleep better and wake up more rested; an amazing cleansing Iaso tea that guarantees you will lose 5 pounds in 5 days…! But the long term body balancing and rejuventaing effects of the Ganoderma and Chaga are even more awesome! There are skin care products, and even an online fitness program to help you stay on track.

And, if you’re interested in making some extra money on the side, you can sign up to be a IBO yourself! After people sign up underneath you and start selling too, you could make enough money to pay for your products; even MORE!!

Please visit my product page to see what has me so excited!! And feel free to contact me through my blog if you have any questions. If I can’t help you, Alaska will! or


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Second Sunday Good-Byes

(This was my first Sunday in Houston, back in July. I’m finishing it because I said I would. The Facebook conversation-parts have all been deleted; I still have the text messages.)


Very early Sunday morning, after sharing some very special intimate moments, I grasped TC’s resting cock and held him in my hand. As we were drifting back into dreamland, he mumbled, “Yours.” In response I squeezed a little tighter for a moment and whispered just below his earlobe, “Yes, Papi. Mine.”

I wished I could have slowed time completely for that single moment. It was so comfortable there with him, nestled into his shoulder. I was warm, sated and felt adored.

We slept until about 8AM and then TC offered to go out and get us coffee again. This time I didn’t object as I had the morning before, understanding that he needed and wanted to be able to do this for me. Also, it’s possible that he wanted some time alone.

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Love Me Reckless


Sleeping with TC was just as wonderful as I remembered it. Whether he was conscious for it or not, each and every time his body realized it was without mine, he reached over and pulled me close. It felt so good to be held possessively like that by someone… To feel owned… And, after exposing myself so thoroughly to him… It’s very difficult to describe the content-ness I felt each time he wrapped himself around me.

We slept until at least 10 Saturday morning, and I slept better with TC than I have in a long time; especially because I am not used to sleeping with someone, and we have only slept together two other nights before.

All in all, Saturday was a strange day for me. I acted like every mixed nut in the bowl.

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My First Night With TC

It was a good thing that I’d memorized the (very simple) way to get from the airport to our hotel. Because, even though I handed the post-it note with the directions to TC and asked him to navigate, he obviously had other intentions.

He caressed my fingers and I squirmed. He caressed the back of my neck and I squirmed. I wanted so badly to just close my eyes and enjoy his hands on me; I had to fight the urge not to melt (or squirm harder 😉 ). It was totally unfair that he was doing any of this to me while I was attempting to drive and navigate! (Little did I know how much more unfair the weekend would get as it progressed.)

It’s nothing short of a miracle that we found the hotel, let alone made it there alive.

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Monday Motivation: Coffee

Image result for monday motivation coffee

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All the Questions I Could Have Asked…

…instead of acting like a giddy schoolgirl

What’s your favorite color?

What day is your birthday?

Do you like pizza? Sushi? Wine? Red or White?

There are plenty more, I’m sure. (please feel free to add some.)


I actually managed to work in some actual questions and relatively articulate conversation (I think). I was so nervous I was shaking almost the entire time. I don’t know WTF was wrong with me.

Now that I think about it, maybe it was excitement. I really liked him.

First, he texted me that he had already arrived. Oh my gosh! He was 10 minutes early.

I was almost there so I wasn’t worried about that part. But, there was construction going on in the parking lot and I had to circle the building once. Then, when I parked, I couldn’t find the entrance to the sidewalk because it was all blocked off for construction.

As I was walking between a couple of cars to get to the sidewalk, I hear, “Hey,” and looked around but didn’t see anyone. There was another “Hey”. I knew he was there but I didn’t see him. He waved and then I saw him across the way from me. I would have run up to meet him like I mentioned to him earlier, but I was wearing pointy-heeled boots and I didn’t want to make a fool out of myself.

So, I sexily strode across to him (at least I tried) and greeted him face-to-face. I really was shaking at this point, or shivering… I don’t know. Ask him. It was crazy. No one has affected me like that before. Not that intensely right away.

We kissed. I wanted that so badly. To feel that acceptance.

I could feel my body trembling and Mr. X asked me if I wanted to wait outside with him and take a few minutes to relax. He leaned up on the side of his car and asked me to lean onto him. Again, exactly what I wanted.

I tried to relax as I leaned my body onto his. I looked up into his eyes. I rested my head on his chest. I felt comfortable. Warm. Nice. But I was still shaking like crazy – it was a beautiful afternoon, I wasn’t cold!

We stood outside, hugging, kissing, getting comfortable for probably 10 minutes when I finally decided I was ready to go inside.

We ordered and sat down at a table in the sun. The construction was quiet when we sat down.

Mr. X set up the umbrella over our table and we talked for a while.

I made the complete wrong choice. It was a lovely day, but I was face-forward to the the sun and was trying to look Mr. X in the face. It made it hard to listen and focus. And I really wanted to.

Then the construction started again and it was getting dusty. Earlier Mr. X said something about how it might get dusty… I said (agreed), “This was a bad choice.”

He asked if I wanted to go inside.

I did. But, before we went back in, Mr. X said, “Wait.” He fiddled around in his pocked for a second and pulled out a rose.

It was lovely! I seriously can’t remember the last time a man gave me a flower.

So lovely that, in the process of finding a table inside, I think I tripped over like 3 things. While he was walking behind my clumsy ass! *sigh*

And I was pretty much a hot mess the entire time we were talking.

He said that, of 3 things that I was scared to tell him about, #1 and #2 had explanations and weren’t that big a deal to him, but #3, the one where I said I had a blog, had no explanation at all and he was very curious.

I told him it was pretty much a live journal kind of thing.

We talked about other stuff, but he persisted about the blog.

He gave me permission to talk about him (good, huh? 😉 )

I told him that I thought it would probably make things easier for both of us if I just let him read my blog.

The biggest truth about me is here.

Right before we left, he reached into his pocket again and pulled out another rose.

We said goodbye and kissed again in the parking lot. Let me just say, I want to kiss a lot more of him than just his lips.

Things went so well.

I was pleased.

And floating on cloud 9 when I got back to work.

Things went so fast with Mr. X, but it felt good.

Comfortable. But exciting!

He texted me later to remind me to send him my blog name.

I did. (I am scared to lay it all out there for him to see, but you guys still like me 😉 so I thought “What the hell?”)

During my commute home I had time to think about the entire date. How kind and patient Mr. X was with my nervousness and excitement. How he sensed the rise and fall of my emotions. Just thinking about it got me excited all over again. I tried to slow everything down in my head. I tried to pull out the thoughts that I was feeling while we were together.

I really enjoyed his company. When we were touching I felt more at ease, relaxed. Looking deep into his eyes is amazing!

I also chastised myself for being such a hot mess. I must have seemed like a complete lunatic. And he was so sweet to me the entire time (maybe because he felt bad for the crazy girl 😉 ).

On my way home I stopped at the library to pick up some CDs. While I was inside talking to the librarian, I got a call on my phone but didn’t look at it. I figured that it was one of my daughters calling to see why I was late and would call them back in a minute.

When I looked, I saw that it was a missed call from Mr. X.

How pleasant and unexpected!

I called him back right away and asked, “What’s up?”

“I just wanted to call you,” he answered. My heart melted.

We talked for a little over 15 minutes. It was comfortable. Just like lunch.

I can’t wait to meet again.


Revenge Pancakes

revenge pancakes

Quite a while back, in the middle of a post, I mentioned that there is an older gentleman that skates sometimes (Thursdays and Saturdays) and he has expressed interest in me. We’ve exchanged phone numbers and, once about six months ago, went out for coffee after skating on a Saturday night when I went skating alone.


Being the vengeful-when-hurting type of gal that I am, after finding out that Loverman went to a mutual friends’ wedding on Saturday without me, I texted Sexy SkaterMan to see if he would be rolling the Saturday night session. He responded:


We did go for “a spot of java” (dude’s from inner-city Chicago – it made me giggle when he texted that) at midnight after skating and we talked until about 1:30AM. For the first hour we caught up on things that happened since the last time we went “out for java”. I didn’t write about that “date” here because it was boring — he had salmon and veggies and I had a piece of Lemon Meringue Pie. This time he had Chicken & Waffles and I had Pancakes & Eggs with Bacon — and this time, when he walked me from my car into the restaurant, he asked “Would it be all right if I held your hand?”

I let him.

Both this time and last the interesting conversation lasted for about an hour; we talked about our families, divorce, drugs, the military (he’s ex-Air Force).

When there was a lull, he started telling me how messing around isn’t that big of a deal as long as it makes both of us feel good. The two of us would be the only ones who know.

That’s when I told him the reason why I texted him earlier:

Loverman went to our friends’ wedding without me.

Sexy SkaterMan said, “I knew there was a reason why you asked me if I’d be out tonight! You’re never the one that texts first. That’s why I asked you for coffee afterward. I figured you wanted to talk, or something.” (aka “I wanted to see if this is the time you’ll let me fuck your brains out.”)

“Does it bother you to know that I called you because I’m mad at my boyfriend?”

“It doesn’t bug me at all, baby. You already know that I want you. I’m here because you needed something and I want to be that something.”

“Even if I don’t know what that something is?” I asked. (Dude’s scum, I know. He’s a predator. He lies to get into ladies’ pants. I know it. Everyone else knows it. He’s not very good at it either. I just want to minimize collateral damage and I don’t think this Sexy SkaterMan will suffer much for knowing I’m using him.)

“I will come any time you call me, Baby,” and then he stressed, “Any time. I really mean that.” And once more, “I do.”

We talked for a few more minutes, then he paid the check and walked me out to my car.

Before he opened my door for me, he leaned over, kissed me gently and whispered my name, “You don’t know how much I want you, baby.” His hand was at the back of my neck (a weak spot) twirling through my wispy hairs and he reached between my legs with his other hand to rub my warm pussy. My mouth was against his neck and I was kissing him, breathing him in. I was melting, right there in the restaurant parking lot. Mmm, he smelled so good with all the bad-boy sexy smells — cigarettes, cologne, sweat from skating and beer (he always drinks two beers in the parking lot before coming in to skate, it’s his ‘warm up’ ritual. The regulars all do it, most of them just smoke weed instead of drinking beer 😉 ).

I was running my hands across his chest, feeling the definition in his pecs as I thought, “I should not be doing this”, and then I said it out loud.

Sexy SkaterMan’s response was to pull away and say, “I think it’s time we said ‘good night’. We had a great talk and I don’t want to ruin it”, but then he leaned over to me and started kissing me again. “Your lips taste so good” and I was kissing him back. He grabbed my hand and led it down to the erection in his jeans. “Feel how much I want you” and I squeezed it and kept kissing him back.

“We really need to stop,” I said on an exhale, hoping a little bit that he wouldn’t hear me, “I shouldn’t be doing this.”

“You’re right. It’s time we should go. I enjoyed our time together tonight. Just give me another squeeze before you go. I want to feel your hand on my dick one more time.”

I did.

He kissed me once more, softly on the forehead as he brushed one side of my hair behind my ear and said, “You are so beautiful.”

He opened my door, made sure I was sitting comfortably and leaned over to kiss me tenderly on the lips one last time before he closed the door and returned to his truck.

I rolled down my window to thank him for the pancakes and conversation (and stuff).

His response was, “I meant it. You can call me any time. Any time.”

“I appreciate that. I really do. Drive safe. It’s late and all the drunk crazies are out there.”

“You, too, baby.”


Last Year’s Attorney-Man

The most surprising and flattering thing happened to me last Friday afternoon!

Attorney by SybLaTurtue on deviantart

by SybLaTurtue on deviantart

In the midst of total I’m-taking-a-vacation-in-2-working-days insanity, I received a call from Brent – the cute attorney that asked me to coffee last March. March 8, 2013, to be exact (I only remember because I wrote about it here and I can look it up 😉 ).

He called my work number, which is listed on LinkedIn and we are connected there. He was awkward and charming the entire call. I’ll do my best to relay the conversation.

He began by saying, “Hello, this is Brent. You might not remember me, but I am the attorney that was representing a collection agency who had filed a lawsuit against you last year?”

“Ummmm…. Yes, I remember you.”

This part was so cute because he seemed so uncomfortable and unsure of himself. “First, I would like to begin by saying that I didn’t call you in relation to that case. I don’t remember what it was about, I don’t care what that case was about. I don’t even represent the company that was suing you any longer.”

As he was talking, I was trying to remember when it was that I went to court. When I realized it had been a full year, a giant grin spread across my face because, in all of my possible realities, I never ever imagined that I was THAT memorable! I felt so flattered, all I could think to respond was, “Okay?”

“I got your work number off of LinkedIn and I wanted to call and see if maybe you would be interested in having lunch with me sometime.”

Because I work for a real estate agency, I thought possibly he was calling me because he was relocating somewhere or looking for a house or looking to sell his (I am naive sometimes, but I already told him “no” and, this type of thing just doesn’t happen in my reality).

I didn’t say anything because I was in shock, so Brent took the opportunity to talk a little more. “I know when I asked you for coffee last time, you said you were involved and I also know that you are at work right now so I will try and make this short: I would really like to have lunch with you one day because I would like to get to know you better. Nothing fast and crazy. Just lunch”

Recovering my ability to speak, I said, “Yes. Lunch would be nice. Just lunch.”

“Yes. Just lunch. I work downtown and I see that your office is in <sometown>. We’re not too far apart to meet somewhere in between.”

I thought, Next week is bad for me. I’m going on my mini-trip with Loverman, and how strange is it getting this call right now, right before that trip. I told him that I wasn’t putting him off, but I wouldn’t be free to have lunch with him until Friday at the earliest because it’s spring break and I am taking a mini-vacation.

“Oh, Friday is bad for me…” He paused for a second, “Maybe you could give me an email address, we could email a couple times first. I would like to tell you more about myself (I giggled when he said that and almost broke in to say “I don’t need a resume” but let him continue) and we could break the ice a little.”

I gave him one of my email addresses. While I was telling it to him he said, “Crap! I have paper but no pen. I’m outside right now. Argh!”

“My email is easy,” I responded, “I’ll tell it to you and you will totally remember it. Trust me.”

I told him and he remembered. About an hour later I got the first email from him. Simple. “Hi, <>. Please let me know if you get this email. Brent”

My response was, “Hi, Brent. Email received 🙂 Thanks for calling me today. You completely made my afternoon!”

I have agreed to lunch with this man because:

  • I am totally flattered that he remembers me after an entire year!
  • I am interested to see what he has to say and how he acts (and dresses and smells)
  • I have been told in the past not to burn bridges. I am not planning on fucking this guy. Maybe he needs someone to help him with accounting work or he likes roller skating (that’s a hobby in my LinkedIn profile)
  • He really might want to buy/sell a house and needs a good agent. Our company is starting up and if I can help bring in business I will (that probably sounds hokey, but it’s one of the reasons I said “yes” to lunch)

Believe it or don’t. I’m just doing this to see what happens. Lunch seems safe…

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