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What Happened Wednesday

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Wednesday morning, I was supposed to call and wake Loverman up at 6:45 so I could pick him up at his friend’s house and drop him off at my truck, Bear, which he is borrowing right now (because his other 3 cars currently don’t work/aren’t legal *sigh*), and still make it to work on time.

I called him 14 times 😉 and he didn’t answer the phone! I thought he was probably so knocked out that he didn’t hear the phone ringing, so I sent him 7 texts in a row — the text noise is really loud and annoying and would wake anyone up (my daughters call it “Barbie Sparkles” because it sounds like if Barbie was 6 and had a wand…)

I waited until 6:55 to start driving to where he was staying and, while I was driving, I concentrated really hard on Loverman and screamed in my head at him to WAKE UP!! then I called him again. He answered! OMG!

I was so relieved because I didn’t know what I was going to do. He hasn’t told me where his friend’s house is, I always drop him off and pick him up at the Walgreen’s close by.

The phone isn’t ringing!!!” he answered.

“How did you know to answer?” I asked.

“I don’t know, baby. I just woke up all of a sudden and looked at my phone and you were calling me.”

Crazy! I thought, He must have heard me screaming in his head! “I am SO glad you answered! I was just screaming at your brain. You must have heard me.

He grunted in acknowledgement and I could feel the smile on his face.

“I am on my way to get you now and I should be there in about 15 minutes. I’m sorry you had to wake up like this.”

He said, “I don’t know why the ringer is off on my phone…”

*I* know. His friend’s wife turned it off after he fell asleep (she threatened to the night before) so he could sleep well and for a long time. Loverman didn’t tell her that he HAD to be up early, so she turned it off. No harm, no foul. She was just looking out for him and didn’t know everything that was supposed to be happening that day.

We met at Walgreen’s as planned. He ran to get there (what a shitty morning for him!) and we were on the way by 7:15. He looked SO exhausted when he got to the car. I told him that if he wanted, he could just sleep in the car while I drove and I would wake him up when we got to Bear.

He talked to me for a minute or two. The he leaned over onto my arm, rested his head on my shoulder and nuzzled me — just like I do when he’s driving and I’m tired (or glowing). “You smell so clean. I need to shower…” he said as he put his hand on my knee, squeezed it and fell asleep. He can totally do that. It’s amazing!

For the entire 50-minute drive he slept with his head on my shoulder. Every time I looked over at him, or felt him move, it melted my heart and I had to lean over and kiss him on the forehead.

When we got to the park-n-ride where we had left Bear the night before, I woke Loverman up and kissed him on his merry way. I even made it to work on time! Whew!

The rest of the day’s plan was simple: I had to go to work and he was going to try to get more sleep (because 4 hours in 3 days is not enough), then he would go to his storage unit and start unpacking the moving truck and return it. I would pick him up after work and we would go skating, drive up to our hotel room, take a long, hot shower and get some sleep.

Our days pretty much went as planned: he got his extra sleep and made it to the storage garage to start unloading the truck, and I went to work (where I almost successfully concentrated on getting my job done).

When I got to the storage unit at almost 7PM, Loverman was still unpacking his stuff. Or, should I say, Diva‘s stuff, because Loverman had already moved everything he owns to the storage unit over the last 6 weeks. There were some last-minute tools of his that he saved to move at the end to have easy access to them, but the moving truck was half-full of Diva’s stuff! Some of the bags were actually full of garbage!

It was still raining from the day before and I was, again, still wearing my work clothes (one of my favorite dresses, but also very durable so it survived!) because I thought he would be done unloading the truck by the time I got there. So did he.

I thought that the only things left on the truck were his things, but instead of freaking out because things weren’t going as planned, I just rolled up my sleeves (figuratively) and asked Loverman, “What do you need me to do?”

He was so angry and upset about all of the stuff Diva had dumped on him! As he vented, I started taking things out of the moving truck and putting them in the garage. When he was through, I reminded him to call our hotel and make the reservation before it was too late again. Also, he needed a sit-down break to take a breath and drink some water and chill out.

The reservation was made successfully. Good news! That helped motivate us to a common goal 😉

Plus, there was still skating to get to and Loverman was truly dead-set on getting there to “get our skate on”. He has been trying SO HARD to make sure some things go right well — it’s sweet.

We finally got everything unloaded and into the garage by 7:30 (Wednesday night skating is from 7:30 to 10, so we still had plenty of time). All we had to do before leaving to go skating was fill up the moving truck with gas, bring it back and drop off the keys.

As we were driving away from the storage garage Loverman looked at me and asked, “Where is my jacket?… Oh shit! I think I left in back at the storage unit! It’s probably lying right in front where I put it when I got there. Damn! It has all the keys in it. Damn!”

“Do you want me to turn around and go back?”

“No, baby. It’s okay. I don’t have the key for the storage unit. I think there’s a spare at S-&-J’s house. I’ll get it tomorrow. Dammit, I didn’t want to drive all the way up there again right away!”

His phone rings Barbie Sparkles with an incoming text. It was Diva, “Can you bring back my bag of shoes?”

Loverman laughed his ass off as he responded that they would have to wait until another day and we continued on to skating, where we arrived with one hour of skating left. And we had quite a lovely time.

We finally made it to our room just before midnight and I jumped into the shower almost immediately. After being in there alone for what seemed like 15 minutes, I called out “Are you coming in to get clean with me, or did you fall asleep already?”

I heard the bathroom door open and he peeked in through the shower curtain, “Boo!”

Then, he joined me in the shower.

Both of us fell asleep as soon as our bodies were comfortably tangled up together in bed. I woke up a couple of times to go to the bathroom. He felt one time, but stayed asleep until the alarms woke us Thursday morning.

It was so sweet how he started rubbing my back to wake me up. He made love to me as he massaged my entire back side. I felt like I was melting underneath him…

And then we had to start another day. Right away. No time to snuggle, or enjoy the glow. Or anything.

We didn’t even have time to stop and get donuts


It Finally Happened

Eviction Notice Letter on Front  Door

Diva texted Loverman Monday morning (July 28th) at 11AM and told him he had until midnight that day to get his stuff moved out.

A Writ of Restitution was posted on their door by the Denver County Sheriff. Loverman wasn’t sure of the date on the Writ. He says it looked like it was originally July 18th but appeared to have been altered to the 28th. In my opinion, the date on the writ was originally July 18th. But that’s irrelevant now.

He texted me Monday night at 6:45 to let me know initially, then called me again at 8:30 to tell me that he had most of his stuff packed into a U-Haul and he was headed back to his friend’s place. Then he read the Writ of Restitution to me. After he finished, he asked a few questions about the process (because I work for a real estate agency that handles evictions and bank-owned properties). One of his questions was, “Do I really have to be out by midnight?”

I explained to him that the Sheriff isn’t going to show up at his door at midnight with an eviction crew and make them leave. Evictions usually happen in the morning, so he should start to worry around 8AM Tuesday (the 29th). Also, without knowing when the notice was actually posted on the door, I wouldn’t be able to give him any kind of time frame.

I am SO thankful he started moving his stuff a long time ago! I am even more relieved that we had a chance to move his motorcycle Sunday afternoon. So that was one less thing he had to worry about in his mad dash to get all his crap out Monday night.

We talked briefly Tuesday morning. He told me that he still wanted to “hook up” with me for Date Night. I was glad, not only for myself but for him. He hasn’t slept since Sunday evening and that was only for an hour or so.

I want him to have a nice, hot bath and a comfy bed to sleep in with his “sexy pillows”.

Hopefully that is what we’re doing when this post publishes 🙂


Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Date Night

It was so nice to be with Loverman again: my addiction. It’s like I’ve come down from a high and then I get high again and have to come down all over.

Or, maybe a better analogy would be a pendulum. I feel like I am swinging over to one side and then momentum carries me all the way across to the opposite side, just to be flopped back for forth.

Again and again and again.

But, I guess that’s what love is, right? Ups and downs, highs and lows, ins and outs 😉 …

Twice I told him that I love him. Once last night before bed and once this morning when we woke up. Something totally unprecedented!

Some of you may be thinking, “If you love him so much, why are you fucking Mr. AM on the side and still entertaining messages from other men?

Truthfully, I really don’t fucking know. All I know is that I am trying to figure this shit out like everyone else in this crazy place. Maybe I think I need a diversion when Loverman isn’t around, maybe I am trying to maintain some type of separation from him because I don’t want to get too close. Maybe I need a self-confidence boost. Maybe I am trying to mess things up…

But the fact remains, I really do love my sexy Loverman, and the feelings I have for him confuse and befuddle me every single day.

Of course there are things that I don’t love about him, too. But on the whole he’s a pretty awesome guy with some commitment issues.

We are creatures of habit, Loverman and I. So, our reunion Date Night this week was like we just went all back to normal again. A nice drive “up the hill” to our casino hotel. We saw our regular bartender who, over the course of 2 hours, served us 4 shots of tequila each — I love drinking with Loverman — then we strolled back to our room.

We took off our clothes in front of the television while we were still talking, about what I cannot remember, and then climbed into bed.

The topic of conversation changed then, and I can completely remember what we were talking about. It was one of the strangest thing to mention when you getting ready to sleep with your Other Woman. He asked me, “When we’re at skating, what do people call me?”

Me: Ummm… Your name?

Him: No, Peanut! I mean, do they call me your husband or boyfriend or what?

Me: Most everyone there thinks you are my husband.

Him: Do you say anything to them?

Me: Yes. I tell them you’re not my husband. Why do you ask?

Him: Because everyone refers to you as my wife. I tell them the same thing as you: that you are not my wife, that you are my best friend.

Me: One guy calls you my husband every single time he refers to you, and I correct him every single time. He just replies, ‘Whatever’ and shrugs.

Him: Yeah. I know who you’re talking about. I get that response from pretty much everyone anyways. What I think is strange is that all of them know your daughter, too.

(I don’t mention it here much, because it doesn’t really matter, but Loverman is almost as black as night. I’m a German Girl and most definitely white.)

Me: Yeah, and she’s as white as chalk! Obviously they don’t think you’re her father! But, we do all get along together very well and we kind of act like a family when we’re skating together.

He nodded in agreement and I said, “This is sure a strange conversation to have while we’re lying here in bed together, a little drunk, getting ready to have sex” and then I leaned over him and kissed him.

“Well, what do you want to talk about then?”

“How about no more talking right now,” and I kissed him again, deeply this time. Enjoying the feel of his full lips on mine, savoring the lingering taste of tequila on his breath. The alcohol allowed my thoughts to move from the awkward conversation to something completely different.

My right hand wandered down his body, underneath the sheets, to find that he was already erect and at full attention. I giggled and pulled the sheets down so I could take him slowly into my mouth and taste his salty firmness.  It felt so good to have him this close to me again, to be able to feel his skin next to mine, feel the power I have over his body.

We made love like magical clockwork.

Like there had been no break.

There has never been a man who fits me so well.

Inside of me.

Outside of me.

I fell asleep in his arms.

We woke up the next morning and made love again.

It was perfect, and I would have loved to stay there in his arms but we needed to shower and get to work.

We made really good time on the way back and stopped for our breakfast of Lamar’s Donuts 🙂

I loved being able to spend so much time with him, talking and just being together.

I think I just need to keep reminding myself to slow down and stop thinking so much.

Since our date night Tuesday, we skated together Wednesday and Loverman was supposed to leave for his family reunion in Mississippi Thursday. Well… Thursday afternoon, half-way through Kansas, his passenger-side rear axle went out and he had to be towed back to Denver: 365 miles.

That’s a totally boring and long story that will be left untold, except to say that Loverman is home safe and now has nothing working of his own to drive.

Which I will probably learn more about this afternoon when I call him to tell him he can borrow my car 🙂

I hope everyone had a happy 4th of July and that you all get to enjoy a long weekend!


Date Night With Loverman


Loverman and I are going to try another Date Night tonight.

Don’t hate me, but I am excited because it has been SOOOOOO long!

This is week #4, not that I’m counting or anything.

I miss him. I miss his touch. I miss almost everything about him.



Taking a Break

I am getting uncomfortable with my closeness to Loverman.

I rely on him to support me when I am down, and he has been there for me a lot lately.

I can trust him.


But he’s not mine. He never will be.

And here is something that I haven’t mentioned to you yet:

at the end of April, I gave Loverman $800 to buy a truck.

He used that $800 to buy the truck (I think).

When I gave him the money I knew that the truck needed work, but I also thought that Loverman would just be swapping engines out with the truck he already had.

I also knew that I would probably never, ever see that money again.

And I was okay with it.

Until I found a cash-machine receipt in my truck, from two weeks after that, showing that he had withdrawn $400 at Mardi Gras Casino at 7:39 on the morning of Saturday, May 17th, 2014.

I found the receipt when I was cleaning out my truck one day at lunch. May 21st to be exact.

I didn’t want to “make a deal” about it. So, I took a chill pill and decided to think on it for a couple of days and wait until I could talk to a very wise friend.

She told me to just leave it be. Not to bother with it, because it was none of my business.

She was right. I shouldn’t have bothered with it, AND I should have thrown the stupid receipt away so I wouldn’t be seeing it stare at me every day from the console of my truck.

But, I didn’t listen to her AND I kept the receipt.

Yesterday morning I was PMSing in the shower and I couldn’t stop thinking about that damned receipt.

Not only had I given him that $800 to buy a truck, I had given him $400 two months before that for him to buy parts for MY truck.

He hasn’t bought those parts yet. He is waiting for a “deal”.

I am afraid that he was using MY $400 on the 17th. He is always claiming never to have any spending cash and now he has $400 to just throw away at a poker machine?


I needed to talk to Loverman, to communicate with him about my fears and concerns.

In response, he lied to me.

This is mostly how the conversation went after the “I found a receipt in my truck and I want to talk to you about it” part:

ME: If you already had $400 in the bank, why did you need me to give you another $800?

LM: To buy the truck, baby.

ME: I understand that part. But, if you already had half of the money, why did you need me to give you all of it?

LM: I needed that money to pay other bills.

ME: But you didn’t use that money to pay ‘other bills’. That money was withdrawn at a casino on a Saturday morning, at 7:39 – the exact perfect time for you to get there after you had just gotten off of work.

LM: Yeah. I took it out so I would have it later to pay those other bills I told you about.

ME: I am pretty sure that you didn’t have to go halfway up the mountain to find a cash machine which just happened to be at a casino on a SATURDAY morning right after work.

I am foggy on how it ended because he just blew it away like it was nothing, and I wasn’t trying to act like or sound like I thought I was his keeper or anything. Just the keeper of my own money, perhaps?

He didn’t make a big deal about it and we kept talking for a while about what happened with his weekend at work.

I am relieved, in a way, that Loverman didn’t get upset with me for bringing it up, or not believing him. It was just dropped.

Doom-n-Gloom would have had a fit, slammed doors, sulked, and then come back to argue some more.


But I know Loverman was lying to me.

He has a gambling problem. Occasionally, he will cop to it. I guess this is not one of those times. I do not believe what he told me, not one bit of it.

This weekend he was just calling a bunch of friends trying to get enough money together to pay “those bills”. He said he almost asked me for $13.

Last Thursday he asked me for $10 gas money and I told him that I couldn’t afford it this week. Little does he know that I could afford it, I was just wondering in the back of my head did he have his own money and was he just asking because he knew I would give?

When our conversation turned, I asked if we were on for our regular date night this week. He said, “No. I have a lot of packing to do. I need to get all my things together before Diva gets us kicked out of her house.”

“Okay, that sucks. I am really super going to miss you!” (because I AM) “Can we at least go skating together Wednesday?”

“I miss you, too, mama. Of course Wednesday skating is on.”

“Well, I can’t wait to see you on Wednesday then!”

After that conversation, while I was finishing up my commute, I decided that maybe I could stand to take a break from Loverman for a week or two. If anything, my pocketbook might thank me!

Next week he won’t want a date night because I will have my period. He is convinced that I can’t go one night without sex when we’re together and he is grossed out by menstruation.

That gives me two weeks without Loverman sexually. Seeing him only for our two, brief skate nights. Texting him less and less often… Him forgetting about me…

Stop it! That’s crazy!

Or is it?

Because that’s what I am trying to do.

I have ‘reactivated’ my membership at Ashley Madison and I sent out 4 messages yesterday.

Already I have a response to one of them and a date for dinner tonight.

At ChoLon!


An attractive man is taking me out to dinner tonight!

To an expensive, cutting edge, restaurant.

And he is fucking paying!

I hope I pick the right dress!


I guess I am looking for an other other man. To fill in the gaps (and take me out to dinner and buy me nice things)…

I know I can’t ‘have’ Loverman so I don’t want to get too attached to him – if I sleep with other guys, it might help me to remove some of the attachment. Then maybe I get worried because, if he starts sleeping with someone else, maybe he’s trying to do the same thing…


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Busy Week!

PSTM60There’s really not much for me to say this week.

Yesterday was President’s Day and I got the day off from work. Paid. Woo hoo!!! My job is awesome!!!

I didn’t do much… Finished reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn — good book. The beginning was a little slow and then, the second half started and I couldn’t put it down! I don’t know if I like the end, though… Read it and let me know what you think 🙂

This weekend I got this cool new mop that I ordered. So, I mopped. It works SUPER good and now my kitchen floor is totally sanitized (or at least it was before I left this morning 😉 ).

Tomorrow at work is meetings all day. In fact, as soon as I get done with this post I have to finish up one of the reports that I created with my Microsoft Access 2013!! Hooray! I have created an agent production report that I will be giving to all the agents tomorrow showing their sales, the deductions and their total contribution to the company since their start dates. I am really very proud of the work I’ve done on this project 🙂

Then we have another meeting with the managers when I get back from lunch. That one should be short and sweet and then I can get something actually accomplished by the end of the day.

TONIGHT I have a date night with Loverman. We’re not going to be doing anything special, just hanging out together with a glass of wine or two and getting some well-needed nookie-nookie 😉 in a comfortable bed.

Next week is his birthday, I don’t have anything special planned for that yet. Any ideas?

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What Happened Last Weekend

Loverman actually lost his phone Friday night, not Saturday afternoon like I originally thought. Here is our conversation Friday night when I got home from my friend’s house at 7:44.

Friday TextsWhen he sent that message to me, he wasn’t actually “already at work” getting ready to take a snooze like he said he was (we’ll be having a discussion about that tonight before skating 😉 ). He decided to drive to Black Hawk and pick up $15 in comps that were only good until midnight (because it was the last day of the month).

He stopped in at the Mardi Gras last so he could pick up some dinner with his $5 worth of food comps and waited over 45 minutes to get his food. This is the second time they have forgotten to make his food (it happened about a month ago again when he was leaving to get to work! It’s like they know!)! Last time they made him a free pizza to go with his order and then sent him on his merry way. This time, they forgot to make his order AGAIN!

At 9PM, Loverman was waiting there for food that was never going to be made for him, so he impatiently sat down at one of the machines and took his phone out to shut off his alarm. When he set the phone down, he forgot to pick it up and when it became clear that they were never going to cook his meal, he raced back to his truck to get to work on time.

About 10 minutes down the mountain, he reached down for his phone and it wasn’t there hooked on his belt where it belongs. He turned around and drove the 10 minutes back to talk to security and retrace his steps. It was pointless and security wasn’t much help, and he was late for work, so he went to work and got there about 45 minutes late.

Saturday morning, when he got off work, he went back up to the casinos where he was (lots of driving! and to think that I almost drove up there Sunday, too, to look for him!) and talked to security again, asking them if they could go back and look at the videos from last night when he was at machines X & Y. Security told him that they can’t do that — he was infuriated, because HE’S security and knows that isn’t true, but he couldn’t argue with them.

The previous night at work, he had tried calling his phone and it went directly to voice-mail. He had pretty much resolved himself to finding a broken phone, because it it did drop or fall, it would definitely be broken, but he retraced his steps regardless. At least he would know what happened, even if the phone was mutilated.

No such luck. He spent all day Saturday trying to find his phone and then had to leave for work at 5PM because there was going to be a special event at Coors Field and he had to work a 12-hour shift starting at 6. When he got to work, he tried calling his phone again. This time it rang! And then someone picked up! And then they hung up on him….

He worked all night Saturday. That entire time I didn’t even know there was a problem. Remember, the last thing I heard was that he was safe at work at 7:44 Friday night and getting ready to take a nap! You know the next part from Sunday’s Post — I was worried because he didn’t call/text me back Sunday morning as is customary. Then, some dude calls me from his phone around noon to tell me he has it and wants to give it to me — but then never calls me back to actually give it to me….

The entire day Sunday, Loverman kept calling his phone hoping that someone would answer again and actually respond to him.

Eventually, Sunday night when he was calling from work, some dude did answer and told Loverman that Dude would leave the phone in the mailboxes at his Aunt’s apartment complex. Then told Loverman the address.

Monday morning, when Loverman got off work, he couldn’t drive to that address fast enough! And, when he got there, there was a freaking NOTE telling him to go to apartment XXXX and ask for Celia. Which he did. (This part of the story scared me when he was telling me because ‘Celia’ could have been some scary axe-murderer or something!!!) Celia was just some older woman who brought Loverman back out to the mailboxes and opened hers. Inside her mail cubby was Loverman’s phone.

She gave him the phone, he thanked her profusely and then was on his merry way.

And as soon as he got his phone back he texted me the short but sweet message:

I got my phone back.

Then my emotions went into turmoil because I was so relieved and so angry and so confused, blah, blah, blah… And that was all BEFORE I found out that he lied to me Friday night giving me a false sense of security.

Last night while I was driving home in traffic, Loverman told me his story (it made my slippery drive home much less shitty). He didn’t want to leave anything out so it took him a little over an hour to tell me the entire thing. All the while I was asking questions, but trying not to interrupt.

Even though Loverman did lie to me about where he was Friday night, I’m not angry about that. It’s strange. I’m a tad bit upset and I will have to mention it to him, but it’s strange. Now that we’ve talked, I am happy to know that he is okay and not hurt or broken or lost or mugged, etc…

Maybe next week we can watch the movie 127 Hours on “date night”…



Things in General

I was hoping that I would get the replacement charger/power supply for my laptop before the weekend, but it looks like that isn’t going to happen 🙂 I did go to Best Buy last weekend to get one, though. It turns out that the chargers are 3-times more expensive there (or at Radio Shack) than through EBay *sigh*. So, I paid $11.99 instead of $37-$70 and I am now at the mercy of the seller and the USPS. If I’m lucky, I will get it Saturday.

Yesterday and today have been a little quieter at work. Which is really nice because I have been so busy lately that I have been making to-d0 lists and prioritizing things. Busy is nice, too, it’s just nice to have a break. (**PLUG** If you or someone you love is looking to buy or sell a house in Denver, let me know and I can hook you up with our website and one of our agents! 🙂 )

Sad EeyoreMr. Doom-n-Gloom has been his regular gloomy self. I would say that he is like Eeyore, but Eeyore is cute and endearing, Mr. Gloom is only dreary and gloomy. He wears it like a uniform — something that he puts on every single day when he leaves his hole of a bedroom. I would expect that he would be a little more happy because he got the test results from his most recent bloodwork and found out that his kidneys are now functioning at 42% — up 8% from three months ago. He was disappointed that I didn’t do a happy dance with him, but I wouldn’t be happy if my kidneys were only cleaning out my body at 42% effectiveness… Especially since his complete bodily neglect is what landed him in this predicament to begin with — still now he isn’t eating what he’s supposed to and he’s stopped exercising completely! I can be thankful to him, though, because he has really inspired me to lose weight and stop doing evil things to my body. I want to be around until my kids are sick of me and praying for me to die! I want to see Thing #1 and Thing #2 as adults. I want to see my grandkids grow up and become adults (if my girls have any). When I ask Mr. Gloom about these things, he just shrugs and says, “If I see them I see them.” He has already resigned himself to death-by-60 and, even though his father has broken the ‘curse‘, Mr. Gloom is perpetuating a self-fulfilling prophecy of doom.

On another gloom note… Boss-lady stayed home today because of the weather, so that has given bitchy girl, my co-worker, carte blanche to do whatever she wants. She spent two hours from the second she got here at 9AM, arguing with different customer service reps about car loans and why they won’t give her one… I am guessing they really won’t give her one if she keeps talking to them the way she has been… A while ago, a full 135 minutes after she got here, she stormed out of the office and slammed the door. Honestly, I am completely over her professionalism drama. Every fucking time that boss-lady is gone, bitchy girl has a meltdown — I am just hoping this time that it doesn’t overflow on me. Just a sec, let me go close my door in case she gets any ideas of who to go after next…

Okay, now for a little bit of goodness (because that’s what really keeps me going)…
Loverman and I have been totally enjoying each other’s company and I have been completely reveling in it. The last 4 months have been filled with fairly consistent date nights and skate nights. As for the sk8venture that we’re taking this October, I am SO excited! We’ve talked about it a couple of times and I think I have convinced him to go to the Price is Right on the Monday before we leave. If he’s serious, I am going to find out more info 🙂 It would be SO COOL if we got picked.

Last week my truck, Bear, started acting totally crazy. He doesn’t want to go up hills any more. Just a couple of weeks ago he had so much torque… Maybe he’s just sick of driving us up the mountain every week for “date night”. It’s also been revving like crazy — it acts like the throttle is stuck open, but it isn’t. Oil has been leaking through the valve cover gasket and saturating the spark plugs and wires. So, Loverman cleaned out the cylinders, the spark plugs and the plug wires on Monday and that seemed to help a little — but, sadly, not as much as it has been. This summer, we’re going to take him apart again and rebuild the engine — we were going to do it last year, but Loverman hasn’t been able to finish up my car yet. Once my ’95 Plymouth Breeze is back up and running, it will be time to work on Bear. He needs it.

It’s going to be a cold and snowy weekend here in Denver. I am going to try and finish the book I’ve been reading: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.

And then, of course there’s the Super Bowl!!


Time to Ride

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It’s Been a While, Eh?

busy-ladyI am so sorry for neglecting my blog! I haven’t had much to write about and there hasn’t been that much time for me to write it.  Usually when things are going well in my life, everything just falls into place and I just get so comfortable. Also, I have been SO busy with work that when I get home the last thing I really want to do is “play around” more on a computer.

And, of course, there are the obligatory skate nights 3 times a week and my (life-permitting) date nights with Loverman on Tuesday’s 😉

Boss-Lady has me working on an instruction manual for what I do (and that takes forever to do! I am such a perfectionist *sigh*).  On top of that, I still haven’t had time to work much on my database that I wanted to start back in November. It’s awesome, though! Even though I don’t have as much time to post my entries on here, it does mean that work is picking up for me and I will have job security that much longer!

Mr. Doom-n-Gloom has been minding his own business and staying out of my way. As of next Monday, he will no longer be a package handler for FedEx Ground, he will be moving to Quality Control. That’s a good thing because he will mostly be working by himself — he has a very hard time getting along with people because he always knows more than them… But, it’s also a bad thing because now he will be getting little-to-no physical activity pretty much ever. At least when he was handling packages he was exercising (which is something his kidney doctor told him he HAS to do. Every. Single. Day!)!

Thing #1 has been doing well in beauty school. Last Saturday she cut my hair and did a TOTALLY awesome job! Loverman even said so 🙂 I wish I could show you how great it looks!

Thing #2 and I have been getting along swimmingly, which is nice just because it is. Lately she has been spending less time being angry at everyone, but she still knows everything. So cute because she’s so much like me at that age, yet so infuriating!

Things with Loverman have been awesome. We have decided that our next big skate trip will be to Cerritos, CA at the end of October (I am so excited and it’s still SO far away!). This time we will be flying instead of driving. It’s a 3-day event and I would like to take a couple of extra days to see Los Angeles — maybe even get to the Price is Right (LOL!). I told Loverman I wanted to try. Hopefully I will be able to take time this weekend to tell you about all of that good stuff since the new year started.

Don’t forget that all of you are beautiful just because you exist! and have a great Thursday!

Happy Thursday


Sickness on Date Night is Still Something to be Thankful For

Tuesday night Loverman and I went up to the casinos in Blackhawk again for our date night. It’s wonderful because he gets free night coupons in the mail and he has food comps that we can use when we’re up there. He likes it because then he can also be a contributor even though he rarely has any money.

We had a few drinks at the bar, ordered some food from the deli and then went back to our room to eat it. Loverman was pretty sick coming down with a cold so I had brought some medicine along for him to take. He took that right after we ate then we both went to sleep.

Sleeping TogetherAll night he had a raging fever and I had the hardest time getting comfortable. At times I wanted to get out of the bed and go around to the other side, but I know how he likes to be with me when he feels like crap so I just stayed next to him and sweated it out. In the end I had to do a lot more than just throw a leg out from under the covers, nevertheless he stayed asleep through my tossing and turning.

The morning sex was lovely and extremely sweaty! He made sure that I had my “happy ending” but, because of his fever and being so sick, he couldn’t 😦 I thought about being upset and, to be honest, for a minute I really was. I talked about it with him and he was very clear with me that it was okay, he just wasn’t feeling good and he just wanted to make sure he “gave me a little somethin’ somethin’ before we have to head back”.

The drive back Wednesday morning was great! It took 30 minutes less than normal and I actually made it to work on time after I dropped Loverman off! We even had time to stop at LaMar’s for donuts (for donuts almost as good as a multiple orgasm!).

After a busy day at work (because I am taking Friday/today off) Boss-Lady let us go home early. Awesomeness!!

When I got home, Mr. Doom-n-Gloom, Thing #2, her boyfriend and I, went to the store to get the last few things we needed for Thanksgiving dinner and then it was a peaceful night for all. Loverman had to work (which is unusual for Wednesday nights, we usually skate together that night) so I was going to bring Thing #1 with me on my skate night, but her knee was hurting too much. I ended up going by myself because, for sure, I was going to need the exercise to help me work off the Thanksgiving calories!

It was a fun night skating. Other people had the same ideas as I did, but it was still a pretty quiet night. I like those because it gives me space to practice (wish Loverman had been there with me, we’re trying to iron out a few things and it would have been a great night for it!).

I promised him that I would let him know how skating went and that I got home safe so, at 10:30, I sent him his good night text and we had a lovely conversation. One I will cherish for a long time, and it was so simple.

We’re all home safe. I had a good time skating, but it’s never the same without you! Thing #1’s knee hurt so she didn’t go. Have a good night and I hope you feel better! Kisses and huggs to keep you warm because it’s going to get colder tonight.

Thank you baby, for getting me better. I’m glad you had a nice time skating. I hope you kept some of the warmth from last night.

I did. I used some of it earlier, too. Thanks! I hope you saved some for you, too!

A little bit, and I will be thinking about you all night.

Ok, sexyness! I can’t wait to see you in my dreams!


Sexy Dream Dub
by Djog on deviantart

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