Smitten with Him

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Last Tuesday night I went on a “Tinder date”.

I was pretty sure it was only supposed to be a one-night stand, but that’s what Dreamboat was supposed to be and now he’s planning our long-term future together (still!).

This guy seemed okay from our brief Tinder conversations. My standard for that is: keep it brief and still be conversational; use some wit and we should be golden.

It’s pretty easy to tell if I’ll have any chemistry with someone based on this Initial Intelligence Interaction.

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Mick sent this to me Saturday morning, after a lovely Friday evening. We went to “my” jazz bar where he danced with me (!!!!! He doesn’t dance…), walked up and down the 16th Street Mall holding my hand and then stopped to get ice cream to finish things off.

Even though all the ideas were mine, he paid for everything and we had an amazing time. I could really get used to him! He treats me like a princess!

There is so much more I need to tell you…


Craigslist Date #2

(My Craigslist Personal Ad)

He will be called Mick because he looks almost exactly like Mick Fleetwood, only shorter (and a bit like my dad and Willie Nelson, too. The dad part’s a little creepy…)

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Giving Into Temptation

timegiven-300x224Monday morning I caved. I reached out to Alaska.

To be honest, I actually sent him a text Friday morning about my horrible “coffee” date Thursday night. His text response was, “That’s why I don’t date.” Then he called me about 15 minutes after that to check on me and make sure I was actually okay. (At this point, I had not yet made arrangements to have drinks with Rock Star.)

It was bad that Alaska called. I shouldn’t have answered. He was sweet and attentive and concerned. It made me think about him and his bed and his arms and our conversations… He’s a comfortable place that I wanted to return to. Hanging up with him was difficult because all I wanted to do was ask if I could see him.

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Last Night

full of fuck

Last night I went on a “date” with a man I know through Loserman.

At least I thought it was a date. This guy has been trying to take me out since before Loserman dumped me.

When I arrived at the bar, he met me outside and told me that he had asked a few more of his friends if they wanted to join us, but everyone had declined.

I told him that I was kind of relieved about that because I really don’t do well in groups of strangers and if I had known that ahead of time, I would not have agreed to meet him there.

He apologized profusely, but I explained that he had no way of knowing that until then. He had nothing to be sorry for.

After a couple of drinks I started to loosen up. We were standing at the edge of the dance floor and I was swaying to the beat, he was starting to inch in closer and closer, when Loserman‘s slut niece calls this guy and tells him that she’s waiting at the entrance for him to come get her.

I call her “loserman’s slut niece” because she is 32 with 7 children by 7 different baby-daddies. Simply put, she’s a slut.

He cussed under his breath and told her where we were but she insisted that he go to the front door and bring her back.

He did.

When they returned to where I was, Loserman’s slut niece says, “OMG! Guys are such pigs! While I was walking across the parking lot, three different guys told me they’d like to ‘lay on me’ and that I looked like a good ‘piece of ass’.”

Wow! That’s the first thing she says in front of someone she doesn’t know?! Classy.

This guy introduces us and I say that we’ve already met at Loserman’s brother’s house a couple years back. I didn’t think she would remember me, but I remembered her. Loserman talked about her all the time.

She admitted that she had no idea who I was and apologized. I said there’s no need to bed sorry, I wasn’t hurt she didn’t remember me (I was a total bitch, actually. I don’t like this girl who is always out clubbing to get a piece of ass when she should be at home with her 7 kids!).

A few seconds later, she remembers and says, “Ahhhh, I do remember you. You’re one of Loserman’s friends and you were at my dad’s house one day when I came over.”

“Yeah and you dropped off your 7 kids. I got to meet them, too,” I retorted.

The guy I was out with interjected at this point and changed the subject.

We chatted civilly for a few minutes until the “Harlem Shuffle” came on and they both had to go to the dance floor for that one. I stood there alone awkwardly.

For a while I was trying to make eyes at a sexy man over by the pool tables, but just as I was going over to say, “Hello,” his girlfriend came up and kissed him.


At this point I overheard someone saying how badly it was snowing outside, so I wandered over to see if it was bad or just an exaggeration.

It was a blizzard!!

I went back to my spot and waited one more song. If they didn’t come back to me at the end of that song, I was going to leave and send my friend-through-Loserman a message letting him know what happened.

While I stood there I started thinking: did his slut niece tell Loserman that I was going out Saturday night with his friend. Then his slut niece “changed her mind” about going when Loserman asked her to spy??? (I know, I know, probably not. But it isn’t out of the realm of possibility, right?)

As luck would have it, the friend guy came back and he said, “When the band starts its second set, I am definitely getting you out on the floor to dance.”

The very last thing I wanted to do was dance with Loserman’s slut niece so I said, “I’m sorry. I think it’s time for me to call it a night.”

Loserman’s friend asks with a wink, “What? Is it past your bedtime already?”

I knew he was kidding and I also knew that he had realized I didn’t want to spend the evening dancing with Loserman’s slut niece. I answered, “Yeah, a little bit of that and also it’s really snowing hard outside and I want to make it home safe. If I stay here and have any more to drink, I’m afraid I won’t be able to do that.”

When I got home, I texted the guy that I made it safe.

He responded:


Then he called me Sunday afternoon. I didn’t answer because I was out scraping the 5-6 inches off of my vehicles and my phone was dying.

After I didn’t answer, he sent me this text:


This was my response:




Date #2 With Mr. X

Last Friday we were having our morning “check in” talk and Mr. X told me that, for what it’s worth, he was sorry about the way things ended with Loserman. How sweet was that? I really appreciate his acceptance of me as I am. I mean, I put it all out there for him to see! It’s nice not to have to pretend for the first few “dates” until the ice is broken.

Also, I love having a daily check-in with him. It helps reassure me that everything is “okay”. You know how bad I am with that kind of suspense 😉

On another note, I keep expecting for him to ask me questions about what he’s reading on my blog. I wish he would ask more or say more or something. Some days, his silence is my suspense. Here’s what he’s said about my blog so far:

1. I need to keep it up just as I have been, talking about what I have been, etc…

2. What he said about being sorry Loserman ended it the way he did

3. He mentioned that he wished my post about our first date had been more positive about myself. Subsequently, he asked me to write a positive post about myself (so I wrote two! 😉 ).

I am going to have to be at peace with this thought:

If Mr. X has anything to say about my blog, he will say it. That is the way it has been and that is the way it will continue.

I worry too much!! Mither (1 of 2) Eventually I asked the inevitable question: when would I be able to see him again? And it would be perfectly okay if it was just a lunch meeting.

He answered, “How about today?” I was surprised! Honestly, I expected him to say Tuesday or something.

I don’t remember exactly how I responded, but it was like, “Same time, same place?”

“Okay,” he replied.

The butterflies in my stomach were doing flip-flops, I felt a surge of wetness in my panties. We talked a little bit longer and then hung up.

A couple of hours before we were to meet, he messaged me that he would be a little late. We ended up meeting 30 minutes later than originally planned. No matter. I was happy he told me at all! The consideration felt very nice.

It was wonderful to see him. I have been busy at work finishing up a part of the budget I didn’t think I was going to have to do, finalizing November’s numbers and also dealing with some more drama from the Atlanta ladies. Seeing Mr. X was a very pleasant diversion (although it did make it more difficult to concentrate on anything but him for the rest of the afternoon).

I enjoyed his company very much and felt more relaxed this time around. We spent a lot of time gazing into each others’ eyes and he kissed me a lot more. Even while we were sitting across from each other at our tiny table!

The way I feel around him is amazing! I feel pretty and intelligent and captivating and sexy and worthwhile. I completely understand that *I* control the way that things make me feel, but Mr. X sure makes it easy for my feelings to go in a positive direction!

When we first sat down, I mentioned to him that he was setting the bar pretty high for himself: talking to me every day, his incredible attentiveness… His being able to make this kind of time for me on an ongoing basis might be difficult to maintain. I am starting to really enjoy it and it’s something I could definitely get attached to.

I believe his response was, “I want to make that time for you. I enjoy talking to you and I don’t think you understand how often I really think of you.” (OMG – I think about him all the time!)

At one point he asked me if I would liked to be spanked for fun or for punishment. I think I blushed a little and I really didn’t know the answer. He answered himself quietly, “I will figure that out myself.” Now that I have had time to think about it, I have an answer!

Sweet Mr. X, spanking me with your hand would be fun for me. Punishment spanking would be you using something that isn’t you – something that doesn’t allow for direct contact of you to me. For example: a riding crop or belt 😉

While we were chatting I interrupted him. Probably a hundred times, actually. But, I remember once in particular because he was outwardly assertive with me and it really turned me on! He looked at me with a gentle smile, his hand raised a little bit to the side of my face (but not too close), and sternly told me to stop interrupting him. He really didn’t like that. Then directed me to look at his left hand positioned to ‘slap’ me. Immediately I felt a warmth surge between my legs (again!). And I stopped interrupting (I think).

I am not adding this to excuse my behavior (I guess maybe I am…), but interrupting is something I do when I get excited. With some of my friends, it isn’t a problem, it’s like we talk back and forth bouncing off each other like that; that’s how we talk. With other friends, it bothers the hell out of them because it seems like (to them) I am not listening; when really I am, I’m just so excited/intense/afraid I’m going to forget.

(I have a feeling that this will probably be the reason for many of my “reprimands” in the future.

I look forward to that part of my education 😉 )

It seemed like time had slowed down for us while we were together, but eventually it had to end and he walked me out to my truck, where he devoured my mouth with his most sensuous kisses yet. Later that night, I wrote him how they made me feel (at his insistence):

I truly am surprised I could stay standing after you left, let alone be able to turn around and get into my truck and drive away. My body was trembling and I had to take a bunch of deep breaths before I was able to go into work. My panties were wet almost all afternoon and I can still feel my pulse in my pussy now as I am writing this! I can only hope they made you feel half as good as that!

My panties were squishy for the rest of the afternoon and he has directed me not to masturbate until we have a chance to be intimate together. The suspense is killing me!

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All the Questions I Could Have Asked…

…instead of acting like a giddy schoolgirl

What’s your favorite color?

What day is your birthday?

Do you like pizza? Sushi? Wine? Red or White?

There are plenty more, I’m sure. (please feel free to add some.)


I actually managed to work in some actual questions and relatively articulate conversation (I think). I was so nervous I was shaking almost the entire time. I don’t know WTF was wrong with me.

Now that I think about it, maybe it was excitement. I really liked him.

First, he texted me that he had already arrived. Oh my gosh! He was 10 minutes early.

I was almost there so I wasn’t worried about that part. But, there was construction going on in the parking lot and I had to circle the building once. Then, when I parked, I couldn’t find the entrance to the sidewalk because it was all blocked off for construction.

As I was walking between a couple of cars to get to the sidewalk, I hear, “Hey,” and looked around but didn’t see anyone. There was another “Hey”. I knew he was there but I didn’t see him. He waved and then I saw him across the way from me. I would have run up to meet him like I mentioned to him earlier, but I was wearing pointy-heeled boots and I didn’t want to make a fool out of myself.

So, I sexily strode across to him (at least I tried) and greeted him face-to-face. I really was shaking at this point, or shivering… I don’t know. Ask him. It was crazy. No one has affected me like that before. Not that intensely right away.

We kissed. I wanted that so badly. To feel that acceptance.

I could feel my body trembling and Mr. X asked me if I wanted to wait outside with him and take a few minutes to relax. He leaned up on the side of his car and asked me to lean onto him. Again, exactly what I wanted.

I tried to relax as I leaned my body onto his. I looked up into his eyes. I rested my head on his chest. I felt comfortable. Warm. Nice. But I was still shaking like crazy – it was a beautiful afternoon, I wasn’t cold!

We stood outside, hugging, kissing, getting comfortable for probably 10 minutes when I finally decided I was ready to go inside.

We ordered and sat down at a table in the sun. The construction was quiet when we sat down.

Mr. X set up the umbrella over our table and we talked for a while.

I made the complete wrong choice. It was a lovely day, but I was face-forward to the the sun and was trying to look Mr. X in the face. It made it hard to listen and focus. And I really wanted to.

Then the construction started again and it was getting dusty. Earlier Mr. X said something about how it might get dusty… I said (agreed), “This was a bad choice.”

He asked if I wanted to go inside.

I did. But, before we went back in, Mr. X said, “Wait.” He fiddled around in his pocked for a second and pulled out a rose.

It was lovely! I seriously can’t remember the last time a man gave me a flower.

So lovely that, in the process of finding a table inside, I think I tripped over like 3 things. While he was walking behind my clumsy ass! *sigh*

And I was pretty much a hot mess the entire time we were talking.

He said that, of 3 things that I was scared to tell him about, #1 and #2 had explanations and weren’t that big a deal to him, but #3, the one where I said I had a blog, had no explanation at all and he was very curious.

I told him it was pretty much a live journal kind of thing.

We talked about other stuff, but he persisted about the blog.

He gave me permission to talk about him (good, huh? 😉 )

I told him that I thought it would probably make things easier for both of us if I just let him read my blog.

The biggest truth about me is here.

Right before we left, he reached into his pocket again and pulled out another rose.

We said goodbye and kissed again in the parking lot. Let me just say, I want to kiss a lot more of him than just his lips.

Things went so well.

I was pleased.

And floating on cloud 9 when I got back to work.

Things went so fast with Mr. X, but it felt good.

Comfortable. But exciting!

He texted me later to remind me to send him my blog name.

I did. (I am scared to lay it all out there for him to see, but you guys still like me 😉 so I thought “What the hell?”)

During my commute home I had time to think about the entire date. How kind and patient Mr. X was with my nervousness and excitement. How he sensed the rise and fall of my emotions. Just thinking about it got me excited all over again. I tried to slow everything down in my head. I tried to pull out the thoughts that I was feeling while we were together.

I really enjoyed his company. When we were touching I felt more at ease, relaxed. Looking deep into his eyes is amazing!

I also chastised myself for being such a hot mess. I must have seemed like a complete lunatic. And he was so sweet to me the entire time (maybe because he felt bad for the crazy girl 😉 ).

On my way home I stopped at the library to pick up some CDs. While I was inside talking to the librarian, I got a call on my phone but didn’t look at it. I figured that it was one of my daughters calling to see why I was late and would call them back in a minute.

When I looked, I saw that it was a missed call from Mr. X.

How pleasant and unexpected!

I called him back right away and asked, “What’s up?”

“I just wanted to call you,” he answered. My heart melted.

We talked for a little over 15 minutes. It was comfortable. Just like lunch.

I can’t wait to meet again.


My Amazing Ashley Madison Date

Disclaimer: this story may cause great bodily reactions, tingling and create excitement in some readers 😉
(thank you, myipadography)

He’s a Capricorn. I studied up on Capricorns before our date so I had some kind of idea what to expect.

I’m glad I did.


I found out that they are very reserved and don’t like affection in public.

They appreciate modesty, so don’t go all-out with a crazy “bare everything” outfit. That will turn him off.

Capricorns like intelligence and sarcastic wit. They appreciate cool composure and “stellar conversation”.

I learned they are very goal-oriented and, when they want something, they will slowly and surely get it.

They are dependable. When they say they’ll be there at 8, they will be there at 8.

They appreciate honesty and become comfortable with a person more quickly if they are immediately forthcoming.

They are very passionate lovers!

He was all of that, and he really liked me! I didn’t act any different from my normal self, but I was very grateful to know a little bit about what I was in for.

He texted me at 6:10 to tell me that he was stuck in traffic and his “ETA was 6:35.” The restaurant was downtown and I was relieved I would have a couple extra minutes to get myself together after navigating through all the one-ways and trying to find a parking garage.

The garage that I found was right next to the restaurant, underneath a luxury apartment complex and the elevators came out into the lobby. There was a concierge sitting at the front desk who said “Hello” to me as I walked by the first time.

But, I had forgotten to change my shoes to the ‘evening’ ones, so I had to go back into the building to get back to my truck. This time, I asked the concierge if the front doors were open 24 hours so I could get back in later. He told me, “I’ll be here until midnight, Ma’am. After that, security will be here. There’s a number at the door outside to call if no one is at the front desk when you need to get in.”

“Thank you. I have to go change my shoes quick, I’ll be right back.” (oversharing is a problem with me when I am nervous)

The concierge smiled at me, and when I walked through the lobby for the third time, he said, “I hope you have a lovely date.”

That was so sweet.

My date didn’t arrive until 6:45, but I didn’t care. It was a nice evening and I was waiting outside the restaurant on a bench. I called out his name when I saw him walking up to the door. He looked excited to see me; I’m sure I looked exited to see him. We side-hugged. I felt a connection then. He apologized for being late and opened the door for me to walk through first.

We didn’t have to wait to be seated. He had made a reservation and called to tell them we would be late (oooh, that was SO sexy!). The Hostess walked us to our table while he let me lead. I’m pretty sure he wanted to walk behind me so he could check out my ass. I did my sexy-curvy walk just in case 😉 He pulled out my chair for me and sat down across the table.

He was so charming. His smile lit up his face. His pictures on the website didn’t do him justice. They were super-hot pictures, but I thought they made him look arrogant and conceited.

If he was either of those things, they didn’t affect our evening together.

We had a lovely dinner. The meal was awesomely expensive ($162) and awesomely tasty and the company was so much better than I anticipated.

We mostly talked about work and what we are looking for in regards to a “relationship”. We got to know about each other; talked about our past choices and relationships, etc. He was very candid, as was I. At one point he asked me why it took so long for me to respond to his original message to me – 2 months.

I told him that I thought he looked/seemed way out of my league. When I saw his pictures he looked so handsome and professional and well-coiffed that I didn’t think I stood a chance. I thought that, once he actually met me, he would lose interest with me quickly. I’m just a simpleton. But, then, WTF? If I don’t try, I can’t know.

He reminded me that *he* was the one who initiated contact.

I reminded him that I only have a picture of my legs posted.

We sat at our table talking for almost 3 hours.

He walked me to my truck afterward, as I assumed he would. (Who says chivalry is dead?) We had to phone the concierge to let us into the building. We were let in and my date insisted, yet again, that I walk in front of him to the elevator.

I stood at the door of my truck, looking into his light brown eyes… It must have been intense because he broke the silence with, “You look like you’re thinking very hard about something.”

“Yes,” I answered. “I am thinking how much fun I had at dinner with you and how much I wish you would kiss me. And how I know we can’t really do that out here in the open…”

He was already looking around for security cameras and said something to that effect.

I turned around to face my truck and as I unlocked and opened the driver’s door, he stepped in close behind me, buried his face in my neck and breathed in deeply the scent of me. He kissed the side of my neck and nuzzled his face into my hair some more. One of his hands were up the back of my dress, fondling my ass, caressing towards the front to fondle my pussy a little through my panties.

I let my body be free to his touch, my hips grinding my ass into his hips, my hand grabbing onto his thick erection through his black jeans. I could hear myself making noises, they were echoing off the cement walls. I tried to quiet myself, but the electricity between us right then was practically palpable!

He asked, “Does the back seat of your truck fold down?”

“No, but the front one does,” I replied. My cheeks were flushed and our breathing was heavy. He got into the driver’s side and I walked over to the passenger side and climbed in. Immediately his lips were on mine – fierce and powerful, full of lust and passion – and his hand was creeping it’s way back up my skirt again. He reached my, now very wet, black panties and began pulling them down my right thigh; then the left.

I lowered my seat as far as it would go and he climbed on top of me — he was still fully clothed. He grabbed my hips and thrust me farther up the back of the seat. My shoulders and head were actually resting on the seat behind us.

Somehow, he managed to get his legs crunched up at the base of my seat, body between my legs and then he buried his face in my pussy!

For almost 45 minutes!

I came so many times that I lost count – twice I came so hard I actually thought I was going to lose consciousness!

After such a lovely dinner, to be worshiped like this was absolutely fabulous. I was in heaven. A few times, when I was actually coherent enough to form a complete thought, I said something like, “This is so unfair. You really need to be getting a turn, too. This feels so good, what you’re doing to me. I hope I can make you feel this good, too.”

All he said in response to that was, “This is your night. This is all for you.”

When I seriously thought I could come no more, he asked me, “Do you have another one in there for me?”

“I don’t think so.” I gasped, “You do so well, but I think she’s done for tonight.”

“Your pussy is so tight and beautiful and you are so sexually responsive. You just keep coming and coming. It’s powerful knowing I can show you this kind of pleasure. I want to feel you come again.”

“You can do this to me all night long if it’s going to feel this good.”

His mouth was fully on my clit, sucking and licking and he had two fingers in my pussy doing some kind of corkscrew thing. It felt a-MA-zing! “I don’t know what you’re doing, but don’t stop. It feels so good.” And I let loose with another orgasm.

“I thought you said you didn’t have another one in you,” he teased as he licked up every last bit of my juices, “You’re a squirter. Did you know that?”

I shook my head and answered, “No, but no one has ever eaten me out like that before. I didn’t even know I could come that hard!” He bit my inner thigh a couple of times to tease me and I giggled. My body was still trembling and he was rubbing my entire pussy with the palm of his hand, trying to calm me down. We were both drenched with sweat. The windows of my truck were completely fogged up.

“It’s like a sauna in here.” He kissed me a few more times, less energetically, and let himself out of my truck. While he was straightening his sport coat and shirt he said, “I am going to have to walk around for a little while to cool off. Should we try this again next week?”

“I would like that very much.”

He picked up one of my shoes that had fallen out of the truck, handed it to me and casually walked away. He didn’t look back; while I laid, barely aware, on the still-reclined passenger seat, dress completely disheveled, panties off, one leg out of the vehicle, sweating and panting and trying to collect myself. I laid there sprawled like that for probably 10 minutes. My brain was blown and all I could feel was the pleasure between my thighs. I laid there: mind-blown and giggling quietly to myself. My imagination kept flashing back to all parts of the night. The waitress, the amazing dinner, the great wine, the company, the crazy pussy-eating fest at the end…

I almost came again on the drive home thinking about it.

And, if there were security cameras in that parking garage, the sweet young concierge had a very scintillating night at work! 😉

I sent this email to him Tuesday night, before I passed out to dream of incredible oral sex:

Thank you for a breathtaking evening. It was better than I ever could have imagined! I look forward to having a next time so I can get a turn with you, too. The things you did to my body tonight were amazing! My mind is still blown.
On my drive home I had a hard time concentrating. I almost came again thinking about how you made my body tingle… Mmmm….! I hope you sleep well.
Titillated and tingly

His response Wednesday morning was:

I’m glad you had a great time (I did too!).  I’m traveling for work the next couple of weeks, but how does Tuesday the 1st look to get together?

I think it’s looking pretty damn good! What do you think?


Last Year’s Attorney-Man

The most surprising and flattering thing happened to me last Friday afternoon!

Attorney by SybLaTurtue on deviantart

by SybLaTurtue on deviantart

In the midst of total I’m-taking-a-vacation-in-2-working-days insanity, I received a call from Brent – the cute attorney that asked me to coffee last March. March 8, 2013, to be exact (I only remember because I wrote about it here and I can look it up 😉 ).

He called my work number, which is listed on LinkedIn and we are connected there. He was awkward and charming the entire call. I’ll do my best to relay the conversation.

He began by saying, “Hello, this is Brent. You might not remember me, but I am the attorney that was representing a collection agency who had filed a lawsuit against you last year?”

“Ummmm…. Yes, I remember you.”

This part was so cute because he seemed so uncomfortable and unsure of himself. “First, I would like to begin by saying that I didn’t call you in relation to that case. I don’t remember what it was about, I don’t care what that case was about. I don’t even represent the company that was suing you any longer.”

As he was talking, I was trying to remember when it was that I went to court. When I realized it had been a full year, a giant grin spread across my face because, in all of my possible realities, I never ever imagined that I was THAT memorable! I felt so flattered, all I could think to respond was, “Okay?”

“I got your work number off of LinkedIn and I wanted to call and see if maybe you would be interested in having lunch with me sometime.”

Because I work for a real estate agency, I thought possibly he was calling me because he was relocating somewhere or looking for a house or looking to sell his (I am naive sometimes, but I already told him “no” and, this type of thing just doesn’t happen in my reality).

I didn’t say anything because I was in shock, so Brent took the opportunity to talk a little more. “I know when I asked you for coffee last time, you said you were involved and I also know that you are at work right now so I will try and make this short: I would really like to have lunch with you one day because I would like to get to know you better. Nothing fast and crazy. Just lunch”

Recovering my ability to speak, I said, “Yes. Lunch would be nice. Just lunch.”

“Yes. Just lunch. I work downtown and I see that your office is in <sometown>. We’re not too far apart to meet somewhere in between.”

I thought, Next week is bad for me. I’m going on my mini-trip with Loverman, and how strange is it getting this call right now, right before that trip. I told him that I wasn’t putting him off, but I wouldn’t be free to have lunch with him until Friday at the earliest because it’s spring break and I am taking a mini-vacation.

“Oh, Friday is bad for me…” He paused for a second, “Maybe you could give me an email address, we could email a couple times first. I would like to tell you more about myself (I giggled when he said that and almost broke in to say “I don’t need a resume” but let him continue) and we could break the ice a little.”

I gave him one of my email addresses. While I was telling it to him he said, “Crap! I have paper but no pen. I’m outside right now. Argh!”

“My email is easy,” I responded, “I’ll tell it to you and you will totally remember it. Trust me.”

I told him and he remembered. About an hour later I got the first email from him. Simple. “Hi, <>. Please let me know if you get this email. Brent”

My response was, “Hi, Brent. Email received 🙂 Thanks for calling me today. You completely made my afternoon!”

I have agreed to lunch with this man because:

  • I am totally flattered that he remembers me after an entire year!
  • I am interested to see what he has to say and how he acts (and dresses and smells)
  • I have been told in the past not to burn bridges. I am not planning on fucking this guy. Maybe he needs someone to help him with accounting work or he likes roller skating (that’s a hobby in my LinkedIn profile)
  • He really might want to buy/sell a house and needs a good agent. Our company is starting up and if I can help bring in business I will (that probably sounds hokey, but it’s one of the reasons I said “yes” to lunch)

Believe it or don’t. I’m just doing this to see what happens. Lunch seems safe…

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