Smitten with Him

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My First Ride

When I was much younger and lived in Minnesota, my youngest uncle would take me out on his dirtbike and we would ride in the ‘woods’ behind my grandparents’ house.

That was almost 35 years ago and the last time I did anything with or on a ‘motorcycle’.

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Second Sunday Good-Byes

(This was my first Sunday in Houston, back in July. I’m finishing it because I said I would. The Facebook conversation-parts have all been deleted; I still have the text messages.)


Very early Sunday morning, after sharing some very special intimate moments, I grasped TC’s resting cock and held him in my hand. As we were drifting back into dreamland, he mumbled, “Yours.” In response I squeezed a little tighter for a moment and whispered just below his earlobe, “Yes, Papi. Mine.”

I wished I could have slowed time completely for that single moment. It was so comfortable there with him, nestled into his shoulder. I was warm, sated and felt adored.

We slept until about 8AM and then TC offered to go out and get us coffee again. This time I didn’t object as I had the morning before, understanding that he needed and wanted to be able to do this for me. Also, it’s possible that he wanted some time alone.

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So I Woke Him Up!

He fell asleep next to me; fingers buried in my snatch.

I giggled and wiggled and asked, “How can you fall asleep with your hand in my pussy like that? I’m dripping wet all over you and your dick is stiff in my hand.”

“Hmmm… What….?” he muttered “I’m not ‘sleep,” and drifted back off to dreamland, his hand still tangled in my tendrils.

I guess I could have been upset, but he’s been sleeping at his friends’ kitchen table for almost 3 months now. The only time he ever gets to sleep in a bed is on our “date nights”, and we haven’t had one of those in a month. No wonder he passed out promptly after our shower!

It’s the thought that counts, right?

But, my legs didn’t think so! Loverman got me all riled up and ready for another romp and they weren’t going to let me out of it that easily.

I have “restless legs” and Loverman gets a kick out of it when I squirm and can’t hold still (literally – lol!). It only happens certain times: like after a lot of physical activity (skating, sex, etc) or if I’ve had caffeine too late in the day. Usually I only have to smoke a bowl, have a glass of wine or screw the hell out of my Loverman and my legs will calm down enough that I can fall asleep.

Like one of those times, there was no way I was going to be able to lay quietly next to him and fall asleep. And it certainly didn’t help that his stiff cock was right there next to me. Teasing me. Waving at me. Quietly inviting me over for a kiss…

So, I woke him up!

After that, we both slept well for the rest of the night.


And Then It Was Friday

We skated hard that night and both of us were sore and tired. Neither one of us has completely “recovered” from our 4.5 month hiatus while my ankle was broken and 2.5 hours is a long time when you’re not used to it! So, when we got back to our hotel room, we barely had the energy to take off our sweaty clothes and take a quick, hot shower. When we finished washing and toweling each other off, Loverman led me into the bedroom and pulled back the blankets for me to get in and pick a side; he always does. Once he was sure I was settled in, warm and comfortable, he crawled in next to me and rested his head on my chest between my breasts and said, “Hey, girls,” intimately kissing each of them so neither would get jealous. He was humming as he suckled. My back arched up to his lips. It felt so good to have him this close to me. I wish he could be closer. I whispered his name… I told him I wanted to feel him inside of me… He fondled each nipple with his tongue one more time, adjusted his body to lay next to me and said, “You need to get some sleep, Mamacita. You’ve had a long day.”

He was right. I did have a long day, with a very exhausting end. It was nice to just lay there in the bed; my bottom half next to him, my right leg draped over his left leg, my top half rested half-way on top of his… For a few minutes I laid there reveling in our nearness, listening to and feeling his chest rise and fall; his rhythmic breath. In… Out… In… Out… He was so peaceful resting there with me and I could sense the exact moment he fell asleep. He always falls asleep before I do, but it wasn’t very long before my eyelids began to sag with sleepiness, too, and I drifted off to dreamland thinking about how much my heart and body yearn for this man — my sexy Loverman…

Sleeping Couple by Ivan Koulakov - 2007

Sleeping Couple
by Ivan Koulakov – 2007

My eyelids slowly opened, all my awareness focused on his warm, rough fingers tracing through my tiny treasure trail. He knew the exact second I woke, just as I had known the exact moment he succumbed to his slumber. His hand paused at the apex of my sex, he looked up at me and his eyes delved into mine. I could feel the butterflies beginning to flutter. “You are so sexy when you sleep, Mamacita.” He lifted his head up and languished his tender lips upon mine. His tongue sensually mapping the line of my bottom lip and then the top one. My thoughts wandered for a moment…

Tomorrow night he will be driving with his brother back home. It will be a short trip — 36 hours — the drive is a little more than 12, and three people will be sharing the drive. Every time I think about him leaving, my heart leaps into my throat and my stomach churns. It’s hard to think that he will be so far away, even if it is or less than two days. What if something happens? How will I know?

I returned his sensual kisses with a passionate fervor as I thought about him going away. I wanted to relish this man as long as I was able. Sleeping with him was lovely, but I wanted a bigger piece of his puzzle. He resumed his gentle assault on my sex and I could feel a surge of hotness between my legs like a wet kiss beckoning to his searching fingers. He felt it, too, “Oh, baby. You are so wet. Vanilla must be happy to see me.”

“Or feel you,” I managed to mutter in response. I love to feel his touch overtake me; I can’t feel or think of anything else but the moment.

My hips moved along with his fingers’ gentle rhythm and as I exhaled a let out a soft moan. I rolled over so I was laying on my side facing him and I planted velvety kisses all across his collarbone and back, stopping at the middle so I could begin a trail down to his treasure. His erection saluted me as I got closer and closer; finally I kissed his firmness and caressed his shaft with my hand. The other hand was lightly cradling his balls while I stroked them with my fingers. It was his turn to moan when I took his swollen rod into my eager mouth. I savored his flavor with my tongue, I worshiped his cock with my lips. His hips began to slowly pulse along with me as I caressed his shaft with my mouth; up and down…

His body felt so good beneath mine, his heat radiating into me. I followed his treasure trail with kisses back up to his chest and suckled each of his nipples gently, not quite so aggressively as he had mine. As I straddled my legs around his I could feel his stiffness nestle in between my legs, falling into my wetness. We stayed there together, utterly focused on kisses and gyrations, our bodies seemed like they had already become one.

He slid his stiffness swiftly into me; I moaned loudly. I had been waiting all night and it was so sexy to wake up with his hands pleasuring me — It didn’t take long for me to reach my climax. My back arched up as I thrust my hips down upon his, I wanted to feel him completely a part of me as I shook with orgasms. When I finished trembling, his hands took hold of my hips and pushed me back and forth on top of him. The movement on the outside was slight, but feeling him cradled wholly inside of me brought on another cascade of ecstasy. After my shuddering subsided, in a darkly quiet voice my Loverman said to me, “It’s my duty, baby.”

My spent body collapsed onto his and I could feel his heart beating steadily below mine. His fingers tickling up and down my spine, inducing a rash of goosebumps in their wake. I shivered and Loverman asked, “Mamacita, are you cold?”

My response to him, in barely a whisper was, “No, baby, you just feel so good I can’t help it.”

All he said was, “No, baby, you just feel so good I can’t stop.” With those words he rolled us both over onto my back so he was lying on top. He kissed my lips delicately and trailed his kisses down to my neck; pausing at each side of my neck and then the center. I could feel, as well as hear, his breath taking in my scent. He let out a contended sigh as he slipped himself into my ready and waiting pussy. It felt so good, wrapped around his shaft of chocolate thickness, his body pressing into mine. The next time I came was an explosion in my mind; starbursts appeared behind my eyelids as I closed them to savor my rapturous delirium. He buried himself deeply into me one last time as he reached his own sine qua non. It was his turn to collapse, and he buried his face in my shoulder. “That was awesome!” we both said, practically in unison. I wish he never had to leave me. I wish he could forever bury his face in my shoulder and mine in his. I wish he was mine. My sexy, comfortable, loveable, thoughtful Loverman…

Let's Compose a Puzzle by Ivan Koulakov - 2007

Let’s Compose a Puzzle
by Ivan Koulakov – 2007

“Roll over. I wanna give you a back rub.” I did it because I really did need a back rub. He always gives me such a thorough back rub on the outside, and the inside.

Two hours later, after a long and luxurious “back rub”, it was time for us to return to our normal day with our normal lives and all I could think was how thankful I am for these wonder-ful and pleasure-ful times I have alone with my sexy Loverman.

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