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The Kisser: Now I Remember…

Refreshers: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

(Finally!! Right?!)

I arrived at The Kisser’s house and let myself in as instructed.

He stood up from his place on the couch, walked toward me and immediately began kissing the hell out of me.

Mmmmm! They was as good as I remembered!!

Unlike the first/last time, there was no small talk while we sat and got comfortable with each other – I don’t even know why he led me over to his couch! We only kissed there for a couple of moments before he said, “I’m gonna cum all over the living room before I even taste your pussy! Let’s go to the bedroom.”

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From a Man’s Perspective


We’ve just gotten our cocktails as I find your thigh under the table… Smooth under that nice loose summer dress. You smile those bedroom eyes as I sweep my hand up, up, up and then circle back down the top. As a little tease.

I still have a smile on my face from last week when you took me over the top with your oral ministrations… Cycling up and down with lovely stroke, nibbles to my cockhead, sweet massage of my balls, and all as you smiled up at me. Oh god baby, that was good!

We chat about things as I pull my hand up the inside of your thigh. You part your legs reflexively; I push down between a little and find that warm pocket and nestle the heel of my hand a fingers in. Nudging and pressing, stroking over top of two thin cotton layers. Read the rest of this entry »

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Part 1, Part 2

..My blindfold is amazingly secure! I still don’t know what time it is or where I really am. I can hear the birds with their early morning wake-up calls, but that could be anywhere.

You take a step away from me, leaving my back open to the morning chill. After the 30 lashes and the powerful fucking, the cool air is nothing but a relief. I let out a deep sigh and relax into my bindings, my body sagging a bit. An amusing thought pops through my mind, I wonder if we woke up the birds.

You approach me from behind again. Only this time it’s more ‘clinical’. I can feel that your pants are fastened securely where they belong and it doesn’t take long for you to untie my bindings. Once released, I practically collapse into your arms, thankful you’re there to catch me before I hit the ground. My legs so weak, I fear I wouldn’t be able to get up again.

Your arms wrap around me from behind and your lips caress my ear as you say, “I’m so proud of you, my pet. You took your punishment quietly and majestically. Now, let me take you inside for reward.”

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A Partial Undressing

… … … I sit you down in a chair and straddle your lap, my love button positioned right above you, to greet your growing erection. Then I unbutton each button, teasing your soft and curly chest hairs after every one. Your pants stay on for a while, but your shirt is definitely coming off! I tug at the bottom to pull it loose from your belt and slide the fabric down your shoulders. Such strong shoulders. Mmm! My fingers softly run up and down your biceps, appreciating their strength and tone. Goosebumps arise on your flesh and I giggle a little as I can feel your erection trying to poke through your zipper. Your fingers are gliding up my back, underneath my blouse. I shiver as you find one of those hidden tickle spots and giggle again.

My lips are on top of yours, exploring the new territory; I pause for a moment to nibble gently on your bottom lip. You respond by opening your mouth just a little bit and our tongues touch. Sparks fly and I feel a surge of wetness between my legs … … …

Sweet dreams,



My Mini-Vacation with Loverman

Our entire trip was lovely. Uneventful, but lovely. My wonderful Aunt Flo came to visit Monday afternoon, which pretty much prevented any kind of sex fest that we may have had. Loverman is always talking about how our relationship isn’t about sex. I completely concur, every single time, but I think that both of us were hoping for more than a little nookie during our mini-vacation. Which is about all there was…

We left Tuesday afternoon, about 2 hours after I wanted to. That didn’t upset me, though. I know Loverman. Two hours late is actually really good for him 😉

Before we took off on our drive, we stopped at the grocery store and the liquor store. Last year when we went, we bought the groceries after we got there. I think it saved us about $20 to shop and then go. Every little bit counts, right?

Our room was a cute little cottage with a great view! It was very, very little but it had everything we needed. It was only going to be 2 nights; it’s not like we needed that much room anyway.

I wish my phone camera was better. In the distance you can barely see the Stanley Hotel. I drew a lightning bolt at it 🙂 (We could see it much better in person. lol!)

Once our things were unpacked and we had mostly settled in, we found our Shark Tank reruns on CNBC and sat down to eat dinner. Like I said things were lovely but uneventful. Nothing even happened the first night, except that we went to bed peacefully together and had a wonderful night’s sleep.

Wednesday morning started at about 7:30 when I woke him up my favorite way…

This might sound funny, but I love going down on him first thing in the morning when I haven’t put my teeth in yet. I love the feel of his cock filling my mouth and the control I have while he’s still emerging from his dream fog — he moves his hips into me just a little bit more and his skin gets goosebumps when I touch him. He quivers as I run my fingers down his body because he isn’t aware enough to control it. Plus, watching and feeling Coconut grow and emerge from his warm, cozy nest fascinates me. Every. Single. Time.

He squirmed underneath me and muttered his sweet, dirty nothings to me. I hummed as I licked and sucked and gently bobbed up and down on him, massaging his balls softly with my fingertips and then my tongue. His sex tasted so good in my mouth, I wanted to do nothing more at that moment than feel my sexy Loverman overtaken by the pleasures of my mouth.

Our shower afterward was sexy, too. We washed each others’ bodies all over, made sure to get our backs very well (as you probably already know, the middle of one’s back is very difficult to clean thoroughly without help 😉 ), and then stepped out into our tiny quaint kitchen to eat our breakfasts: Loverman had sausage croissant sandwiches and I had yogurt and fruit.

After breakfast, at about 11AM, we wandered over to the main building/lobby to explore and see if they had anything fun to do. Neither one of us brought our swim suits, so going to the hot tub was out of the question — at least during the day! (Also, while we were outside taking pictures, a family with two small children went in — that would probably have ruined our ‘fun in the sun’ anyway.)

There was a pool table in a study room off of the main lobby and Loverman asked, “Do you know how to play pool?”

“I know how to play, execution is my issue ,” and then I winked at him. “How about you?”

“About the same. When I used to play with my brothers I would lose every time. I always hit the 8 ball in too soon.” He racked up the balls and I grabbed a stick and chalked it.

My first break was absolute crap! I barely nicked the cue ball and it hit exactly two balls. We both laughed our asses of and Loverman asked, “What the hell was that?”

“Hey! It’s been a long time since I’ve done this. I don’t have a pool table in my living room or anything!”

We had so much fun while we played 4 games of “regular” pool and one game of 8-ball (or at least my interpretation of it 🙂 ). Loverman says I “won” all of them but, truth be told, we tied 2/2 in “regular” pool and he kicked my ass at 8-ball.

For lunch we shared a microwave fried chicken Hungry Man meal and I had some fresh veggies. Also, we had about 3 shots of tequila. Each.

I can’t remember exactly how it happened, but we had some music on and I was sexy-dancing in front of Loverman. I think it was probably more silly dancing than sexy, but I was having fun and he was too! He leaned in close to me, allowing me to unbuckle his pants, and while I moved the coffee table from in front of the loveseat/hide-a-bed, he removed his jeans and sat down on the couch.

His erection was pointing directly at me as I slowly twirled my way back over to Loverman. Pulling my sweater dress up over my shoulders revealed to him that I had not been wearing panties the entire time we were exploring and playing pool earlier. I saw his dick stiffen even more and salute me. “Ohhhhh,” he sighed, “You are a bad girl. You definitely need a spanking. Turn around and show me that ass!”

I did as he said. He smacked both sides. Twice. Each time harder than the last, but he knows me well and made sure to punish each cheek equally. I could feel them heating up as they turned pink, but he didn’t smack me hard enough to make it red. Maybe later…

My Devil TattooI’m not into punishment sex; neither is Loverman. Him smacking my ass (and about once a year, I will tie him up and blindfold him 😉 ) is really as far as it ever goes; I’m good with that. It feels awesome when he’s smacking my ass, telling me how sweet it is. How tender and juicy and smackable it is. Mmmm…! (and Hello Kitty is there waving at him every time!)

I turned around to face him and lowered myself to kneel in front of him. His gorgeous penis swelled in front of me, urging me to kiss it. I took him sweetly into my mouth again, but only for a few kisses before I climbed up onto the couch and mounted my sexy Loverman.

It ended with both of us sweaty, laying tangled together on the scratchy carpet. We were sexy, messy and smelly; badly in need of another sexy shower.

I could barely get up from the floor, even just to crawl to the bathroom. Every part of my body was tingling. After my first attempt to get up, Loverman took his time toweling us both off and then helped me get to me feet. In the tiny cozy bathroom, he lowered the toilet lid, put a soft, dry towel down as a cushion, and then plopped my butt down (gently, he’s so sweet to me!). It was a very warm bath. He likes the water too hot! He added some bubbles and then he added me. We lavished in the hot bubbles for long enough to feel like noodles and then Loverman helped me out of the tub and, basically, slid me into the bed. He slid in next to me and curled his entire body up against mine and we drifted off…

I slept for about an hour, but Loverman was really tired and he slept for about 3 (see: Sunday Science). When I woke up I read a couple of chapters of Carter Beats the Devil and waited patiently for him to wake up.

Now, for something different…

After Loverman woke up and as we were getting ready to go out for our “nice dinner” (we got a gift certificate for dinner with the Groupon that I purchased) I got a call from Thing #1. She told me that she and her father, Mr. Doom-n-Gloom, had just gotten into three fights and she was pretty sure that she had won the last two.

We talked for a while and she explained to me that, in the first fight, she lost her temper with Doom-n-Gloom and yelled at him for eavesdropping on a conversation she was having with her sister, behind their closed bedroom door (when Loverman and I were talking about it later, he says that Thing #1 was set up by Doom-n-Gloom and Thing #2).

What Thing #1 thinks is that her father doesn’t love her. She was talking about it with her sister when Doom-n-Gloom bursts in and starts throwing out accusations and mean words at her! Totally disrespecting both of their privacy and feelings.

She told me that, eventually, she asked him to leave her alone because she didn’t want to say any more hurtful things. Apparently, he stomped to his room and slammed the door (his go-to, mature way of dealing with conflict). About 10 minutes later he came out of his bedroom to start it again with her.

Thing #1 shut him down by telling him that she didn’t want to fight with him. That she had cleaned her mess up from the kitchen and that she just wanted Doom-n-Gloom to leave her alone and stop saying such mean things. However, Doom-n-Gloom loves the opportunities to twist the knife and he could see that she was hurting so he said, “I don’t trust you any more because you betrayed me.”

“What are you talking about, Dad?”

“You wanted to send me back to my parents in MN two years ago when I got out of the hospital. Also, you told your mother about the time I said to you ‘I am probably going to die before you graduate’ — I told you that in confidence.”

“I was 16 when you told me that, dad. Did you think that telling me that was going to make me your friend?!

“You lied to your mother and I that one time you skipped school (that was also two years ago — and she hasn’t lied to us since! *I* trust her!) and I still don’t trust you from that.”

Thing #1 told me that it went on like that for a while. She cried and he kept saying mean things while she remained calm, just teary-eyed.

He left once again to leave and slam the door a second time, only to come out yet again to continue his barrage of mean and hateful comments. At this point, Thing #1 was immune to the hurtful things he was spewing at her and Thing #2 has actually come out of their room to ask her father to stop being so mean.

I know that this account of events is fairly accurate (yes, or course it’s a bit dramatized… It’s heresay) — I know because I have seen the way Doom-n-Gloom treats her when I’m actually there witnessing it!

This all happened in the one singular hour immediately after Thing #1 arrived home from school/work. My talk with her took another hour. At the end, it was almost 7PM and neither Loverman nor myself were in the mood to go out to dinner any more.

Needless to say, that entire conversation/ordeal kind of put a damper on the rest of Wednesday night for us. Instead of going out to dinner, we stayed in and ate Pringles, drank our bottle of Moscato and watched movies: My Blue Heaven and The Hulk.

Loverman had never seen My Blue Heaven (I was glad I brought it) and he likes Steve Martin so we enjoyed that one, but neither of us really liked The Hulk. Basically, it was way too long and the only parts I truly enjoyed were the parts with Sam Elliott.

We climbed into bed around midnight but I could not fall asleep. Probably because of the nap I took earlier that day. Loverman is always so tired because he sleeps in his truck or on his friend’s couch most days; he fell asleep almost immediately. I like to let him sleep and try not to bother him when he is. I think I finally fell asleep around 3 or 4 in the morning, but I laid next to him the entire time listening to his breathing and the music streaming from my MP3 player.

I started the next morning on a bad note.

It’s because of my stupid period and how it happens every single time we have something special going on. My cycle is very regular — until I have something planned. Argh! And Loverman doesn’t like having sex when I’m bleeding all over the place (I understand. Kind of… Hmmmm… Not really…).

Once I heard Loverman rustling around and I knew he was actually waking up, I crawled back into bed and started kissing on his chest and his neck (but I didn’t go down on him, my teeth were in and I wanted a “back rub”. I kind of wanted him to ‘take initiative’ this time). I looked up at him and asked, “Can I get one of your special back rubs this morning?… And stuff?” then went back to kissing his neck and earlobes while I waited for his response.

Loverman said drowsily, “I can give you a back rub, but I don’t think we have time for ‘stuff’.” My bitchy self didn’t like his answer because SHE heard, “Baby, you’re nasty!”

I got up out of bed, because I felt rebuked (I wasn’t, that’s just how I felt), started putting on my underwear and said, “That’s okay. I’ll start breakfast.”

The morning was a little strained, but we checked out at 10AM as planned and played a few more games of pool before we left. This time, he won all 4 games — a shutout. But he will tell you that I cheated, if you ask him.

Fishing Pond ParkWe explored the scenic, historic downtown for about and hour and then had lunch. It was nice sitting with him, comfortable, filled with joy and satisfaction and peace.

Our drive back to “the city” took about 2 hours as we drove through the flood damage from last fall. We took different ways there and back. I wish I had taken some pictures on our way up, but here are a couple from our drive back down:

Flood Damage 1

Flood Damage 2We listened to CDs and rode in peace most of the way down.

It was a fun and relaxing time with Loverman, and later that night, after our mini-vacation was officially over, we got to go skating together.



Why do some guys think that girls want to see a picture of their dick? When they send it to our phones, do they just expect us to drop everything and cum running, all the while shedding our clothes in a frenzy to ascend Mt. Pole?

A picture isn’t going to show me that he knows how to use the damn thing, is it? It’s just showing me that he can get an erection. And, what if that isn’t even his penis!?! Disappointed!

Should I want him more because he has a picture of his schlong (or someone else’s?) stored in his phone ? And, if he is going to send it to me (after telling me how monstrous it is), maybe he should put something else in the picture for scale 😉 If it’s just a dick and nothing else, I really have nothing to compare it to… Maybe hold it up next to a ruler or something so I can totally grasp the immensity (intensity) of it…

Is one dude’s penis really that much more special than some other dude’s penis? I mean, I personally like the bent ones, but I have had a couple pretty awesome straight ones, too (not at the same time; don’t even want to try that one!)!

I know that men are visually stimulated. I get it. But women (for the most part) are not. In exchange for your unsolicited peter-pic, you will not be getting a picture of my twat or my boobies or me in my sexy negligee! The only way you get to see that is in REAL LIFE — and your name must be Loverman. I don’t need that shit showing up on some big screen somewhere when I’m with my kids! “Mom, have you been sexting your underwear pics again? I thought we told you to stop that!”

Personally, I would be more aroused if I got a picture of a clean sink… Maybe a picture of what he’s going to make me for dinner or what he’s going to wear on our date… Perhaps, a photo of our boudoir with the bedsheets pulled back, rose petals scattered all around, candles lit… Or a drawn bath — along with the words “Look what I have waiting for you when you get home. Also, there’s a package here I need you to unwrap!”

You get the ‘picture’, right?

Candle_lit_bath_by_Le_Chat_d_ombreHave any of you men out there sent peter-pics to a girl that you wanted to WOW!? Did it work? Has your girlfriend/wife ever asked you to send her a picture of your love muscle?

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Wonderful Wednesday

Wednesday afternoon I got this text: Call me, I have questions about the Breeze.

The conversation that followed made me completely laugh my ass off for like 20 minutes…

For some background: Loverman has been working on my old Plymouth Breeze for the last few years. It’s become quite the project for him and, since I already have a reliable form of transportation, neither one of us is in a rush to finish it. You see, almost 5 years ago I had to have the water pump replaced at a popular commercial repair shop. They absolutely botched the job — when they replaced the timing belt, they put it on the wrong way and when they test drove it, the engine threw a rod. They called me and told me that the car was finished, I paid the $1,500 final bill, they went back into the shop to get me my car and took a REALLY long time, finally they came out and told me that they couldn’t get the car started and proceeded to tell me all the new things that were wrong with it… I was so angry at them! I wasn’t about to pay them any MORE money! It never would have busted if they had fixed it right to begin with!!

At this point, Loverman and I had barely just met so I didn’t know yet that he was a mechanic. We were only working together. If I had already known that he was a mechanic, I would have just asked Loverman to fix the damn thing and then I would have a working car (but then I wouldn’t have my awesome truck, Bear, either!). Eventually, after a pain in the ass struggle with the shop and a lot of begging Loverman (once I knew he could help me fix the broken car), he came and got the car and brought it back to his house — that was about a year after the shop fucked up my shit.


I promptly called him back because I was a little worried that he was going to cancel our long-awaited sexy night together: we haven’t had a chance to “hook up” for three weeks (Loverman makes fun of me because I keep track of each time we’re ‘together’) and, with all of the parents coming into town this weekend for graduation, I thought it would be a really good idea to release any pent-up sexual tension before they all arrived.

I called him.

Loverman: What year did you said the Breeze was?

Me: Ummmm….. ’97, no ’95! The Neon we had was a ’97 and I keep getting them confused…. … … … I think…

Loverman: That’s what I thought. You and “Mr. Doom-n-Gloom” have been telling me this entire time that the car was a ’95, but really it’s a ’97!!!

I started to giggle and responded, “But you’ve had the car this entire time! VIN and all. AND, you could have just opened the door and looked on the door frame and you would have seen what year it was right there… You’re so funny! I am sorry to laugh but this is funny!”

Loverman: That’s what I thought you would say. (I could hear that he was smiling, too.)

Me: You know me so well. <more laughing> I am SO sorry we told you the wrong year! <giggle>

Loverman: That’s why I’ve been having such a hard time fixing this! You’re such a peanut! All this time I was going off of what you guys told me…

The conversation went on like this for a few more minutes and, once it was winding down and I was starting to settle down, I abruptly changed the subject and asked “We’re still on for tonight, right? Because I am getting off work at 4:30 and I am so ready for you!!” (the last few days I had been texting him sexy tidbits because I couldn’t stop thinking about his sexy tidbits!)

Loverman: You have my skates right?

Me: Do you want to go skating? I didn’t know we were going skating tonight, I don’t have my skates or a change of clothes. But, yes, your skates are in the truck.

Loverman was quiet in thought and I broke the silence to say, “It’s okay if you want to skate tonight, baby! I hadn’t planned on it, but I can just go home and get my skates and some clothes and tell the family I’m going skating. It’s no big deal.”

After he thought for a little while longer and I said a few more times, “It’s okay for you to want to do something, too!” Eventually he decided that he wanted to go!

My original plan was very basic, so changing it wasn’t much of a deal: check into the Motel, text Loverman the room number, pick up dinner while I was waiting for him to get there, and then eat food and drink margaritas until he felt like it was time to get naked. Now we would just save the margaritas until later and get dressed again after we got naked (because I was determined to get a piece of that ass as soon as possible!) so we could go skating. Once we got back from skating, we would get naked again and take our shower. Easy-peasy!

And that’s exactly how it went: Pizza Hut for dinner with some Root Beer (no drinking before skating, not even a little. Been there, done that, no fun!), some getting-naked with some sexy booty-knockin’ before skating, we had an AWESOME time skating (but we almost always do!) and then we went back to our room and got naked for our shower (because skating is some sweaty business!).

It was what happened after the shower that blew my mind!

We had just dried off and were eating some more of the pizza and drinking our margaritas. Nude, lounging on the beds, facing each other when he yanked my towel from me, grabbed me by the waist with both hands, and threw me onto the bed where I was just so peacefully drinking my drink. He laid his naked sexy body down next to mine and started kissing me. His lips are SO luxurious, but he had just shaved off his mustache, so kissing him was very different; like kissing on really sensual fine grit sandpaper. Also, looking at him was strange. He was still the same old Loverman, he just looked SO very young and it made me feel a bit like I was robbing the cradle — even though he’s 2 1/2 years older than me! All night long I kept looking at him. It was so was strange — I was so turned on by someone who didn’t really look like my lover, but he did…

We lay there, naked next to each other, his body barely touching mine. He softly traced his rough-skinned fingers around the base of my neck. Stopping at the peak of my sternum to begin trailing down my chest; using the valley between my breasts to pause and slide up each mound to tweak each nipple, circle each aureola, enough to wake them both up. Resuming their trail southward to tickle my belly button and then the two ticklish indentations right where my hips meet my legs, his touch became a feather’s caress and I could feel my skin turning to goose-flesh; my legs twitching each time he hit a “tickly spot”.

Right before he threw me on the bed, we were playfully arguing about who would be rocking who’s world more! I guess he had decided that HE would be blowing MY mind tonight (at least for right now 😉 ).

I let him.

Gently, he parted my legs and slowly caressed my girly-parts with his work-roughened fingers while he positioned his body next to mine to delicately nibble on one nipple, then the other. Taking time on each to make sure she did not feel the least bit neglected. Each time he took me into his mouth, he nibbled a little harder and sucked a little longer. Each time, my back arched further into him, bidding him to continue.

Eventually his mouth followed the same trail down my belly that his fingers had made not so long ago. I could feel every silky, smooth hair on my body rise up to meet his touch, as if every single one of them wanted their own special attention. He hesitated a moment at the apex of my thighs and his hands parted my legs even further, using his fingers to part the petals of my rosebud. As he peeked in, he blew steamy, sexy breath that felt so cool and electrifying, into my practically throbbing wetness. I heard myself moan his name in pleasure. His response was to flick the very tip of my clitoris with his tongue. Once… Twice… I felt his finger barely enter me and circle around inside as he flicked his tongue again. Every flick harder and closer and with every flick I parted my legs a little farther, begging him for more.

While one of his hands was barely tickling around inside of me and his tongue was working magic on my pussy, his other hand (I can’t tell you which one, I can barely remember this much!) wandered back up my chest and cupped one of my breasts in the palm of his hand while his thumb roughly rubbed against the nipple. My back arched even further, filling his hand completely with my breast and pushing my love candy right into his mouth. Loverman responded by sucking my clitoris into his mouth and I felt my body rising to climax. I felt him humming happily as he drew his tongue back and forth against my swollen clit. That humming felt so good, along with all the other stimulation, I came again almost immediately. His oral rhythm slowed as he inserted his finger a little further inside of me, exploring for that inner g-spot, finding it successfully and rocking my body to yet another orgasm!

Pleased with himself, he stopped pleasuring me only for a moment in order to stand up at the side of the bed. He grabbed me by the hips again, but this time he pulled my body over to the edge of the bed, matching my hips up to his as he stood there. I could feel him poke softly a few times and then he slid his throbbing thickness into my velvety wetness. We moaned in unison as he entered into me completely; holding himself inside of me for a moment as I caressed him with my inside muscles. He pulled out of me almost entirely and slowly embedded himself into me, deeper and deeper, over and over. My hips constantly keeping and changing rhythm with his. As he gradually increased speed to reach his climax, my body was racked with constant spasms of pleasure. Under my breath I was begging him, “Cum, Baby, cum! You feel so good. You need to cum. I feel like I’m going to explode!”

He plunged his stiffness into me one last time, filling me up thoroughly, and loudly groaned as total gratification embraced us both. It was amazing! I could practically hear my skin glowing I felt so bright. There was a huge smile on my face as Loverman laid his spent self on top of me and lay there with his own glow.

We laid there, tangled together, and dozed for an indeterminate amount of time. It felt so good to have him right there on top of me; so close…

I woke up to Loverman peeling his body away from mine. “No, baby! Don’t go! You feel so warm and comfortable laying there.”

“Mamacita is thirsty” is all he said as he walked over to the sink, filled up a cup with ice and water and brought it back to me. He’s so thoughtful my heart practically melted there on the spot. He also grabbed a towel to clean off our sweatiness and poured us each another margarita in our ‘fancy’ plastic cups.

We moved over to the other bed to sleep, or so he thought, but I was going to get my turn, too!


Smitten’s Sunday Science: ‘Morning Wood’

It only takes two minutes to learn something new (and silly 😉 )