Smitten with Him

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…Into the Woods

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I feel the pull of the truck as you drive forward out of the garage and turn onto the street. The furry blanket you have wrapped around me is remarkably warm and comfortable. As you drive, I shift my head back and forth a little to gather up some of the fur underneath myself to form a makeshift pillow.

The radio is on. Nothing special. I think it’s the local classic rock channel and it sounds like Fleetwood Mac or something. I’m able to focus on it instead of what’s actually happening to me.

There are some turns and some stops. At first, I try to concentrate on how long between stops, how many turns… But I have never been good at directions. Being blindfolded and laying on my side in a Jeep isn’t helping to orient myself.

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Waking Dream…

… I wake up to a gentle nudge at my side and then feel something being slipped onto my head and over my eyes. It’s soft but tight, and once it’s in place I truly can’t see anything. You lean in to me and whisper in my ear “Do you trust me, baby?”. I try to answer, but you put your hand over my mouth and I can only nod.

“That’s right,” your words have a reassuring tone. “Stay quiet, get out of bed, take my hand and follow me. I am going to take you somewhere.”

I do as I’m told. A lot naked and a little afraid.

You open the garage door and lead me down the few carpeted stairs leading to the chilly pavement. A shiver runs through me and I can’t tell if it’s the cold or fear. I hear the truck’s hatch as it pops open. Your hands envelop my curvy waist as you guide me toward to the back-end of your Jeep.

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Monday Motivation: Camping…

After our long drive and then setting everything up, both of us were tired and ready to sit by a hot, roaring fire and enjoy a glass of Reisling. Problem being, we hadn’t build a fire yet. But, the wine was chilling nicely in the cooler!

I wandered around the edges of our campsite to gather up kindling and you went into the tent to grab the wine, some paper to start the fire and a book of matches. When you came back out, I had already started building a pyramid out of the sticks and twigs I had found and you said, “Nicely done. We should have no problem getting a fire started now” then winked at me.

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Somewhat Sexy Update

Our date night last Wednesday night ended up being pretty awesome.

… After a couple of little snags because things didn’t happen the way I had hoped they would.

It basically boils down to this:

When we actually *get* to have a night together, I do my best to wear something pretty, put on clean drawers and shave all the prickly bits. The idea is that I look and smell nice for him.

Last week I was hoping that he felt that same way and, at the very least, would have bathed for me so he smelled nice and was mostly soft. Also, it kind of shows me that he appreciates me.

But he didn’t. And I was disappointed when he got to our room and told me he probably hadn’t showered in days; probably more like a week.

Aside from skating, we haven’t been able to spend any intimate time together for almost a month. I was ready to tear off his clothes the second he got there and mount him right on top of the bedspread.

When he told me how filthy he was, the last thing I wanted to do was suck his dick and ride him until we both passed out!

I sat down on the bed across from where he was sitting. He asked, “What’s wrong, Mamacita?”

It took me a moment to put my thoughts together: I didn’t want to say the wrong thing and ruin our first intimate moment together in practically 4 weeks.

“It’s just that, whenever we have time planned to be together, I try to look good for you. I try to smell nice and be soft all over. I want to look nice for you and I kind of wish you felt that way about me a little bit, too. I’m only a little upset and I will get over it, but I have to be honest with you and tell you that I am disappointed and a little sad at you.”

He was very, very uncomfortable and sat there quietly because I don’t think he knew what to say. Eventually he broke the silence, “Are you hungry, Mama? We don’t have to go skating tonight. We can just eat and shower and spend the night here.”

We didn’t discuss it further. He stood up and leaned over to kiss me. “Let’s get some Taco Bell so you don’t starve.”

The trip to get dinner and a bottle of wine was very quiet, but only a little uncomfortable. When we got back to our room we drank Riesling with our Nachos and Burritos and watched Blackish – so cute!

The show ended. I stood up and started to get naked for our shower.

When my panties were around my ankles, I bent over to slip them under my feet and Loverman was right be hind me as he leaned over my back and whispered in my ear, “You are so sexy and you don’t even know it. I am going to take you right now!”

I could feel his stiff erection pressing against my wet pussy lips and I wiggled my hips back onto him. It only took a few seconds and he slid easily into me.

His hands grabbed my hips and we thrust into each other over and over again. Usually my Loverman is quiet, aside from some dirty talk, but this time I could tell he was forcing himself not to orgasm. The louder he moaned, the harder he was holding back.

“Just cum, baby! I want you to cum all over my ass!” I screamed.

He did exactly as I asked.

And then he did it again while we were cleaning up in the shower…


Trying Something a Little Different


I bared myself in front of him, all except for my panties

At first I wanted it to be all about him

If my panties were on, I was less tempted to jump on top of him too soon

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Sexy Tickle Fight


… … … I imagine both of us in a silly tickle-wrestling match, your hard body overpowering mine as you bring me down underneath you. Our bodies in a tangled tickle-mess of sexyness as you slowly enter me and fill up my hot, wet pussy completely with your stiff and throbbing cock.

You pull out of me gradually and then enter my steamy wetness again and again, making sure I can feel every single pulsing vein on your rock-hard dick. I am moaning and writhing underneath you in pleasure, squeezing all my inner-muscles tightly around you in an attempt to hold you deep inside me… In and out, faster and faster until both of us are sweaty and I can no longer control my orgasms; my back arching, hips grinding into yours in involuntary convulsions, feeling complete release … … …


Mm… Mmm… Mmmmm…!



Wonderful Wednesday

Wednesday afternoon I got this text: Call me, I have questions about the Breeze.

The conversation that followed made me completely laugh my ass off for like 20 minutes…

For some background: Loverman has been working on my old Plymouth Breeze for the last few years. It’s become quite the project for him and, since I already have a reliable form of transportation, neither one of us is in a rush to finish it. You see, almost 5 years ago I had to have the water pump replaced at a popular commercial repair shop. They absolutely botched the job — when they replaced the timing belt, they put it on the wrong way and when they test drove it, the engine threw a rod. They called me and told me that the car was finished, I paid the $1,500 final bill, they went back into the shop to get me my car and took a REALLY long time, finally they came out and told me that they couldn’t get the car started and proceeded to tell me all the new things that were wrong with it… I was so angry at them! I wasn’t about to pay them any MORE money! It never would have busted if they had fixed it right to begin with!!

At this point, Loverman and I had barely just met so I didn’t know yet that he was a mechanic. We were only working together. If I had already known that he was a mechanic, I would have just asked Loverman to fix the damn thing and then I would have a working car (but then I wouldn’t have my awesome truck, Bear, either!). Eventually, after a pain in the ass struggle with the shop and a lot of begging Loverman (once I knew he could help me fix the broken car), he came and got the car and brought it back to his house — that was about a year after the shop fucked up my shit.


I promptly called him back because I was a little worried that he was going to cancel our long-awaited sexy night together: we haven’t had a chance to “hook up” for three weeks (Loverman makes fun of me because I keep track of each time we’re ‘together’) and, with all of the parents coming into town this weekend for graduation, I thought it would be a really good idea to release any pent-up sexual tension before they all arrived.

I called him.

Loverman: What year did you said the Breeze was?

Me: Ummmm….. ’97, no ’95! The Neon we had was a ’97 and I keep getting them confused…. … … … I think…

Loverman: That’s what I thought. You and “Mr. Doom-n-Gloom” have been telling me this entire time that the car was a ’95, but really it’s a ’97!!!

I started to giggle and responded, “But you’ve had the car this entire time! VIN and all. AND, you could have just opened the door and looked on the door frame and you would have seen what year it was right there… You’re so funny! I am sorry to laugh but this is funny!”

Loverman: That’s what I thought you would say. (I could hear that he was smiling, too.)

Me: You know me so well. <more laughing> I am SO sorry we told you the wrong year! <giggle>

Loverman: That’s why I’ve been having such a hard time fixing this! You’re such a peanut! All this time I was going off of what you guys told me…

The conversation went on like this for a few more minutes and, once it was winding down and I was starting to settle down, I abruptly changed the subject and asked “We’re still on for tonight, right? Because I am getting off work at 4:30 and I am so ready for you!!” (the last few days I had been texting him sexy tidbits because I couldn’t stop thinking about his sexy tidbits!)

Loverman: You have my skates right?

Me: Do you want to go skating? I didn’t know we were going skating tonight, I don’t have my skates or a change of clothes. But, yes, your skates are in the truck.

Loverman was quiet in thought and I broke the silence to say, “It’s okay if you want to skate tonight, baby! I hadn’t planned on it, but I can just go home and get my skates and some clothes and tell the family I’m going skating. It’s no big deal.”

After he thought for a little while longer and I said a few more times, “It’s okay for you to want to do something, too!” Eventually he decided that he wanted to go!

My original plan was very basic, so changing it wasn’t much of a deal: check into the Motel, text Loverman the room number, pick up dinner while I was waiting for him to get there, and then eat food and drink margaritas until he felt like it was time to get naked. Now we would just save the margaritas until later and get dressed again after we got naked (because I was determined to get a piece of that ass as soon as possible!) so we could go skating. Once we got back from skating, we would get naked again and take our shower. Easy-peasy!

And that’s exactly how it went: Pizza Hut for dinner with some Root Beer (no drinking before skating, not even a little. Been there, done that, no fun!), some getting-naked with some sexy booty-knockin’ before skating, we had an AWESOME time skating (but we almost always do!) and then we went back to our room and got naked for our shower (because skating is some sweaty business!).

It was what happened after the shower that blew my mind!

We had just dried off and were eating some more of the pizza and drinking our margaritas. Nude, lounging on the beds, facing each other when he yanked my towel from me, grabbed me by the waist with both hands, and threw me onto the bed where I was just so peacefully drinking my drink. He laid his naked sexy body down next to mine and started kissing me. His lips are SO luxurious, but he had just shaved off his mustache, so kissing him was very different; like kissing on really sensual fine grit sandpaper. Also, looking at him was strange. He was still the same old Loverman, he just looked SO very young and it made me feel a bit like I was robbing the cradle — even though he’s 2 1/2 years older than me! All night long I kept looking at him. It was so was strange — I was so turned on by someone who didn’t really look like my lover, but he did…

We lay there, naked next to each other, his body barely touching mine. He softly traced his rough-skinned fingers around the base of my neck. Stopping at the peak of my sternum to begin trailing down my chest; using the valley between my breasts to pause and slide up each mound to tweak each nipple, circle each aureola, enough to wake them both up. Resuming their trail southward to tickle my belly button and then the two ticklish indentations right where my hips meet my legs, his touch became a feather’s caress and I could feel my skin turning to goose-flesh; my legs twitching each time he hit a “tickly spot”.

Right before he threw me on the bed, we were playfully arguing about who would be rocking who’s world more! I guess he had decided that HE would be blowing MY mind tonight (at least for right now 😉 ).

I let him.

Gently, he parted my legs and slowly caressed my girly-parts with his work-roughened fingers while he positioned his body next to mine to delicately nibble on one nipple, then the other. Taking time on each to make sure she did not feel the least bit neglected. Each time he took me into his mouth, he nibbled a little harder and sucked a little longer. Each time, my back arched further into him, bidding him to continue.

Eventually his mouth followed the same trail down my belly that his fingers had made not so long ago. I could feel every silky, smooth hair on my body rise up to meet his touch, as if every single one of them wanted their own special attention. He hesitated a moment at the apex of my thighs and his hands parted my legs even further, using his fingers to part the petals of my rosebud. As he peeked in, he blew steamy, sexy breath that felt so cool and electrifying, into my practically throbbing wetness. I heard myself moan his name in pleasure. His response was to flick the very tip of my clitoris with his tongue. Once… Twice… I felt his finger barely enter me and circle around inside as he flicked his tongue again. Every flick harder and closer and with every flick I parted my legs a little farther, begging him for more.

While one of his hands was barely tickling around inside of me and his tongue was working magic on my pussy, his other hand (I can’t tell you which one, I can barely remember this much!) wandered back up my chest and cupped one of my breasts in the palm of his hand while his thumb roughly rubbed against the nipple. My back arched even further, filling his hand completely with my breast and pushing my love candy right into his mouth. Loverman responded by sucking my clitoris into his mouth and I felt my body rising to climax. I felt him humming happily as he drew his tongue back and forth against my swollen clit. That humming felt so good, along with all the other stimulation, I came again almost immediately. His oral rhythm slowed as he inserted his finger a little further inside of me, exploring for that inner g-spot, finding it successfully and rocking my body to yet another orgasm!

Pleased with himself, he stopped pleasuring me only for a moment in order to stand up at the side of the bed. He grabbed me by the hips again, but this time he pulled my body over to the edge of the bed, matching my hips up to his as he stood there. I could feel him poke softly a few times and then he slid his throbbing thickness into my velvety wetness. We moaned in unison as he entered into me completely; holding himself inside of me for a moment as I caressed him with my inside muscles. He pulled out of me almost entirely and slowly embedded himself into me, deeper and deeper, over and over. My hips constantly keeping and changing rhythm with his. As he gradually increased speed to reach his climax, my body was racked with constant spasms of pleasure. Under my breath I was begging him, “Cum, Baby, cum! You feel so good. You need to cum. I feel like I’m going to explode!”

He plunged his stiffness into me one last time, filling me up thoroughly, and loudly groaned as total gratification embraced us both. It was amazing! I could practically hear my skin glowing I felt so bright. There was a huge smile on my face as Loverman laid his spent self on top of me and lay there with his own glow.

We laid there, tangled together, and dozed for an indeterminate amount of time. It felt so good to have him right there on top of me; so close…

I woke up to Loverman peeling his body away from mine. “No, baby! Don’t go! You feel so warm and comfortable laying there.”

“Mamacita is thirsty” is all he said as he walked over to the sink, filled up a cup with ice and water and brought it back to me. He’s so thoughtful my heart practically melted there on the spot. He also grabbed a towel to clean off our sweatiness and poured us each another margarita in our ‘fancy’ plastic cups.

We moved over to the other bed to sleep, or so he thought, but I was going to get my turn, too!



Last Monday I felt so special! I knew we were going to spend the night together, but he surprised me by showing up early in the afternoon to work on my truck. When he finished up, both of us returned to our respective homes to shower and get ready for our eagerly awaited reunion of our 2,000 parts.

I showered, washed my hair, shaved my sexy parts, got all lotiony-soft and put on a comfortable-stretchy-tight gray dress and some knee-high silver boots (that are SUPER sexy!). I was totally ready to hit the town! So, I texted him that I was on my way to pick him up.

When I got there to get him, he was dressed in some of his work clothes (but these were clean) and he smelled all fresh and bathed so I looked at him a little strange and he explained, “One of my car jobs called and we’re going to have to work on that before we head up to our room.”

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