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Uneasy Feeling


Monday morning I had a job interview. I think it went very well.

So, I told Mick.

My interview went great! The job is awesome, the company is awesome… And I think they liked me!

Now I have to wait and see if I get a 2nd interview with the owner! Woo hoo!

Sweet. Did they give you an idea how long that would be?

By the end of the week. They want me to start asap cuz the lady I’m replacing is done at the end of September. That will make my move kinda hard… but I can cross that bridge if I get to it.

That is quick. Have you checked the company from outside sources?

I did that all yesterday afternoon. It’s a great company! Very community-oriented, good team, nice office environment…

I’m glad you checked that company out, I would guess from more than one source. It would suck if you go and then it’s not so neat.

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…Like I’ve Never Known…

Good afternoon (or whatever time it is when you get this ūüôā )tied

I found the other picture that I was telling you about. Yeah, it’s only decorative, but it¬†can also present¬†some nice handholds… And I did that by myself, so the point really was more art than function.

My mind keeps wandering back to Thursday night… And now yesterday¬†[Sunday] afternoon… Maybe it was the rush of the wind and all the oxygen, but I don’t think it could have been more perfect while we were alone.¬†Messing around with you in that pavilion was nice. Too bad we were interrupted – both times ūüėČ .. It would have been fun to see what might have happened if we had been allowed more time by ourselves. Those rafters were amazing and so strong…¬†And thinking about being tied to your bike as you whip me… When I got home, my panties were quite wet!

Discussing¬†what¬†we want and are¬†afraid to lose is going to be difficult for me because I am looking for¬†something quite¬†a bit¬†different¬†than you are.¬†You’re right that we¬†need to talk about it and know exactly where the other stands. You’re way better than I expected, Mick. It’s going to be difficult for me not to develop certain feelings for you and to start to get attached. Maybe part of the reason I initially chose you was because I thought, since you aren’t really my “type”, I would be able to keep it more clinical and keep some emotional distance. But I also¬†like spending NON-sexual¬†time with you…

Before yesterday¬†I didn’t think much of it, but now I’m worried about seeing someone you know or “getting caught”…¬† Meeting your friends for lunch heightened my sense of paranoia quite a bit. And a funny thing…¬†[She] mentioned that I looked like someone they already know, but I recognized both of them like I had actually met them somewhere before! I got¬†a huge¬†feeling of deja vu every single¬†time I looked at¬†[her]. I know I haven’t, but I really feel that I’ve met her before…

Anyway, when you read this, I might have already said most of it to you… Hopefully it isn’t too redundant.

Riding with you was so much fun for me. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of it!!
You’d better stop making me so happy or I’ll start getting used to it! LOL


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…or perhaps they *should* be…

A week ago Tuesday, two days after I got back from my visit to Houston, I had a job interview.

I was kind of excited about it because it would be working for a very large, very successful company with benefits that I do not have at my current position.

Conversely, the afternoon before, for extraneous reasons, I was seriously thinking about cancelling. But, rather than discourage myself further, I just decided that I was going to do it, or rather that I HAD to do it.

TC was excited for me. He took¬†time out of his¬†hectic¬†morning¬†to¬†encourage me. It felt lovely! I was even going to post the conversation here, but my Verizon¬†account is messing up right now and I can’t take screen pics of my texts *sigh*

I thought the interview went very well.

Once I finished up with the Departmental portion of the interview, they told me they would be calling me for a second interview so I could meet with the rest of the team.

After that I met briefly with the gentleman from Human Resources who had initially contacted me.

He explained that someone would contact me by Friday, August 7th either way: interested or not.

No one called…


Sweet, Sweet Hook-Up

It’s not what you think ūüėČwispy_smoke

After work tonight I get to go over to my Caregiver’s house (aka: drug dealer or pharmacy) and pick up my “stash” for the month!

But I have totally mixed feelings about it.

Good = I really, really like her company and I love the cannabis she grows.

Bad = her daughter is the Off-the-Chain-Crazy-Girl that I work with.

I am totally excited to go because I am completely out of weed and have been experiencing a higher-than-normal anxiety level for the last month or so (which is why I am out of weed) and she told me that she had a great harvest!

I am totally worried to go because I have no idea what her daughter has told her about what’s been happening at work (not that it should matter anyway. I was my Caregiver’s friend before I worked with her daughter, but I know how mother/daughter relationships can be).

Oh, well. Whatever happens, happens. I can only hope that her daughter isn’t actually over there when I am.

I like her son though…


Happy Friday!

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Date Night With Loverman


Loverman and I are going to try another Date Night tonight.

Don’t hate me, but I am excited because it has been SOOOOOO long!

This is week #4, not that I’m counting or anything.

I miss him. I miss his touch. I miss almost everything about him.