Smitten with Him

grown-up stuff happens here sometimes

Life Goals

I guess I’m supposed to have them, right?

Every time I set a life goal for myself, I rationalize myself out of it

Or I make it totally un-achievable or something

So then I can hate all over myself for failing

Or quitting

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“Before the World Explodes”

by The Wind and the Wave

For every time you said this time I will be better
I believed you like a wet match in a dream
That’s just some old lie you heard somewhere from some old guy
Who never gave a shit about a thing
I don’t want to live this way
Standing on your empty grave
Just looking for the next fork in the road
So make up your mind or die
‘Cause I’ve got my own damn life
The worst of which I’m tying to let go

I said, boy, I’m already gone
I’m already gone
It’s sad but I got nothing left in me
I said, boy, I’m already gone
I’m already gone
And nothing left except this memory
Of you, you, you

Some people get ahead and some people always lag behind
No matter what they do
Some of us turn and run
Some of us face whatever hurts the most
Whatever changes you
Whatever changes you and


How can a single moment
Always set you up for failure
How does the radio
Know what I wanna hear
Right when I wanna hear it
Before the world explodes
Before the world explodes and


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An Offer I Had to Refuse

My mom was in town over Indigenous People’s Day weekend.

All in all, things were uneventful and we had a decent enough time.

Red Rocks Park

At Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre

She brought a friend with who had a problem with her mouth filter, especially as she became more tired. That made our final day together a little more biting challenging than I would have preferred.

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Jiggly Bits and Insecurities


I have learned very recently that most men really don’t give a crap about some jiggly bits. Even younger men…

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