Saying “I Love You”

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Sometimes those three words are easy to say.

…to my daughters, my friends…

Other times, even thinking about their utterance is frightening.

I yearn to tell Alaska that I love him, but I don’t.

Is it fear of rejection?

I know he won’t reject me…

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Fear of Feelings

Fear of Feelings


After my post last week, Sex Is Brainier for Women, I’ve been thinking about oxytocin and how women have 10X more of it released into the body after sex than men. That’s huge (and pretty unfair, if you ask me)!!

Which led me to thoughts about testosterone and the male sex drive. Hmmm…

Maybe I have too much testosterone and that’s what drives me to conquer, conquer, conquer… But I also have all that oxytocin releasing inside me 😉 so I crave the bond that an ongoing intimate relationship creates.

Then I started thinking about how I don’t like to get attached to these guys with whom I am having sex because I “know” it isn’t going to last.

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