Smitten with Him

grown-up stuff happens here sometimes

First Time Closeness

A friend of mine said something to me last week that made me think (probably more than I should have):

“The first time in the BDSM life style can be a bit overwhelming and, if you really enjoy it, a person can fall fast and hard for their first partner if they are not careful.”

I remember how much I liked my first “boyfriend”…

How enamored I was with the man I gave my virginity to…

Firsts are special.

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All Tied Up


Thursday night was practically perfect. Especially since it was only our first play time together.

Mick was perfectly evil and perfectly wonderful all at the same time.

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…there was something else that happened last weekend while I was on vacation. Something irrelevant but silly, so I thought I would share it here with you.

About 3 weeks before I left on my trip to Sacramento, I sent out some messages on Ashley Madison to a few men in that area.

Only 1 responded.

That’s okay… It’s the quality not the quantity, right?

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My First Night with Scorpio


Scorpio took me out to a lovely dinner for out first ‘date’. Afterwards, we returned to ‘his place’ for an evening in (I don’t think he expected it to go as far as it did. Actually, I think I surprised the hell out of him all night long!).

At first it was awkward because his entire family was still up and, until that moment, I was not aware that he was living at his brother’s house with his two brothers, a niece and a nephew.

When I first walked in I met his niece. She was a total sweetheart. We chatted while I was sitting on the couch waiting for Scorpio to use the restroom and get us some water.

After he returned, he led me down to the basement because his niece and nephew (both teenagers) were going to bed and that’s where the ‘grown-ups’ hang out later at night. There I met his older brother, his brother’s girlfriend and a neighbor.

Truthfully, I was a little overwhelmed. I didn’t expect that I would be meeting his entire family that night and Scorpio had already told me he’s quite a ladies man. I really didn’t know what they were thinking – but they were all very nice to me 🙂

We sat down across from each other at the table to play a game of chess. Everyone else was sitting on the couches watching TV and smoking pot and/or drinking beer.


There was a grow room off through one of the doorways and the basement smelled of growing marijuana plants. Mmmmm… My kind of basement…

Once we were done setting up our pieces, his brother came over and offered us a hit off the pipe as Scorpio poured me a shot of Vodka extra smooth (it was a little like drinking the flames of hell. Yeah. Smoooooooooooooth! *cough*cough* but the smoke was nice).

We all talked while Scorpio and I played our game of chess.

He won.

Not long after, everyone finally retired to their rooms (his brother’s girlfriend on the way out, made a comment about how she’d been trying to get the other guys to leave to give us some privacy. Then she winked at me).

We moved over to one of the couches and relaxed. I asked what he thought should be his reward for winning.

The poor guy! I guess he didn’t expect the question. Or to be rewarded for winning! He was completely speechless, looking at me like a deer caught in my headlights.

“I think *I* can probably figure something out,” I winked and leaned in to kiss his luxurious lips (something I had been enjoying all throughout the evening).

I made short work of unbuttoning and removing his pants, sat him back down on the couch, then wrapped my mouth around his dick and kissed and slurped and enjoyed the hell out of him for about 10 minutes.

“Stop!” he said. “I don’t want to cum in your mouth right away. I want to feel inside that wet pussy. Climb up here and get on top of me.”

Anxiously, I slid the condom down his dick with my lips. As soon as I felt him completely inside of me, I came. My body shuddered over him. When the tremors slowed and I started to catch my breath, he pressed his thumb against my clit and began gyrating his hips below mine.

I could feel every bit of him…

And then he came.

As he orgasmed, he bit me! Hard!! Leaving a teeth mark with a hickey on my inner left shoulder. I didn’t realize it until later, after he did it again. I went into the bathroom to get a washcloth and saw the two bite marks on my shoulder. One was up my neck enough that I was a little shocked! I would have to be careful what I wore for the next couple of days.

When I returned to clean Scorpio off, I pointed at the marks on my neck/shoulder and said, “You bit me and gave me a couple hickeys, dude!”

“I’m sorry,” He replied, “But I told you that I bite and suck.”

He did…

We laid naked on the couch together watching recorded television, having sex and kissing until almost 5 o’clock in the morning (and it was a work day! I still had to go home and get ready). No matter, it was so hard to tear myself away.

And it was the same for him. He was already making plans to see me again, to fix my car and to come with me on my February Sk8cation…

Two days later I told him that my shoulder was still sore where he bit me, but I liked it. It reminded me he was there and I could still feel his teeth pressing in to my flesh.


His firsts:

I am the oldest woman he has ever had sex with, dated, went out with, etc…

The first time he’s slept with (or dated) a white chick.

The first time he’s ever been deepthroated (this surprised the hell out of me! Period! He told me he was a ‘player’ and I didn’t doubt that).

The first time he’d ever played a game of chess with a date (and his prize was a blow job!).

Things we have in common:

He roller skates. (In fact, it is now confirmed that he will be joining me on my February Sk8cation in Phoenix!)

He works on cars.

He loves anime – the same shows as me (ex: Space Dandy).

He buys almost all of his clothing at the thrift shop.

He is fairly health-conscious. His idea of something filling is a nice, big salad or some sushi.

We are both trying this new self-confidence thing and it seems to be working out nicely for the both of us.

Things I like about him:

He plays chess.

He has a motorcycle.

He is extremely fit.

He isn’t Christian, but he is spiritual. His childhood was spent not celebrating Christmas.

There is a giant Buddha picture in his (brother’s) living room.

He smokes weed and likes drugs. I stay away from the ‘scary’ ones now, but I still like to have fun! (I can’t wait to trip with him. And he said he would be with me if I wanted to try Ecstasy.)

He listens to old school R&B and knows an amazing amount of jazz songs and musicians.

He doesn’t play an instrument but really, really wants to learn how to play the piano. (*I* have a piano and know how to play. At one point in my life, I wanted to be a music teacher.)

He had a speech impediment when he was a child and was in Special Ed for a lot of the time. You would never know that now; he speaks wonderfully.

General things that may, or may not, be bad:

He was a ‘bad kid’ during high school – dropped out of school at the end of 8th grade, joined a gang, etc… We really didn’t go deep into detail on that. I’m sure that, if we continue to see each other, I will learn more.

The drug thing… But we already talked about it and my issues. I am confident this will not be a problem for me.

He’s very, very clean! I tend to be a little lazy in this department. I could learn a lot from him.

He’s only 29… *sigh* I could teach him a lot??? A 14-year age difference makes me feel a little strange sometimes, but I really like him.

He’s single. Attachment??

He’s a player — but that could be a good thing. Maybe that means he won’t get attached because he has other women in his ‘line-up’.

Simply put, I am really really looking forward to spending more time with this man and getting to know him better…


Sk8-Venture: Day 3 (The Trip Home)

Winnwood Skate Center Kansas City, MO

Winnwood Skate Center
Kansas City, MO

The skating floor there was awesome! And immense!! Imagine that floor with 400+ people on and around it.

Even though Friday night was kind of hella-shitty, I was glad we stayed and started our Saturday fresh like a brand new day. The day went well and the skating session that night was awesome! The session went until 5AM, but I could only make it to 3:30. Loverman could probably have lasted until the end (I probably wouldn’t have let him based on his “episode” Friday night), but my feet hurt!

I liked the DJ Saturday night better than the one Friday because he actually played songs I had heard before. I knew that there would be a lot of music I didn’t know, but I had no idea there were so many actual skate songs I had never heard before.

When we got back to our room, we showered together and I opened up our bottle of wine and poured our glasses while we watched ESPN News. Loverman hasn’t had much of a chance to watch football this season and Thing #1 and I have been all over it! It was nice to watch the next day’s picks and talk about the injured players with him, and he was enjoying the chance to get caught up. We found out that the Broncos coach John Fox was going to be out several weeks for heart surgery and talked about that, too. Loverman said that it won’t hurt the team because Peyton is such a good quarterback, but I disagreed because the Broncos are playing the Chiefs soon and Peyton might get hurt that game… It was a great talk.

The wine, hot relaxing shower and skating had taken their toll and I could feel my eyes fluttering shut. So, I crawled under the covers next to Loverman and we were asleep by 5AM.

country-sunshine-bedWe woke up at 10:15, just in time for a morning quickie 😉 and a relatively huge continental breakfast. I wish there was more fruit, but it was good to fill up. We filled up our plates a second time right before they started taking things away. I don’t think either of us realized how hungry we were until just then.

There was a gas station across the street and Loverman had determined that it had the cheapest gas on our route, so we filled up and were headed back to Colorado.

On our drive Friday afternoon I saw an Adult Superstore at one of the exits and made a joke that I wanted to stop and check it out on the way home. Loverman forgot about that comment until I saw the signs on the side of the road and I started telling him again that I wanted to go there and see what was so “super” about it.

Eventually he conceded and we stopped in to check it out. It was just like any other sex store that I have been into — there didn’t seem to be anything “super” about it. It was very clean and well-lit… However, I did find out that Loverman had never been in an adult toy store before and we had a bit of fun with that. He had to ask me what a couple of things were, but I had to ask him about a couple of things, too 🙂

I would say that was a fruitful adventure because Loverman helped me find the wrapping paper for his Christmas present (me!) and we both got to learn a few new kinky things about each other. I think there were a couple of times where I scared the crap out of him 😉

The rest of the drive home happened without incident. We stopped to get gas a few more times. Ultimately, we spent about $50 less on gas than I had figured. When we were about 4 hours away from Denver, Loverman opened up my computer and started saving the few skate videos he had taken. Then, just to make sure, he checked his on-line work schedule. Even though he had requested the night off, he was scheduled to work at 2AM!! But, only until 6AM. How messed up was that?!?!

He asked if I was doing okay driving for a while longer while he took a quick nap and made me PROMISE that I would wake him up if I needed him to take over (he knew I was getting tired, too. We didn’t sleep very much over the weekend, he slept the most, and it was now about 8PM and dark like bed-time. I was starting to feel like nodding off). I promised, and about an hour later I had to ask Loverman to take over the rest of the way.

We both had forgotten about the time change crossing back over into Colorado, so when we drove into town at midnight it was really 11PM. That meant that Loverman had time to stop at home to drop off his things and pick up a fresh uniform for work – he didn’t pack one because he asked for the night off…

Once he had a chance to take care of those errands, he dropped me off at home. We unpacked the rest of our stuff there and loaded our skates back into Bear (my truck). He gave me another nuzzle and said “Kick the kids for me. Not now, but in the morning when they wake up.” It was gently snowing and I asked him to text me when he got to work safe — EVEN THOUGH it would be late and I would probably be sleeping, it would help me get back to sleep easier knowing he was safe.

He did and I responded with a message that, when I read it the next morning, made very little sense… But he was safe and I was peacefully asleep.

Our sk8-venture weekend ended very well…


The first time…

I wrote this a few years ago and found it last night when I was going through and cleaning up my files.

At 11:30 AM the anticipation was killing me. It took everything in my power not to just scream at him through the phone to GET HERE NOW! We only had so much time and there were so many things I wanted to do to him. I’d been waiting for weeks for this rendezvous – it already seemed like forever. But, apparently he needed to shower and get cleaned up because I did – aargh! Like I really cared, I was just going to get him all dirty again anyway.

After what seemed like hours, he finally drove up. I was waiting for him, naked, expecting that he’d stop by the front desk to get his key. No such luck. So, when he knocked I quickly slipped on my leather jacket and opened the door. It wasn’t even a minute after it closed behind him before I had slipped off our jackets and was pulling his gray t-shirt up over his chest. “Damn girl. You sure don’t waste any time at all, do you?”

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