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The “Return” of Mr. Nice Guy

To be honest, like Alaska, he’s never really gone. He just lurks on the sidelines waiting for the perfect moment to reach out and let me know he’s still around.

Let us rewind for a moment:

Mr. Nice Guy and I used to work together – almost 5 years…

For a hot minute, in 2016, I thought we were going to be a “thing”, but it never really worked out or clicked or whatever. We had a few dates, each a little worse than the last

(the first one should have been an omen OMG!)

Whatever it was lasted a year. Read the rest of this entry »

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When It Rains

I sure am glad that I live in Colorado and that we average 300 days of sunshine a year.

Otherwise, this might piss me off


That is the entrance to the parking garage stairwell/elevator at my office, every single time it rains.



Rained Out

This weekend’s Devil Dash was rained out, to be postponed until the poor town of Lyons dries out 😦 I am disappointed, but it will be rescheduled or I can go next year (something to look forward to).

The state of Colorado is flooding! The saddest part of everything is the loss of people’s homes and belongings. Very few people have flood insurance in Colorado. Even the governor said this morning that a flood of this proportion only happens every 250 years or so and people aren’t prepared for that type of disaster here.

Last week the city of Boulder (Lyons is about 30 minutes north of Boulder) got as much moisture as they normally would in an entire year! Streets are washed out and thousands of people spent the weekend sandbagging. The rivers and creeks are supposed to crest tonight or tomorrow but there is even more rain coming this afternoon.

Tomorrow afternoon through Thursday there is supposed to be a break, but it might start again Friday. It’s crazy!

My Devil TattooMy girlfriend still came into town and we had a great time catching up! I was afraid that it would be odd and uncomfortable because we hadn’t seen each other in so long — and we have both changed. But, deep down, both of us are still the same and the weekend was wonderful!

Here’s my new tattoo — we didn’t do the Devil Dash, but we still got those! And I got my nose pierced, too — because there was a sale and I have always wanted to get it done.

I can’t wait until my Hello Kitty heals and looks all cute and clean! My girlfriend’s tattoo is much more devilish, but I didn’t take a picture of hers – you can see, in this post, an example of what she got.

So, even though there is very little to do in the state of Colorado when it’s raining, we still had a great time and (for the most part) stayed dry.

I really do hope that it stops raining tomorrow like it’s supposed to. We have tickets to the Earth Wind & Fire concert Wednesday night and I would really hate to miss that, too.

Keep your fingers crossed 🙂 and have a lovely Monday.