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Monday Motivation: Wine




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Sk8cation: Friday

Scorpio called me late Thursday evening to discuss the details of our Sk8cation.

During our chat, he actually suggested that we leave a little earlier than 6AM like I was planning! It surprised the hell out of me, but I was all over it.

Then, when I got to his house to pick him up at 5:30 Friday morning, he was actually ready!!! This also surprised the hell out of me because all the other times I have gone to pick him up, he has been running at least 30 minutes behind.

We made it out of Denver before the serious morning traffic set in and started our drive over the mountains.

Almost 2 hours after we left, Scorpio mentioned the fact that he had only managed to save enough for the 2 skating sessions ($18 each night) and $5 for food. Could I take care of “the rest” for him and he’d pay me back later?

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My New Favorite Snack

radish sandwich

Radishes with Cream Cheese (either plain or Chive & Onion) on rye bread.

Add salt if you need/want it.

It’s amazing!

I’m totally addicted!




Make A Choice

Loverman has a weird pain in his leg for over a week now. When he describes it, it sounds like the symptoms I had when I had a blood clot in my left calf, but he won’t go to the doctor to get it checked out.

We just texted about it this morning.

Loverman Leg Pain

Last night he sat out from skating. I asked him to remember how he felt when he found out about my blood clot and what could have happened to me. He understood, but only a little because he still hasn’t made that doctor’s appointment. Even after I told him that I would help him pay for the appointment and go with him for moral support, he only told me that he would think about it.

On a conflicting note, two different guys have been bugging me to go out with them. Like, seriously. Both of them are very cute and very successful and they both have enough money to actually buy me things and take me places… They also take fairly good care of their bodies and totally look like it! One is the attorney-man, Brent, and the other is a gentleman that I met roller skating about 6 months ago. Last Saturday he told me that he really liked me and wanted to take me out to dinner.

Mr. Doom-n-Gloom is still not noticing anything about me. Ever. He only talks to me when he needs me to do something for him.

Neither my shitty husband, nor my incredible Loverman care enough about their bodies to take care of themselves. I hate watching them be miserable and in pain when I am constantly trying to help them get better.

I finally gave up on Mr. Doom-n-Gloom because he knows exactly what he needs to do/eat in regards to his chronic kidney disease/insanely high blood pressure; his doctor has given him written instructions on what to eat and exercises that he can do. I even found him a support group, but he refuses to join because they’re all probably too old and he wouldn’t like it. He simply refuses to do what he’s supposed to do to get/feel better! His kidneys are currently functioning at 42% and that’s good enough for him. He’s dreadfully overweight and refuses to exercise because it hurts too much (agreed, but I told him that he can start slow. Exercise hurt me, too, before I got fit! Also, cutting out the soda pop and kool-aid would really help him shed pounds fast! But he refuses to listen!) He takes his prescriptions and that’s about it.

high-low_bpConversely, Loverman has heart disease, high cholesterol and dangerously low blood pressure (except he doesn’t take any meds to maintain). Pounds are practically falling off of him because he only eats one meal a day — and it’s small and full of unhealthy-ness. He knows that he needs to eat fruits and veggies and healthy things (i.e. oatmeal) for his heart to work more easily, but he doesn’t think he will like the way it tastes so he turns up his nose at pretty much everything without even trying it. I am an AWESOME cook and I make awesomely healthy food: even Thing #1 will eat most everything I cook as long as it doesn’t have tomatoes or pickles (except pizza — pizza can have tomatoes), and she’s almost as picky as Loverman!

It’s so hard to watch someone you love let themselves waste away, knowing that they have the power to make it better.

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Yummy Yummerific Yummalicious Yumminess

At least that’s the way it looks to me 🙂

South Beach Diet Tiramisu

South Beach Diet Tiramisu

Look at that yumminess and tell me you don’t even want to try it!!! DO IT!!

If you can 🙂

I found it on accident this morning when I was looking for something completely unrelated and now I am going to have to make some for myself this weekend just to see if it tastes as yummerific as it looks.

FYI – I’m not on the South Beach Diet, but I am always looking for new, yummalicious and healthy things to eat (especially if they’re sweet and involve chocolate of any sort!!).

SB Diet Tiramisu RecipeSource: The South Beach Diet Supercharged

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Clean Bill of Health

My appointment went super good this morning. The doctor was really cool, which was refreshing after the initial frustration. They took all the blood I asked them to take and all the test results were AWESOME! My new doctor told me that I have nothing to worry about at all — my results were all perfect! Well within normal parameters. Whew!

She did a breast exam and everything was normal. Also, she told me that they don’t usually do a mammogram this early because the breast tissue is still so dense — sometimes there can be clusters of cells that look like it could be cancer, so patients have to come back for tissue samples, and most of those results come back benign. I am not at risk, so she said she will talk to me about it again in a couple of years instead of running me through that maze — that’s absolutely fine with me.

My fasting blood sugar was 90 — she said for my age that number is perfect, too. We discussed diabetes and my diet. She told me that if I continue with my current physical activity and eating habits, I shouldn’t have to worry too much about it — just be cognizant of what I put into my body.

My cholesterol was completely perfect! 🙂

As for peri-menopause, she said that until I start showing more active symptoms there is nothing she can really do about it. I am still regular like clockwork — the only real symptom I seem to have is being more emotional, but I have always been pretty emotional (it’s hard to tell if it’s worse or the same. Some days it’s both?). She told me some things that I could take to help the hot-flashes and night sweats if I think they are getting too difficult to handle: black cohosh, a soy supplement, dark green veggies, vitamin E and Ginseng root. To keep my estrogen levels up, I should make sure to eat at least two real eggs a week (with the yolks) and keep having my soy milk every day (which will also continue to help with my blood sugar and calcium).

All my other blood tests were good, too: Vitamin D, calcium, sodium, potassium… And my thyroid panel came back at the low end of normal.

Hopefully the rest of my day will go as well as my appointment did. It looks like it’s going to be busy so at least it should go fast — and it’s almost noon already because I got in late…

Have a great weekend!

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I woke up with you today
When I rolled out of bed
You were my sunrise

I bathed with you today
When I was clean
You were my towel

I dressed with you today
When I was exposed
You were my clothes

I ate with you today
When I was hungry
You were my food

I worked with you today
When I was speechless
You were my words

I slept with you today
When I closed my eyes
You were my dreams

I dreamt of you today…


Special Moments

It snowed all night Monday night and it was slippery enough that, on Tuesday morning, Loverman came to pick me up and bring me to work.

First Day Of Spring
by Masha88

I always love these little opportunities to see him during the week. As much as I miss my awesome truck, part of me is not looking forward to trading his car back for it. That will mean that I won’t have convenient excuses for these weekly-ish rendezvous (though I am sure we will be able to find something). Also, winter will be over next Wednesday, so there won’t be so many icy days where he feels it would be safer if he was the one to drive me  around in the truck.

I am learning to appreciate these special moments as exactly that: special moments.

When he came to get us, he was still wearing his uniform because he had just gotten off of work. I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before, but I love it when he’s wearing a uniform — either his security or mechanic uniform — but, probably any uniform he was wearing would make my heart leap in my chest

We dropped my daughters off at school and the rest of the commute in was pretty much uneventful — you know, snow, traffic, icy roads, conversation… While we were talking, he mentioned that he had the night off and I asked if he would be interested in spending it with me. He replied that we would have to wait and see how the day played out first – there could be step-son school things to attend to or friends’ cars that needed fixing…

Before I knew it we were at my building, kissing good-bye.

Our days both passed uneventfully. In fact, my afternoon at work was so boring I tossed around the idea of leaving work early. But, when I called Loverman to see if he could come get me, he didn’t answer. So, I figured that he was busy. I managed to endure the remainder of my day. It didn’t surprise me when received a text from Loverman that he would be 30 minutes late because he needed to pick up his step-son at school.

CalvinHomeworkHe ended up only being 15 minutes late to pick me up. Again I asked if he would be able to spend the night with me. This time the answer was, “Yes, but I have to go home first. C hasn’t been turning in his homework and I have to sign something that he needs to return to school. Then I have to go over his current homework with him, because apparently he doesn’t understand that he’s going to get held back next year if he doesn’t get an A on everything!” (See my post Husband Swap if you’re wondering what I’m talking about.)

My response in turn was, “That’s okay, I have to go home first too. Everyone might wonder if I didn’t come home after work. How about meeting me on my side around 8?” (There is a Motel 6 on his side of town and one on my side of town. Both are relatively close to our houses — how conveeenient, eh? So, we frequently just ask: Your side or mine?”)

“8’s good for me, baby.”

“OK, I will text you the room number like last time.”

We went our separate merry ways and at 8, like I said I would, I texted our room number to him. There was no response from him for over an hour… I was starting to get a little curious when he finally called, “C totally messed up all his homework and I had to review it all with him. I am sorry to be late, but I am leaving the house now.

Like the last time he called to tell me he was running late, I was just overjoyed that he called me to tell me what the hell was going on. Then he texted me if I had eaten dinner yet and if I wanted to and where.

He got to the motel and picked me up. Again we were on our merry way — this time to McDonald’s. Woo hoo! We waited for almost 30 minutes in the drive-thru lane (after we had already ordered our food) before Loverman decided that we weren’t waiting any more and drove off. Did I want something else to eat instead?

“Ummm… Popeye’s?”

Popeye’s it is then,” and we took our adventure to the Popeye’s drive-thru instead, which really wasn’t much better. There wasn’t a line, but it took them almost 15 minutes to get our food to us! When all was finally said and done, it took us almost an hour to get our “fast food”. We could have gone to the sit-down restaurant across the parking lot from our hotel and still had our food sooner. But, we had fun making fun. As always…

Man, that food was good! I didn’t realize how hungry I was until I felt that hot, flavorful, Popeye’s chicken grease slowly clogging my arteries. We sat at the little cute table and ate our lovely slow food and enjoyed each others’ company. But when I started to yawn, Loverman got up from his seat and said, “Looks like it’s past Mamacita’s bed time. We better get you tucked in.” (It was. He was right.) He walked over to where I was sitting and unbuttoned my blouse. As I stood up to greet his lips with mine, I let the fabric slip off my shoulders and onto the floor. I pulled his sweatshirt up over his head and tossed it over onto the clothes rack in the corner. He unbuckled and removed his pants earlier when we sat down to eat so all I needed to contend with was his underwear. As I lowered them down his legs I also lowered myself onto my knees so I could appreciate his thick, hard masculinity for a few moments. I kissed the tip and licked the lower side of his silky shaft before I took his testicles, one by one, gently into my mouth. I could feel his pulse throbbing. Loverman’s hands were streaming through my hair when he said, “Let’s get into bed.” I withdrew my tender erotic kisses while he sat down on the edge of the bed and opened up the sheets for me to climb in…


I really am lucky for the time that we get to spend together. Yesterday, just for shits and giggles, I looked back at last year to see how many of our trysts I could track. Except for two brief lapses (once when his work changed and once when my ankle broke) we have been pretty regular with a “hook up” every two weeks, or so.

For all the times that we get to be together, I still never get sick of the way he rocks my body. Sometimes it’s the same. Sometimes it’s different. Sometimes he will just throw in something completely new

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