Put a Label On It

Put a Label On It

I was finally able to talk to Alaska Saturday afternoon.

After a little over three months of letting him fuck me and violate me and humiliate me, I thought it was time I knew where I stood in his life:

He doesn’t take me out places.

We haven’t been to dinner together (except one night at Wendy’s, so that doesn’t count), or a movie…

I asked him if he wanted to go to one of our local amusement parks with me last month before it closed for the season; he said “No. That’s not really my thing.”

I asked him one Sunday night if he wanted to come roller skating with me and he told me that he’s too old for it (really?! I am two years older!).

He doesn’t like to kiss.

He really doesn’t like PDA (we’ll get into that shortly).

However, he has introduced me to his father, mother, younger (and best friend) brother and two of his nephews.

He wants me to stay for the night whenever I go to his place and doesn’t want me to leave in the morning when it’s time for me to go.

He doesn’t just fuck me. We talk about things, too… I haven’t let him in very far. In actuality, I think that I know more about him… Which is strange because he is so very quiet.

We usually spend 2 nights a week together. Last Monday I spent almost a full 24 hours at his place.

…and there’s the way he holds me whenever we’re sleeping or in bed together…

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Sunday Morning Good-Byes

Sunday Morning Good-Byes

Waking up with him Sunday morning was even more wonderful than Saturday.

We woke with the sun. I started stirring about an hour before he did, fading in and out of dreamland, enjoying the way he felt laying next to me, relishing the comfort of the bed and the warmth of the blankets.


My head fits perfectly in the nook of his left shoulder.


Image result for sleeping together tumblr

So much so, that my neck doesn’t start to get stiff or my arm underneath doesn’t fall asleep. In fact, it’s so comfortable there, I can actually fall back to sleep in that place.

(A week later, TC still wakes up with thoughts that I am cradled there on his arm.


Perfect. 😉 )

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