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“Thinkin’ About Your Body”

Can You Feel Me

thinking about you


“Dedicated Follower of Fashion”

Gotta love The Kinks.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!!

I love that there’s a picture of Harrison Ford at 1:36


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“I Want to Buy Your Panties”


Again with FetLife…

I don’t know what I would do for adult entertainment without it…

And if panties weren’t so goddamned expensive, I might consider his proposition..


I’ll let you know 😉


On Serendipity


From Sirens on USA Network
Episode “Briandipity”

There’s so many beautiful women in this world that, when a man commits to one, it’s necessary for him to believe that he’s found his destiny.

Otherwise he will be powerless in the face of so many vaginas.

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I’m Not Perfect


Photo Credit: Dutchess Roz

Photo Credit: Dutchess Roz

❤ Happy Friday, Everyone!! ❤


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I Need This Shirt

Will be quiet for $100.00 will be awesome for free t shirt

Happy Friday!

Be Awesome for free today!

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Strong as an Oak

I pirate get almost all of my music from the library near my house. They don’t have an awesome selection or anything, but I have a pretty sweet music library with all kinds of variety! In fact, I can’t wait for our Kansas City road trip because I can just plug in my MP3 player and we can have something to listen to almost the entire ride; I suppose I will have to let Loverman pick something, too…

Sometimes when I am online looking for one thing, there will be something else in the “recommended” or “suggestions” section of the page. I have found quite a few new artists that I really like that way and I share some of them here with you when I find them; like Kate Nash and Do Wah Doo.

This song really empowered me yesterday and this morning. I thought I would share it with you, too.

Happy Friday! ❤

Strong as an Oak
by Watsky

Everything is A.O.K. (yep)
Because I’m strong as an O.A.K. (an oak)
But money don’t grow on trees
And I’m B.R.O.K.E. (broke)

Everything is A.O.K. (yep)
Because I’m strong as an O.A.K. (an oak)
But money don’t grow on trees
And I’m B.R.O.K.E. (I’m fuckin broke y’all)

Them rims, them rings, them things
You can bring ’em out.
I just had my debit card declined at IN’N’OUT.
The line is flippin’ out, givin me evil eyes.
Fuck the soda,
Rerun it with just the cheesy fries.

Cause’ I don’t think money is THE devil.
I’m not sinkin’ I’m just kickin’ it at sea level.
I got my floaties on.
I’m focusing on all the wonderful stuff
With the force of obi wan
Kanobi bro, I’m broke.
Although I won’t be woe-be-gone.
Cause’ even though my bank account is low or overdrawn, I’m down to mow your lawn.

I’m getting open, I’m soakin up every moment
And so we should make a toast.
We won’t be sober ’til the broke of dawn.

Because beer is cheap, and because love is free.
I’m buzzin’,
Feelin’ like every friend is a cousin g.
And someday we’ll be reminiscent
On some wasn’t we.
Just so down and out.
But we were happy then cause’,

Everything is A.O.K. (yep)
Because I’m strong as an O.A.K. (an oak)
But money don’t grow on trees
And I’m B.R.O.K.E. (broke)

Everything is A.O.K. (yep)
Because I’m strong as an O.A.K. (an oak)
But money don’t grow on trees
And I’m B.R.O.K.E. (I’m hella broke bro)

Why should I sit on my ass on the couch
Be askin’ why love isn’t equal
With lesser possessions I’m light as a feather
And so I can fly like an eagle
Cause’ everyone dies
And I wonder why leaders in power
Would lie to their people.

Be planning like they could be fitting a camel up into the eye of a needle.
But dammit id settle for fitting a
94′ Camry inside of my driveway
I’m sick of the image,
I’m livin’ my life, and I’m doin’ it my way.
I’d rather be makin’ the choices I’m proud of
Than chasing the mountain of money.

But if that mountain comes,
To me, I’m climbin’ it.

Got a brick and I’m laying it down,
Gotta shovel, now I’m breakin’ this ground.
Because I’m in the red
But it’s only a color that I will be
Paintin’ this town.
Because when I make it,
Then I dedicate it to the friends that stood with,
Who would do me favors.
Even lend me paper, when I couldn’t pay for
A little take-out.

And to the fact,
That whatever you think that it means,
I’ll be here and be livin’ my dreams.
And it’s cause of the people I leaned
On when I came apart at the seams.
So give me the moon, and give me the spoon,
I’m lickin’ it clean
Until there just ain’t nothing left
But who would lend a hand, cause

Everything’s A.O.
Everything’s A.O.

So when I say dey oh,
Say everything’s A.O.

When I say dey oh,
You say everything’s A.O.

When I say dey oh,
You say everything’s A.O.

Everything is A.O.K. (yep)
Because I’m strong as an O.A.K. (an oak)
But money don’t grow on trees
And I’m B.R.O.K.E. (broke)

Everything is A.O.K. (yep)
Because I’m strong as an O.A.K. (an oak)
But money don’t grow on trees
And I’m B.R.O.K.E. (I’m extra broke yo)

Everything is A.O.K. (yep)
Because I’m strong as an O.A.K. (an oak)
But money don’t grow on trees
And I’m B.R.O.K.E. (broke)

Everything is A.O.K. (yep)
Because I’m strong as an O.A.K. (an oak)
But money don’t grow on trees
And I’m B.R.O.K.E. (I’m fuckin’ broke y’all)


This is How My Month-End Friday Started *sigh*

Hello *Smitten*,

I hope to have our final Zillow and Tulia Invoices tomorrow.

I have been reviewing our budget and expense statements.  I have a couple of questions.  I hope that you can help provide a little more clarity:

Can you provide a detailed ledger for the Atlanta expenses for the period of January 2013 to August 2014?  This would be a great help.


On the very last fucking day of the month, while I am still waiting on crucial paperwork from her, she has the balls to ask me for 20 months worth of itemized expenses?!?!? WTF? Are you serious?

My response:

Good morning, *branch manager*

Attached is the General Ledger detail for all of **your branch’s** expenses from 1/1/2013 until 6/30/2014 (FYI – it was 106 pages). This is what has been made available to me – July’s final numbers have not been provided yet.

As you know, today is the last day of the month and I do not have time to itemize every expense. After you have reviewed the attached detail, if you have specific questions about any of the entries, let me know. I am not the only person making entries to your General Ledger and some of the questions you have may need to go back to the CFO. I need to know very specifically what you are looking for and why if I am to go to our CFO asking for 18-20 months’ worth of information.

I am resending you the email I sent last month with your June financial statement (which is the last one made available to me). Every month, after the final posted numbers are sent to me, I send *your branch’s* financial statement to you, your assistant and our managing broker. In the body of that email I ask that you please review it and contact me with any questions or concerns. Going forward, it may be more prudent to review the financial statements in a timely manner and get back to me with any problems or questions you might have as soon as you have them. It is much easier to remember an entry made a month ago, as opposed to over a year ago.

Your help is greatly appreciated


Happy Friday?



Getting Along With Mother

My mother sent me a bitchy email last Friday. I would like to dissect the hell out of it, starting with “Happy Friday”, but I will refrain.

Moms email

Then I sent one back to her. Not quite as bitchy as hers but definitely upset (you can fill in all but one of the black spots below with Thing #1).

Moms email my response

There is some back story here that you don’t know, but I think this pretty much makes sense without any more context.

She called me back that evening at 6:30 my time. I refused to answer it, because I was still on my commute home, and I had definitely NOT cooled down yet.

She left a message.

If you can’t tell, I really don’t like my mother. Not that it matters, but no one else does either (there’s a blog-troll who lurks around here and she reminds me of my mother)

After I had a more sufficient amount of time to cool off, I left her a voicemail early Sunday afternoon. I wrote it all down before I called her, and I did not deviate from the words I wrote. I said:

I decided to leave you a message today instead of calling you directly because I know that Sunday can be a busy day for you and I didn’t want to interrupt something that you already have going on. Also, I need to tell you that I am still very upset with you about Friday and I don’t think that I am ready to have a conversation with you that is not emotionally charged. Communication with you is very challenging for me because it brings up a lot of past emotions that I would rather leave in the past. But, if you still feel the need to talk to me about this, I will be available this afternoon to take your call.

About 40 minutes later, she called me back. She started off the conversation by apologizing profusely and told me that she was really frustrated with my daughter and it was wrong for her to take those feelings of anger out on me.

Then she said, “Except Thing #1 won’t return my phone calls or talk to me.” (Gee, Mom. I wonder why that is…)

My mother and I have never had a relationship. I will take half of the blame, but she won’t take any. We have just recently been able to act more like mother and daughter in a civil-type way, but it’s very, very difficult and I only do it for HER sake.

Near the end of the conversation, my mom said/asked, “I’ve taken my part and apologized for saying hateful things in the heat of the moment, don’t you regret some of the things you said to me?”

My response was, “No, Mom. I thought really hard about what I was going to say to you both in my email Friday and today while we’ve been talking. I have tried not to be accusatory and I was very honest with you about my feelings.”

“Well, then, I guess there’s nothing left to say.”

“I guess not. Have a good afternoon, Mom.”

“I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

(I hate saying those words when I don’t feel them. It makes them completely meaningless.)

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Be Happy

Be happy for what you DO have

Not sad for what you don’t