Smitten with Him

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Late Wednesday evening last week, Mick said something in an email that set me off. I don’t even know what it was that got me.

Maybe I was looking for an excuse to be angry with him or pick a fight… I don’t honestly know… Any enlightenment you can offer on the subject will be welcomed.

Hi baby doll,

I am so looking forward to tomorrow night. As always. Whether I am wailing on you or stroking you or just talking, I really like to be with you.

There are so many things that I want to know about you. I am not sure if you are ready to tell me yet. I know you are trying to not get too attached. I get that. There are things about me that I am not sure you want to know either. I have been having some random thoughts today and wanted to write some of them down. Your question at lunch yesterday was interesting how you posed it. [I asked if he was going to be able to keep up with me.] I am concerned about the age difference because it is more than I have been apart from anyone I have been with. I have not exactly been easy on my body through the years and I am concerned that I may not be able to keep you happy in a few years. Not just sexually, but in all aspects. I know that you have already made some “sacrifice” to be with me now. I don’t want you to have to keep making them for me. I want to make you happy for many, many years. I am pretty sure you are deserving of that. I am starting to think of my own mortality and don’t want people to sacrifice for me. I have lived most of my life believing that I need to sacrifice for others to try and repay for my past. I am in somewhat of a quandary and don’t know what to do. Let’s talk about this soon. Doesn’t have to be tomorrow. Just know that this is on my mind a lot, just as I think about how you make me feel is on my mind a lot.

Hope you had a good skate tonight. I want to come watch you sometime, but not sure if I should. I am doing my best to respect your position of not getting too attached.

Just kind of rambling now. Sleep well my sweet kitten and I will see you in dreamland. Read the rest of this entry »


My ‘Handicapped’ High Horse

Royal High Horse

First I want to say that I realize I am only temporarily ‘handicapped’, but IT STILL SUCKS! I think that everyone should have to struggle this hard for things — even if it’s just to heighten our objectivity

That being said:
I have a pet peeve that I would like to share with you. It was actually a peeve of mine before I broke my ankle, but now I can say that I am more than a little incensed.

So let me get up on my Royal High Horse for just a few moments:

  • Handicapped Parking should be available for handicapped people to use.
    • If your spouse is handicapped but not with you, DO NOT USE the convenience of the Handicapped license or tag just because you “don’t want to walk that far.” It’s actually a crime!
    • If you are handicapped, but your disability does not affect your ability to walk, please think about it before taking that LAST spot.

  • If you don’t absolutely need the Handicapped stall in the Restroom, don’t use the Handicapped stall! That stall is reserved specifically for people who are Handicapped.

    Park Here

    • Is it really that hard to squeeze your dainty, little, healthy body into one of the 5 empty “regular-sized” stalls?
    • Sometimes the Baby Changing Station is in the Handicapped stall…
    • Sometimes Mothers like to use the extra-large space so they can keep their children with them…

I do understand that there are no laws governing “Potty Etiquette” like there are laws governing “Parking Etiquette”

Basically, all I am saying is: please don’t use the Handicapped Facilities provided for impaired/challenged people unless you are one of those impaired/challenged people.

And, one last comment: Stupid is NOT a disability!

Thank you. Rant over.

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