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Hysterical Reaction

Three weeks ago my face swelled up from an allergic reaction (or something)

To what? I have no idea. As far as I know, I have no allergies.

So, after a weekend of terrible snowy weather and barely being able to see out of my eye holes, I went to urgent care first thing Monday morning. (looking like I had been in a terrible fight and gotten the shit kicked out of me!!)

The lovely Dr. there wouldn’t help me because the reaction was too severe and my blood test results wouldn’t come back for 2-3 days!!! (urgent care, my ass!)

So, it was off to the hospital with my sorry face…

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My “Private” Facebook Rant to Loserman


I sent the following message this Monday:


No response at all, so I tried again Tuesday morning:


Again, no response.


I decided that, since Facebook is Loserman‘s preferred forum for communication and he’s decided to ignore me in the real world (unless he’s been in jail, laid up in a hospital or dead), I would try to get his attention via the virtual one instead.

Don’t worry, though. I am not a teenage girl and I did not post this status update for everyone’s eyes: just mine and Loserman’s (and now yours 😉 ).


I guess that worked because, 5 hours later, I got this text response from him:


He’s been waiting for that “o-ring” since before he dismantled my engine over a month ago. I’m 90% sure his statement was a lie: a stall tactic because he hasn’t done or ordered shit!

But, at least it’s something, right?

Ha ha

Here’s my response:


He did not reply, but I can see that it was delivered to him.

I have had about as much shit I can take from his Loserman ass. Two and a half more weeks will probably put me at my limit, if not over the top.


Last Friday Night, Part 2

Not THIS far, far away, though!

Not THIS far, far away, though!

I had originally planned to leave work early so we could have some extra time together. Also, I arranged it so the hotel where we were ‘staying’ was kind of close to his house so if he did get sidetracked, I could just chill there until he was done.

I called him when I left work at 3:30 to let him know I was on my way. He answered that there was still some work he needed to finish up and then he had to take a shower, did I want to take a “road trip” with him when he was finished?

Of course my answer was — Yes. Yes, I would love to take a ride with you 😉 ! What’s up?

It turns out that he was finishing up working on a client’s car (he’s a self-employed mechanic in his “spare time” so this kind of thing happens a lot. Sometimes I get to come along and be his assistant!) and he needed to return it to a land far, far away before we could start our actual ‘date’. He would call me when he was on his way to pick me up.

So, I checked into our stunning hotel room, turned up the heat 😉 and bedded down with a good book. Then I waited for him to call me when he was ready — in about an hour.

He called me about an hour later (good boy) and my heart started racing because it was Loverman and he was coming to get me! But he had only called me to tell me that something broke when he was fixing it and he had to run out quick to get the replacement part. Now he was back with the part but he didn’t want me to just sit around wondering so he thought he would give me a call.  OMG!!! My heart completely melted! He called me to tell me he would be late (even more good boy!!)!!! I don’t think that I have ever mentioned my Loverman’s penchant for tardiness, but let me just say that for a while I thought that “Colored-People Time” was the actual clock he was using!

It was creeping up on 6PM and I didn’t even think to get frustrated about having to wait because I was so happy he had called to tell me about the slight delay in plans. I just sat my happy butt right back in that bed and continued reading…

About 45 minutes later I got a text from Loverman saying he was on his way to pick me up. So, I put my darn walking cast and my jacket back on and, as I was leaving the lobby, he was just coming in to get me (awwwwwwww).

We drove to that far, far away land where we dropped off the truck that Loverman had fixed. Then we followed that gentleman to a cash machine so he could take money out in order to pay. After that, he took some time to complain about how much it cost (if you ask me having your vehicle picked up, driven away to a shop, fixed and then returned to you so you can have your mechanic follow you to a cash machine to get paid is a pretty fricking good deal!) and he had the balls to ask me if I have to pay that much to have him fix MY car! I laughed at him and replied, “Oh yeah, I have to pay all right!” Then I threw a quick wink at Loverman who took his payment and we were on our merry way again.

Early that morning Loverman’s brother had hip-replacement surgery and now it was time for us to take our adventure to him (and his mom — I GOT TO MEET HIS MOM!!! She’s not from here, she came special to take care of her son). I already knew about this adventure, but by this time it was after 9PM and we still had to drive to the hospital where his brother was staying. I wasn’t frustrated yet but I was really starting to feel it creeping up on me. It was getting late and I was getting tired and I was longing to have him laying naked underneath my quivering, yearning flesh!! And then I wanted to fall asleep entangled in his sexy chocolate arms.

When we finally got to the hospital, that was an entirely other ordeal. I guess this was Loverman’s time to get frustrated I. His mother told him over the phone what garage to go to, but Loverman didn’t understand and we went to the wrong parking garage. We got out and walked down to the hospital entrance. The guard there explained to us where we should really be and we went back outside to the car. On the walk back, Loverman was grumbling about how we would have parked on the other side where there was an elevator, blah, blah, blah… Then, when we got to where the guard told us to go, the walking bridge was on the 4th floor instead of the 3rd and his brother was in that building not the one across the street.

We wandered around for about 15 minutes in what appeared to be a completely unsecured and unoccupied building downtown at 9:45 PM until I finally found the elevator that would get us to the correct “wing”. OMG – at this point Loverman was really getting riled up! It was cute to watch because he genuinely felt bad for “making” me walk all over hell and back to get to his brother’s room. But he didn’t make me do anything and I told him that I didn’t mind whatever was happening as long as I was with him (plus, we were at a hospital if anything happened to my ankle 😉 ).

Eventually we found his brother’s  room and he was awake and watching TV. So we sat and talked with his brother and mother until the nurses came and started having to get him out of bed and do some physical therapy with him. We took Loverman’s mother to her car so she could get out some things for the night because she would be staying at the hospital over night (the woman is 85 and so very alive!) with her son.

Not to get sidetracked or anything, but this funny thing happened while we were on our way out to the car… Loverman, his Mom and I were on the elevator and she said, ” It’s getting kind of late, security might catch us in the garage.” (It was almost 10pm.)

Loverman said, “Mom, it’s your car what are they going to do to you?”

“I think we’ll just look suspicious.”

Again, “Mom, it’s your car what are they going to do to you? You’re just getting stuff out of your own car.”

“But what will they think about a couple of colored people out in a garage at night?”

Loverman busted out laughing and said that there wouldn’t’ be a problem and that she was silly to think so! Then he made a couple other jokes and asked  me what I thought. I was laughing so hard at this point… And I probably should have used better judgement in what I said next, but it was fun, “And even more suspicious when they’re with a white girl! I’ll stand guard!” Keep in mind that I am still dressed up for my ‘date’ with Loverman… Both of them laughed their butts off… Whew!

We got back to his brother’s room at 10:15 to say goodbye. At least that’s what I thought we were doing, but we sat back down and started talking again — well, Loverman did anyway… This is when I started to get frustrated — there were a couple of moments during the whole car-fixing-and-delivering part of the evening (it was so very tedious), but they were only momentary lapses. This time I was starting to have those crazy feelings:

  • Hello, aren’t we supposed to be spending some time alone together tonight?!?
  • Remembering that really this wasn’t so bad at all. He’s letting me into his life.
  • Wanting to fuck his brains out more because of it and the cycle would start all over again.

Eventually we left the hospital and we were finally on our way back to our room — another 20 minutes and I would be in heaven!!

Loverman is always taking such good care of me. He asked if I wanted something to eat on our way back to the hotel and I said “No”, because we had eaten some Taco Bell while we were delivering the car and I was still full enough. He laughed and stopped at McDonald’s anyway to got us a large Root Beer saying that “Mamacita gets thirsty!” and winking at me. He’s so cute — I love it when he does and says stuff like that. It’s such a lovely feeling to be taken care of!!! I could kind of get used to this! (Maybe I already am!)