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Doing it All By Myself

I spent Valentine’s Day weekend in Phoenix for my 2nd Sk8cation.

The drive was amazing. I took an extra day of driving both ways so I wouldn’t have any problems.

On the way there I went into and through the gorgeous mountains! The check engine light came on in Lil Bear and I started to worry. In my head, I panicked a little, but rationalized things out and started thinking of a plan.


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The Best Sk8-venture Ever!!

My weekend was just about as perfect as a vacation weekend could be.

Unlike Loserman last year, my ride (Mr R) was precisely on time.

Everyone arrived at the airport with plenty of time to get through security. We even had enough time to sit down and have a nice breakfast!

Breakfast on the way to KC

Eleven of us flew (on the same flight, mind you! One is missing from the pic in the far left corner) and one drove. It was unbelievable that so many people went along! 8 boys, 4 girls…

Everything went so smoothly: our flight was on time, we got good rental cars, we had time to stop and get groceries and lunch and alcohol, our rooms were ready when we got to the hotel/s (I stayed across the street because I booked my room in the skate party room block at the host hotel; their reservations were made too late to get the 5 rooms they needed)…

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The Morning After

When my thoughts were finally able to succumb to peace, I slept for maybe 2 hours.

Which kept Alaska from sleeping well, too.

The previous night, after he had ravaged me to the point I was scared enough to ask if I could go home, he became very gentle with me. The way he made love to me, the way he held me in his arms, the way he spoke to me, the way he woke up each time I stirred and made sure I was okay…

I wasn’t, but at the time I didn’t feel like I could tell him that… I was worried I would get another whipping and my ass wasn’t ready again so soon… Or my mind. My knees and ankles were hurting me to the point I could barely stay still in the bed, let alone kneel before him and submit again.

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Sunday Morning Good-Byes

Waking up with him Sunday morning was even more wonderful than Saturday.

We woke with the sun. I started stirring about an hour before he did, fading in and out of dreamland, enjoying the way he felt laying next to me, relishing the comfort of the bed and the warmth of the blankets.


My head fits perfectly in the nook of his left shoulder.


Image result for sleeping together tumblr

So much so, that my neck doesn’t start to get stiff or my arm underneath doesn’t fall asleep. In fact, it’s so comfortable there, I can actually fall back to sleep in that place.

(A week later, TC still wakes up with thoughts that I am cradled there on his arm.


Perfect. 😉 )

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Sk8cation: The Rest of Saturday

Read about Friday here

After our wonderfully awkward morning together, Scorpio needed to take a shower (ya think!?). But it wasn’t only because of his little phone sex episode in the bed earlier, it was also the fact that he has to be as germ-free as possible at all times and he had just spent and entire night sleeping across a king-sized bed from my filthy ass. (Can you feel the sarcasm oozing here?) We were going to a free picnic in the park that afternoon and he needed to look his best.

To be honest, I don’t remember what I did while he was taking forever to get ready. It didn’t bug me for the first half of the vacation, but he just takes so long to do everything. I was probably out on the deck again getting high. That’s probably why I don’t remember.

Anyway… The picnic was pretty freaking awesome!!

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Our First Night Together

Thursday, late afternoon, Mr. X texted me our hotel address and room number. He would be picking up some family at the airport and dropping them off at home; after that he would be on the way to meet me.

There was a key waiting for me at the front desk and he asked if I could pick up some dinner on the way…

Of course, Mr. X!

Subway it was 😉 I got a foot-long cold-cut combo and salt and vinegar chips to share.

Later when we were eating he commented on how he really likes salt and vinegar chips…

It’s just a little thing, but I like discovering our commonalities… Like when he found out that I prefer to drive a manual transmission vehicle, that our favorite color is green, or when I found out that he likes coffee and also eats healthy food (Doom-n-Gloom and Loserman are both very anti-healthy-food)…

One of the first questions I had for Mr. X, while we ate dinner, was “Since you’ve been married, how many other women have you slept with?”

His response was, “I haven’t really counted honestly.”

I giggled and then asked him to remind me how long he has been married. “13 years,” he said.

“Ummm, I see… So, how many do you think?” I persisted.

“Definitely less than 10, probably like 5 I think. I didn’t start cheating on her until like 2-3 years ago.”

Another giggle from me, then I said, “You’ve been kind of busy…”

The subject evolved to different hotels in the city. It turns out that he takes his wife out on date nights and they will make an entire night of it, movie, dinner, room, etc… And, of course in my illicit ‘relationship’ with Loserman, I have stayed at several hotels as well.

We discussed the good the bad and the ugly hotels in the area while we finished up our sandwiches.

**I also found out he hasn’t started reading my book. You know, the one I finished right before our last rendezvous and gave to him so he could review it???** That was disappointing… But I know he’s busy with family life and it was just the holidays.

We moved over to the bed and started undressing each other (that part always goes better in my head – there doesn’t seem to be a sexy or easy way to take of 3 layers of a man’s clothing).

He let me be on top first.

But he was still in charge.

When I would start going too fast or I would pull him out of me too far, he held my hips firmly on his. He was deep inside me and simply gyrating my pelvis on his made me cum several times. When he started stroking my clit with his thumb, I came so hard that I saw stars.

It felt so good and I couldn’t stop.

I was still straddling him when he wrapped his strong hands around my neck and started to lightly squeeze my throat. I could still breathe without much struggle; there was just enough pressure on my windpipe for me to wish there was a little more. Would he let me pass out? Would I like that? How was he feeling at that moment?

I savored the moment of his dominance, focused on the sensation of his control over me and I thought, How does this make me feel?

As many of you know I have a very heightened lack of self-control and as a result, I have had to overcome some self-destructive tendencies.

On that note, it was nice to feel like he was “destroying” me. I liked letting him have his way with me. I wanted more.

I felt very vulnerable, giving my self to this man and trusting him with it. Trusting that he cared about my self enough not to take things too far…

*I* can’t even to that!!!

It’s very difficult describe how I felt; I liked it very much – knowing he could destroy me, but he wasn’t…

I nuzzled at his hands as they were gently strangling me, lightly overpowering me. I liked it and I wanted to show him.

We orgasmed together like that…

Later I even had the opportunity to practice my oral skills and I even got my spanking 😉

Finally! Someone who could take me seriously. Someone who smacked my ass hard enough that his palm probably burned a little afterward. (I didn’t get to survey my ass when he was done, but I suspect the devil-kitty side was quite red when he was finished with her).

Hello Kitty Devil

He even mentioned it the next morning while we were eating breakfast together:

Oh! I didn’t give you that spanking this time either.

Yes you did. You got that one side very well! I’m surprised it’s not still glowing this morning…

I smacked you an even number of times 😉

Hmmm… Did you? Was that number divisible by four, because I really like numbers divisible by four? They’re my favorite!

Yes! I’m sure I did 😉
But I suppose
next time you’ll want me to “balance it out”?

Of course…

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Sk8-Venture Drama 2014: Day 2

Click here for Day 1.

This year, Day 2 did not go nearly as well as last year. Oh, no…

But it wasn’t for my lack of trying.

After Loverman went to sleep in his corner chair Saturday morning, I had a couple shots of tequila and went outside to get stoned before I had to be around strangers at breakfast.

My perfect breakfast consisted of some cut pineapple, melon slices and a few strawberries, some scrambled eggs and a nice bit of bacon.

I actually took more bacon than I thought I had (I didn’t take ALL of it and, so fucking what if I did?!?! My boyfriend of 6 years just broke up with me on the very first day of our 4-5 day vacation that was supposed to be hella-fun!).

There was a girl on the other side of the buffet. She said to her mother, “That lady took all the bacon, Mom.”

Her mother whispered back, “She didn’t take all the bacon, sweetheart.”

*I* replied, “Yep. I took all the bacon.” Then I grabbed my juice and went to sit down all by myself and eat my bacon in peace.

When I got back to the room, Loverman was still “asleep” in the corner chair. I drank a lot more tequila and left him a note that said “If you wake up before 1PM and you want to go bowling, please go ahead. The address and info are on the notepad in the car. Have a good time!” Then I laid down and had a short nap: all alone in the hella-comfortable king-sized bed. Shit! I sleep on a couch at home, I was going to enjoy the fuck out of that sweet mattress!!! It was stupid of Loverman not to take advantage of it, too. The bad was plenty big, we didn’t have to be touching if he didn’t want to…

While I drifted off to sleep I made an agreement with myself that I wasn’t going to hold myself responsible for the stupid choices Loverman makes during our weekend together. If he was going to choose to have a miserable time, I would just let him have that choice.

I woke up at 2PM and he was gone. I hoped that he had read my note and gone bowling, but immediately I assumed that he had left me and gone with his stupid-ass plan to call his cousin and inconvenience the hell out of her weekend. I called him to see what was going on because he hadn’t left me a note on the convenient note-pad and pen provided by the hotel. He actually answered, surprising me so much that the first words out of my mouth were, “Thanks for answering!”

“You’re welcome. What do you need?”

“Where are you? I was wondering if you want to go to the bowling thing or the pool party with me.”

“No. I’m good,” was what he said back.

“Where are you? Did you leave?”

“I’m having breakfast across the street.”

“Oh. Okay. Do you want to do something when you get back? Like go to the casino, stay in and play strip poker, or go to dinner or something?”

“No. I’m good,” he said again. (I thought, I don’t think those words mean what you think they mean.)

I said goodbye, we hung up and I drank about 4 more shots of tequila. With a crushed heart, I went to the ravine down the street where I could get high. The afternoon was gorgeous and I think I spent an hour sitting on the side of the hill crying my eyes out again, having conversations with the sky. And whomever was listening.

When I got back to the room, Loverman had assumed his position back in his corner chair and appeared to be sleeping again.

I had a couple more shots of tequila, wrote my Day 1 post, then passed out drunk on the bed watching a movie on my computer. I was naked, in hopes that he would come back and be all happy and jump on me like he did last year. But he didn’t and I slept until 10PM.

When I woke up, Loverman was still “sleeping” in the chair, fully clothed, sunglasses, jacket, the whole thing. *sigh* What the hell was he trying to prove?

I had another shot of tequila and then realized I probably shouldn’t have done that. There was very little of my 750ml bottle left – and I knew Loverman hadn’t had any of it for himself. I watched something on TV and ate a Cliff Bar with a large cup of coffee and a TON of water.

This entire time I laid completely naked on the bed waiting for Loverman to wake up. I had a sheet pulled over me, but not all the way.

At about 11PM, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Loverman stir and he moved one of his headphones away from his ear. I stood up and walked over to his chair, still completely nude. I kneeled on the floor next to his chair and asked, “Skating starts at midnight again tonight and I was hoping you would take a shower with me? Let’s go get all cleaned off, start fresh and clean up. I will scrub you up and you even have time to use your clippers if you want to. It will feel awesome.”

He simply responded, “Nope. I’m good.” He looked away from me to the TV and put that missing headphone back on his ear.

Ouch! Burn!

Okay. I was pretty much at my wit’s end at this point. What the fuck was this guy’s deal?!

I grabbed my skate outfit for the night and went into the bathroom to freshen up. My eyes looked terrible, all swollen and red. Good thing I had eye drops and the ice machine was just down the hall. I got ice and let it cool my eyes and then added the eye drops.

At 11:45 I looked nearly presentable. I had decided to use a silver eye-shadow as an eyeliner to hide my red eyelids and it worked magnificently! I still felt a little tipsy — not okay to drive, but mostly okay to skate. And I looked fucking good!

Loverman still had his headphones on so I gently grabbed his calf and moved it back and forth until he woke up. “I’m ready. We can go whenever you are. There’s still time for you to shower if you want. The party goes until 5AM, we can afford to be late. It’s fine. Do you want to stop and get something to eat on the way?”

“Nope. I’m good. Give me a few minutes to wake up and we can go.”

“Okay,” I said and remembered the agreement I made with my drunken self earlier about not holding myself responsible for his feelings… If he wants to be all smelly and sticky and grimy and starving, that was definitely his prerogative. I was going to let him do whatever he wanted without arguing. I mixed my amino acid exercise drink and was ready.

When he stood up, I asked if he would please drive. He responded, “You can drive if you want to.”

“I don’t want to. I don’t really feel comfortable driving. I’ve been drinking all day.”

“Well, definitely I will drive if you’ve been drinking all day.” Hell, if he didn’t believe me, he could just glance at the decimated bottle of tequila to see I was telling the truth.

We got there at about 12:30AM and skated on and off until 4:55, right before they shut it down. (this is not the time for me to go into why I wanted to leave just a little before everyone else)

Almost the entire time we skated Saturday, we skated separately. He only partnered with me for two songs and I had to beg for those. We were not ‘tight’ like we were Friday night. We were not awesome skating partners. It felt awkward and forced when we were together. To add insult to injury, he would be talking to other people we knew from Colorado and when I would come over to sit down with them and join in, Loverman would stop talking entirely. Until I left. Then he would start talking to them again. Every time I would try and engage Loverman I would get one-word answers in a monotone.

Conversely, he stood on the side sometimes and filmed my skating. Something I have been asking him to do for a while now. I want to see what I look like when I skate. I want to see what other people are seeing. (Maybe someday he will share them with me – when he feels like I have been punished enough for whatever I did wrong *sigh*)

When we got back to the hotel, I asked him if he wanted to have a drink with me while we waited for breakfast to start. Maybe take a shower?

Again he replied, “Nope. I’m good.” and went straight back to that mother-fucking chair and put his sunglasses and headphones on.

Again, WTF is this guy’s problem?!?

I said his name in hopes that he would hear me and move his headphones to listen. He did and I said, ” I’m going to breakfast at 7. Would you like me to wake you up before I go down?”

“Nope. I’ll set my alarm.”

At this point *I* was ‘wore out’ with it, so I had some of the marijuana edibles I brought along for the two of us to share, took a shower and went outside again to get high while I waited for the edibles to take effect.

I was downstairs cancelling my Sunday night reservation when one of the Skate Party hosts came over to me and told me that all the rollers were going to be sitting together in one of the meeting rooms for breakfast. That felt totally awesome, because I felt very much like the “token white chick” at the skating rink earlier – and I don’t mean that in a good way.

I went upstairs to wake up Loverman and invite him to come along with me and meet people and have fun but he wouldn’t wake up. Or he just wasn’t interested in what I had to tell him. He had his sunglasses on so I couldn’t tell. (I wish you could see me shaking my head as I write this… *sigh*)

Either way, *I* went down and enjoyed a very pleasant breakfast with some very sweet people from St. Louis. It got extremely uncomfortable for a moment while they were talking about the shooting in Ferguson and the resulting violence, but that passed and we had a cool conversation about donating and how so little money could go such a long way.

After breakfast I returned to our my room and Loverman was still laying in his chair. Unsuccessfully I tried waking him again so he could enjoy the Skate Rollers’ company for breakfast, too.

I laid down on the awesome bed. Again, naked.

Even though I hadn’t had caffeine in a long time, I still wasn’t feeling tired. I was feeling wired.

But, I laid there in bed. Naked. Listening to the shows on TBS with my teeth out and my glasses off until 1PM. Everyone with the Skate Party was given a 2PM checkout, so I had time to get my stuff packed into the car before I had to wake up Loverman. (That way he wouldn’t feel obligated to help me carry any of my shit out to the car.)

Maybe he slept the whole time I was laying there in bed. Maybe he watched TV silently along with me. Maybe he watched my sexy, nude body walk back and forth from the bathroom when I needed to relieve myself. Maybe he watched me as I got dressed and carried all my shit out to the car.

Maybe he watched me as I masturbated in the bed, in full view of his hidden eyes.




Date #2 With Mr. AM

I got the following email at 6:55 PM Tuesday night:

Damn!  I just got horrible news…my flight is delayed out of Sioux Falls, and I now don’t land in Denver until 10pm… Probably wouldn’t get to the hotel until a bit after 10:30pm.
I’ve absolutely been dreaming about connecting with you tonight, and would love to still get together…just not sure if you have the opportunity to meet up that late?

Let me know…would love to see you and have some fun together, but fully realize if the timing won’t work for you…

To which I responded:

That totally stinks! I was dreaming about you, too 🙂

I can make it work if you can. I don’t know how attentive you need to be tomorrow, but if you’re up for it (pun intended) so am I. I’ll just catch a quick nap in my truck while I’m waiting for you (if I can, I am SO excited to see you and stuff). Beware, though, that I just got out of the shower and I am smelling SUPER good right now — I might not smell quite as luscious later. Just sayin’…

You can text me back or give me a call.

And then HE said:

Perfect!  I’m absolutely “up” for it!  I’ll force myself to not get a speeding ticket, and will see you in the hotel lobby around that time.  I’ll text as soon as I land to give you an ETA.

I’m fucking getting hard as I type this…I can’t WAIT to get my mouth in between your legs again.  Your pussy juice tasted SO good when you were cumming, I’ve GOT to drink you up again.  And I’m SO excited thinking about being able to be inside you too…

Now, that was a nice text! And it turns out he was excited.

He texted me at 10:15 to let me know that he landed, was in his car, and the directions said he would arrive at 10:45.

And that’s exactly what happened.

I was supposed to meet him in the lobby when he got there, so I walked into the hotel at about 10:40. There was a long line of people standing at the front desk, all of them angry and rustling about through their things, some of them on their phones. Being an ex-front desk agent at numerous hotels, I suspected I knew what had happened, but I listened in on some conversations to confirm my suspicions. After listening to parts of 4 separate conversations, I knew that the hotel had been overbooked and that they were “walking” guests (paying for the guests’ rooms at a different hotel). I hadn’t heard anyone say as much, but I have been in the situation so many times it practically brought back nightmares.

As I sat there on a lobby couch waiting for Mr. AM, I wondered how he would react to/handle this situation.

He arrived at 10:46 and I greeted him by the door. He noticed the line at the desk and said, “Wow, it’s really busy for being so late.”

I answered, “I think the hotel is overbooked. At least that’s the impression that I get from what’s going on here and what I can hear from the people talking.”

His response was immediate, “But I have a reservation!”

“I know, and they will honor that reservation, but it will be at a different hotel. Let’s just go check in first and see. I could be totally wrong.”

I wasn’t wrong at all. I could see that Mr. AM was getting upset — who wouldn’t? It was late and he had been getting the runaround all evening — but he was handling it well. The agent explained to us that we would have to drive to a different hotel down the highway about 10 minutes, and then told us the name of the hotel. I am familiar with the location because I drive by it every day at work. I looked at the agent and said, “That’s farther than 10 minutes away. If we drive there, how do we know that hotel won’t be overbooked, too?”

“They aren’t,” she reassured me and then called the other hotel to let them know we’d need a room. While she was making our new reservation, I explained to Mr. AM that hotels overbook all the time. “Heads in beds” is their universal motto. Having to eat the cost for a few rooms every once in a while is just the price of doing business.

The agent handed a map to Mr. AM and told him how to get to the other location. I asked him if he just wanted to follow me and, as we were walking back to our cars, I said to him, “All this waiting will make it so much better. All the anticipation building.”

He agreed with a laugh.

We got to our cars and he pulled in behind me to follow.

It turns out that he has a BMW 😦
FYI, I have a very strong opinion about BMW drivers that I haven’t shared here, but it is definitely NOT a good one. Regardless, it didn’t surprise me that’s what he drives.

When we arrived and were standing in the lobby, I had a strong feeling of deja-vu. There were a lot of people in the lobby and a couple of them seemed upset. The agents were busy, but no one was leaving the hotel, so I took that as a good sign.

As luck would have it, it turns out that we got the last available room at the replacement hotel! And, I am glad for the new location, it was a much nicer.

This entire time we hadn’t yet touched. Not hands. Not anything. Not even a kiss hello on the cheek. It was strange.

However, when we got to our room, it was something different entirely. He put his bags down next to the TV, turned around to face me, and started kissing me ravenously! We ran our hands though each other’s hair for a minute, enjoying the moment. But, it wasn’t long before both of us were undressed and he told me to get into the bed and “get comfortable”.

I unmade the extremely luxurious mattress (remember,  I sleep on a couch at home. Every bed I get to sleep in is luxurious!) and climbed in. I would like to make this a nice, erotic story, but the fact is: he ate my pussy again and it was totally awesome, then we fucked and it was okay (I brought condoms, but he used his own before it was even an issue – awesome, right?), then we had a brief awkward time and then I left.

After all the excitement and waiting, the entire event only lasted 45 minutes. That’s pretty much how I figured it would happen; but, I’ll have to admit, I wish we could have actually “done it” at least one more time. Once I get started I am hard to shut off. I could have cum all night long and then left for work the next morning with a huge smile on my face, but it was late and he had to be up at 5 the next morning to catch his flight out.

When we finished, he went to the bathroom to clean up. While he was in there I thought, Maybe I should put my clothes on and go. I think that’s what I am supposed to be doing right now, but the bed (and the pillows!) were SO comfortable I wanted to lay there and luxuriate a little longer.

He came out of the bathroom and put on his underwear. That was my clue that it was time to get dressed and go home! I didn’t think I would end up spending the night with him. I didn’t actually want to, but was a little disappointed because I thought, for the way he was talking/emailing earlier, it would be more of a sex-fest than it turned out to be.

When he climbed back into the bed, I said, “I don’t mean to be awkward, but I don’t know what I should be doing here. Do I go home? Do you want me to stay? How does this work?”


His answer was, “Well, I need to call home and check in and I certainly can’t do that while you’re here.”

“Okay then… I guess that answers my question. I had fun tonight, can we do this again?”

“Of course we can. Tonight was kind of crazy with all the travel problems. Next week I am traveling again. How about two weeks from now? Tuesday.”

“I’ll probably have my period.”

“Okay. Three weeks then. Tuesday. I will let you know more when I get back from my trip next week.”

At this point I was finished getting dressed and had walked back over to the bed to kiss him good-bye. It was odd. His kisses are different before and after sex. Before sex, they are passionate and yearning, searching for pleasure, erotic and all-consuming. After sex they’re like kisses you give to your Grandmother. It was like he flipped a switch or something.

See? Awkward.

I left the room and felt very strange walking through the lobby, past the girls that had checked us in not even an hour before..

The next morning, when I knew he would be at the airport waiting for his flight to leave, I sent him a text. “I really enjoyed last night. It was totally worth the wait. Have a great day. Travel safe.”

“Absolutely! Until next time.”

It just wasn’t the same as my sexy Loverman.


Bread and Butter Lover

I have some bad news… Friday night I wimped out on my “dominatrix plan”. Kind of. I guess what it boils down to is that I’m really just an ordinary “bread and butter” kind of lover (which doesn’t really seem so bad after watching that video, eh?). What I mean is that: in my head I think that I am really going to do something totally kinky (although my idea of “kinky” is probably not at all kinky to others), but in the end I’m just a “back to basics” girl and I can’t follow through with the “kink”. I think it’s performance anxiety. Maybe I am worried that I will not live up to the fantasy I have so imaginatively crafted in my head. I don’t know…

Heart Divider 2

However, our Friday night rendezvous still went fantastic — I will do my best to tell you what happened. And in the end, I think it worked out very nicely. Even without the blindfolds and neckties!


We stopped at McDonald’s and picked up some cheeseburgers and fries for sustenance, then it was off to the hotel!

Usually when we rent a hotel room I request that the room have two beds (a “wet bed” and a “dry bed” — but I don’t tell the hotel clerk that part 😉 ) and that the room is away from the front desk and elevators and vending areas, etc… for (what I think is obvious) reasons. The desk clerk was awesome, she gave us the perfect room — on the first floor, at the end of the hall, near an exit (because of my cast — the clerk was ahead of the game. I was impressed!).

When we got to the room, Loverman went directly over to the heater and turned it on (that’s always the first thing we do when we check in. It’s almost comical. But, when we get to our room, it’s usually so chilly and we both like the temp to be around 74-76). I was uncorking our fine bottle of Menage a Trois Moscato to compliment our gourmet Mac-n-Dons Bourgers de Chez, when Loverman glances over at me and asks, “You want to be warm tonight?” I looked up at him, clueless to what he meant for only a few seconds before I caught his meaning. Aw, shit!

I called the Front Desk and told the clerk that the heater wasn’t working in the room and she proceeded to ask me questions about how I was operating the unit (I know the drill. That was my job for a long, long time…). Again, the clerk was great. She moved us to a different room: on the first floor, at the end of the hall, near the door… All of that! It just happened to be on the complete opposite side of the building <sigh>. I tried not to roll my eyes at the poor girl who was only doing her job, and thanked her profusely for taking care of my complaint so efficiently.

At this point, Loverman went outside to move the car and retrieve the rest of our belongings and I clamorously bounced down the new hallway to our new room . Thankfully the heat worked this time and we each sat down on one of the beds respectively, faced each other, and began to chow down on our gourmet fast food and wine. While we ate we chatted about: the fabulous state of our broken cars and what we are going to do about it, how he did at bowling the day before, my Christmas bonus from work and how I should spend it, (the extremely generous Christmas present I received from my parents that I don’t know what to do with), my daughters’ report cards that came in the mail that day… Just the stuff we talk about all the time… Like I’ve said before, he’s so easy to be with..

After we finished up with our gastronomic feast, Loverman took off his shirt and started unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning his pants. If I was going to “exert my control” over him, it should probably be now, right? I walked up to him, looked him directly in the eyes and placed my hands on the hand he had at his waist, stopping him, and said “Wait, I have something I want to do to you.”

“Oh, really?” was Loverman’s response. He stopped unbuttoning, sat his happy ass down on the bed (with his pants still on), looked up at me with his beautiful brown eyes and asked, “What is it that you want to do to me?”

My cheeks flushed bright red! SO red, that I actually felt them heat up and change color! That was my Inner Prude (sadly, my Inner Goddess NEVER wins with her!) telling me that this was silly, that my idea would never work, that I just don’t have the guts to do it… That prudish imp was only half right!! (VICTORY!!!) I climbed up on to my still-clothed Loverman, straddled his waist, feathered his neck with kisses and whispered in his ear “I want to blindfold you and tie you up.”


“Oh, is that right?” Loverman responds mysteriously. “We’ll just have to see about that.”

“What does that mean?”

“Don’t you remember? We’ve already tried this once.” He teases me so much! I have NO idea what he’s talking about and tell him so…

“That must have been your other girlfriend,” I tease back. “I’ve never tied you up before.”

His eyes were sparkling at me playfully and he was being reticent. My eyes rolled back into their sockets as I hastily shuffled through the memories in my brain trying to find the one he was talking about with minimal success. And then it dawned on me! There was this one time… The first time we were together for a full night after I got my teeth pulled. I had taken my dentures out in the middle of the night when Loverman was sleeping and when he woke up the following morning I mounted him before he was fully alert and whispered in his ear, “Don’t open your eyes“. I held his wrists together above his head, while he laid there obediently with his eyes closed, and I had my way with him.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.” I finally responded with a giggle. “But that time you weren’t tied up, sexy security man.”

“Oh, really…?” He asked… (that’s his way of saying I have no idea what was going on in his imagination 😉 )

“Yeah, really. And even though I want to, I don’t think I can do it this time either.”


“I’m nervous and embarrassed. I’ve never done this before with anyone and I kind of feel a little strange.” I responded innocently.

Sexy Man on BedHe replied silently. Deliberately laying his body down onto the bed, offering his entire self to me freely. Recumbent on the bed, so gorgeous, so sexy, so desirable… I couldn’t hold myself back long enough to get his neckties out of the bag he packed or the blindfold! But I did manage to control my sexual urges, if not my physical ones.

I climbed into the bed next to his sumptuous form and began ceremoniously admiring and appreciating the entirety of his sexy anatomy with my tongue. Lingering seductively to gently suck on each pressure point, trailing my tongue behind to taste his cocoa-saltiness… I relished every inch of that man’s flesh last Friday night and I was well-rewarded for it afterward!

Eventually I couldn’t hold back the screaming desire inside of me and I straddled myself on top of his throbbing erection. My body shivered immediately as I lowered myself onto him, but I held back my orgasm. I didn’t want to cum right away, I wanted to wait for him. No such luck. Even after licking and sucking every last inch of skin on that handsome body, I still could not make this man cum! Infuriating! But he was moaning and groaning and writhing underneath me — at least I knew he was enjoying himself!

When I finally reached my point of exhaustion, I had cum 7 times (that I know of) and Loverman was still contentedly laying prone beneath me, but now with a huge grin on his face and still no orgasm from him. That Coconut!!! My legs wouldn’t hold me up on top of him any longer. They collapsed beneath me and I crumpled onto him, frazzled and spent. My lips searched for his as I grabbed his hands that he was holding above his head and lowered them onto my hips.

“Are you releasing me?” He asked flirtatiously.

“Yes! You won! I can’t move my legs and you still haven’t cum yet! Tell Coconut to stop holding out on me!!!” I tugged at his earlobe with my teeth — not hard, but enough to let Loverman know that I was ‘annoyed’.

He returned my epithets with a few provoking thrusts of his hips below me, causing more orgasmic tremors throughout my body. When I finished quivering, Loverman took my hips in his hands again and firmly lifted my body up from his and laid me down next to him. “You have no idea how crazy you make me!” his breath hot on my neck as he spoke. “I could do this all night. Your wet pussy all over me, cumming over and over again. You don’t know how sexy you are. Stand up next to the bed and lean over.”

Even though I did as I was told, each of my ass cheeks still got a firm smack before Loverman thrust himself deep inside of me. It only took few skilled plunges and it was one more climax for me and total release for my Loverman! I felt him explode deep inside of me as he cried out louder than I have ever heard him moan before.

We collapsed next to each other on the bed, fatigued and satisfied. “Oooh la la” is the last thing I heard before I drifted off to a very tranquil dreamland. About an hour later I felt Loverman’s lips hungrily tugging at one of my breasts while his hand caressed the other. My body was still eager and ready and willing (and wet) when he lowered himself onto me and into me.

Feet in BedI knew that I must have done everything right, even without the ties and blindfold, because my sexy Loverman satisfied every single one of my needs 4 more times before we had to say good-bye at 9AM the next morning.

Heart Divider 2

Bread and  Butter

by Hugo

She tastes like midnight
She tastes like wine
She tastes like midnight
She tastes like wine
Gonna run my fingers
Oh, down your spine
Just like a bad dream
Stay on my mind…

Gonna spread you like butter
Give ya all my bread
Don’t want no other girl in my bed
Gonna spread you like [Humming…]
Gonna spread you like [Humming…]

Oh all the street lights
May know your name
Out in the moonlight
Don’t you feel no shame
Oh don’t you worry
You little flame
Baby all the street lights
Will know your name

Gonna spread you like butter
Give ya all my bread
Don’t want no other girl in my bed
Gonna spread you like butter
Give ya all my bread
Don’t want no other girl in my bed
Gonna spread you like [Humming…]
Gonna spread you like [Humming…]

Cause I’m feeling lucky
And I’m feeling you
It keeps me hungry
It keeps me mean
I’m sharp like a blade
And cold like a knife
I’m sharp like a blade
And cold like a knife
I’m cold like a knife
I’m cold like a knife

Gonna spread you like butter
Give ya all my bread
Don’t want no other girl in my bed
Gonna spread you like butter
Give ya all my bread
Don’t want no other girl in my bed
Gonna spread you like [Humming…]
Gonna spread you like [Humming…]



Last Saturday Night’s Festivities

I finally have something “juicy” to write about! Saturday night was AWESOME! Everything I could have wanted!

And it even helped me realize a couple of things:

~ Sex hasn’t been on my mind for the past 3 weeks because of this stupid broken ankle thing.
~ Maybe it should have been. Maybe I would have been in a better mood this whole time if I had just gotten a really awesome piece of ass!


Saturday afternoon I picked Loverman up at about 2:30 and we drove to the hotel. He was recovering from a bout of food poisoning and I “got to” hear some of the gory experience he’s been having over the last couple of days, which is only fair because he’s been there for me during my whole “broken” ordeal 😉 (I felt kind of guilty because the food poisoning came from a Subway sandwich that I got for him after he drove me around for my doctors’ appointments one day). Lucky for me, he was feeling a lot better!

Hotel LobbyWe checked in to this 4-Star hotel by 3:30 and went upstairs to get ready. The lobby was nice! There was Valet, a Doorman, Bellman, Concierge, etc… But once we got to our room, I was not-so-much impressed. It wasn’t a bad room or anything, it just wasn’t what I expected from a 4-star hotel — even with our discounted room rate.

*** For reference, I have worked in many-a-hotel in many different capacities. I have been a Housekeeper, Front Desk Clerk, Night Auditor, Night Manager, and Security Officer (Anthony Melchiorri is my “Hotel Hero” – I LOVE watching Hotel Impossible!), so I will have to tell you that I was kind of disappointed in the room. It was tiny and the comforter on the bed was all matted up (you know how the padding underneath gets old and then you can’t fluff it back up, no matter what you do?) so it looked kind of sloppy. But, all in all, we were just there for sleeping and using it for “stuff” so it didn’t really matter. And once we got into the bed, I pretty much forgot about being nit-picky. ***

There was an ottoman in the room along with a comfy chair. Once we got all of our stuff settled in, Loverman sat down on the ottoman and leaned back on the chair. I sat down, straddled across his lap (how else would you expect me to sit? 😉 ) so we were face-to-face. We talked for a long time — he’s just so easy to be with… But, eventually I could no longer resist my inner urges to kiss his luxurious lips and tear off all of his clothing.

My cast wasn’t nearly as awkward as I had expected (although I’ll bet it was a bit comical watching me try to undress quickly) — but I found out the next morning that it really works much better laying on top of him in the bed. So, we had a quick little romp in the comfy chair before we had to get ready for the party (I wanted to get to the hotel early just in case something like this happened).

Dance FloorThe party was fun! Everyone had a great time. There was drinking and eating great food and then there was dancing at the end. The dancing part made me a little sad because they played all the good party dancing songs that I know — Cupid Shuffle, Electric Slide, etc… — and Loverman would NOT let me dance (good boy!)!!! I did manage to get about 2 minutes of slow-dancing with him during “Sexual Healing”, that made me happy enough. There were pictures and videos and extremely watered-down drinks (I had 6 cocktails and a shot and I was barely feeling a buzz. It made me wonder about the people who were there and actually drunk! What were THEY drinking?). No one got crazy-out-of-your-mind drunk, most people were just happily-buzzed, and when it all ended at 11PM half of the people remaining went to the hotel bar to continue the party. Loverman and I went back up to our room — remember, he’s still recovering from food poisoning. I was amazed that he was able to eat and drink all that he did!

When we got back up to our room at about 11:20 I realized that I was a lot more tired than I thought when I was downstairs. We both got undressed, got under the (lumpy) sheets and I was asleep almost immediately, nuzzling in the crook of my sweet Loverman’s arm.

Sexy SpooningI have no idea what time it was, but at some point during my slumber, I was pleasantly awakened by some warm and curious fingers gently probing for a sweet spot. (Sleeping with him is so wonderful! I haven’t had many lovers, but Loverman is the only one I’ve had that wakes me up this way — ooh la la!). He very contentedly caressed my neatly groomed muff until I couldn’t handle it any more. I had to have him inside of me! I turned over onto my left side and slid my back up to his front in a spoon-like position with my upper leg (the not broken one) propped up over his hip. He was ready to be inside of me, too. His magical wand slipped right into my eagerly waiting pussy like that was exactly where it belonged. We laid together like that — his bronze thickness deep inside of me, my creamy inner folds caressing him tenderly, urging him to ecstasy. He found my inside o-spot with his prick and slowly rubbed his swollen head back and forth, in and out, while I writhed into him further and tried to keep myself quiet. My body moved in perfect rhythm with his, hips gyrating together, bodies sweating. His face was buried in the back of my neck and I could hear his quiet moans of satisfaction, scattered with words of sexy encouragement: “Does that feel good, Baby?” “I could stay like this all night…” “You like it when I do that?” I could feel him throbbing inside of me as we both got closer to the climax. Bodies surging and swelling and pulsing together until he couldn’t hold himself back any longer, he pulled out at exactly the right time and squirted his liquid warmth all over my inner thighs.

Once we were all cleaned up, he curled up next to me just as we were spooning before and I fell asleep — safely cradled in the comfort of my sexy Loverman’s strong embrace… Until morning…

I also enjoy waking up with Loverman. Sometimes I get woken up (like earlier) and sometimes I get to wake him up and then there’s the other times when part of him is up and ready but he’s still sleeping (a hard little poke in the rump is a nice way to wake up!). I tried to slip carefully out of bed because I didn’t want to wake him… Yet…

Good morning!I went into the bathroom to take care of some urgent duties (LOL – duties…) and when I returned to the bedroom, Loverman had rolled over onto his back and there Coconut was (my pet name for his “stuff”) waving at me longingly from under those thin, white sheets. What was I to do except crawl under those sheets and give him a big, long, sexy kiss.

That definitely woke up my Loverman, but not right away. While I was nibbling, little by little he began to squirm underneath me and his hips began to thrust sleepily. From underneath the covers I heard exactly when he woke. With a yawning, happy sigh he said, “Good morning” in that sexy-I-just-woke-up voice. I felt his dick harden, so I moved a little slower, more purposefully seeking to give him pleasure. I wanted to give him a sexy massage that he wouldn’t forget for a while… (I read this great article in Cosmo a LONG time ago about how to drive a man crazy with just a massage). But it’s always me that can’t wait to have him inside of me and with all of this sexy licking and sucking I needed to climb back on top of him again and relieve some of the pressure that I had built up.

Girl on topLike the night before, I climbed up onto his lap and straddled his waist. With slow deliberation, I slid his stiff and virile member inside of me. I came right away… “Oh yeah, baby! Come all over that dick” were Loverman’s words as he reached one hand down to my throbbing clitoris and the other up to one of my erect nipples. I couldn’t hold back the tremors that were shaking my body. Continuous orgasms were rolling over me like waves at high tide as he tweaked my already sensitive nipples and rubbed my clit until I was practically delirious with pleasure! I couldn’t keep up the rhythm! My legs were starting to quiver and I could no longer move myself up and down on his penetrating pole. He moved his magic fingers from my soaking bush and wrapped his masculine arms around my back and lowered my body onto his. My lips caressed the side of his neck like feathers as I concentrated on slowly moving my hips around on top of his.

He continued to whisper dirty sweet nothings in my ear as I continued to squirm on top of him. Soon, though, I was too tired to go on any longer and my legs were shivering too much and starting to go numb underneath me (damn cast!). He rolled us over to position himself on top of me. I knew it wouldn’t be too long and Loverman would be cumming, too. My right leg was propped up on his shoulder and he felt so good, thrusting so deeply inside of me, I really couldn’t contain my orgasm this time and had to grab one of the pillows to cover my screams of pleasure. I could hear his soft moans as he plunged his erection into me faster and faster, deeper and deeper, until it was his turn to let himself go. One last thrust, deep inside of me and, as he came, he let out a long sigh of contentment before letting his body drop down, prone, onto mine.

For quite a while we laid there, him on top of me. I stroked his back gently with my fingertips and nails while he fell back into the slumber of a well-satisfied man. It was so peaceful resting there underneath him, listening to his quiet breathing and steady heartbeat for the rest of the morning… But, as it happens with everything, our awesome Saturday night eventually had to come to an end…

Of course we took a sexy shower together to wash off any of the tell-tale smells… This time it was a little more complicated because I have to be VERY careful of my broken ankle (slipping in the shower could be hella-bad!). But as always, Loverman was watching me constantly with his “protective” eye and I made it through the shower no worse for the wear 😉 We stopped for lunch at Arby’s (because we didn’t eat breakfast and I was starving from all that morning exercise!) and then drove the rest of the way home… Feeling very, very satisfied.