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…or perhaps they *should* be…

A week ago Tuesday, two days after I got back from my visit to Houston, I had a job interview.

I was kind of excited about it because it would be working for a very large, very successful company with benefits that I do not have at my current position.

Conversely, the afternoon before, for extraneous reasons, I was seriously thinking about cancelling. But, rather than discourage myself further, I just decided that I was going to do it, or rather that I HAD to do it.

TC was excited for me. He took time out of his hectic morning to encourage me. It felt lovely! I was even going to post the conversation here, but my Verizon account is messing up right now and I can’t take screen pics of my texts *sigh*

I thought the interview went very well.

Once I finished up with the Departmental portion of the interview, they told me they would be calling me for a second interview so I could meet with the rest of the team.

After that I met briefly with the gentleman from Human Resources who had initially contacted me.

He explained that someone would contact me by Friday, August 7th either way: interested or not.

No one called…


Hospitality Schmospitality

I received a collections invoice for $1,100 a few days ago, so I called to see what it was for because I couldn’t find a bill for this amount (or even from the original biller) in all of my invoices for my broken ankle.

It turns out that I am in collections for an ambulance ride that the Sheraton, where I used to work (they fired my in February of 2010), should have paid for along with all the other worker’s comp expenses from when I fell down and hit my head at work WAY back on 9/4/2009!!

How do I resolve this if the Human Resources Dept at the hotel doesn’t call me back? Do *I* have to pay the bill?!?!

AARRGGHH!!! This is SO frustrating because I am almost getting caught up on my broken ankle bills and now there’s this?!?

(the original name of this post was supposed to be “Worker’s Comp and Bill Collectors” but I like this one better 😉 )