Smitten with Him

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Broken Hearted

Sometime early Saturday morning, my beautiful, wonderful, perfect car – Lil Bear – was stolen.

Words cannot express how horrible I feel. Especially since I don’t know if it was some random event, or Mick did it to get back at me for breaking .

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The Sweetest Gift!

Saturday night Loverman got to go skating with me. Again. I was so happy I think I was glowing.

Afterwards, we chatted for a while in my truck before I dropped him off and went back home. Usually, on my skate nights, I have to park far away from our building because I get there so late that all the good spots are taken. Then, sometime on Sunday, I move Bear closer to our building when a spot opens up.

This night wasn’t any different. But Sunday was.

This week, Loverman stopped by and moved my truck closer to my apartment while I was watching the football game.

As a surprise.

And, while he was moving it, he put my birthday present in the back seat.

After he left, he called me and asked how the Broncos were doing.

We chatted for a minute and then he asked, “I left something in Bear last night after skating. Can you please go out and check if it’s in there?”

“What did you leave?”

“I think I dropped my I-pod. Why don’t you have your mini-me (Thing #1) go check and see, I know your knee is probably hurting after skating last night,” he replied. “Can you put her on the phone?”

“I’ll go check. I have to move the truck anyway, so I might as well do both. Here she is.” I handed her the phone and got up from the couch to change into more ‘outside-appropriate’ clothes to move the truck and look for his I-pod. As I was changing, I was also listening to the one-sided conversation and I finally started to figure out what was going on.

Talk about dense. I really should have figured things out earlier, but Loverman had already said Happy Birthday to me when I dropped him off after skating at 1:00AM. He never has any money and this time he told me he only had $5 left, so I was happy with the words and that he even remembered — and the fact that he got to come skating me again this Saturday!

While they were talking, Loverman instructed Thing #1 to go out to Bear with me, but not to spoil the surprise.

She returned the phone to me and I continued talking to him as we walked out to the truck, unlocked it and started to look for his I-pod.

Thing #1 spoke up from the back seat, “Found it!” and handed me my birthday gift from Loverman, “It was here in the back on the floor next to your roller skates.”


The card says, on the outside:

Another birthday and you’ve still got it

And on the inside:

So flaunt it!

And have a great day

Then he wrote his own words to me:

Happy Happy Birthday and many more!!!
Your Best Friend,

It was so sweet. It melted my heart.

The card said the most perfect words about his feelings to me and,¬† what he said might seem very contrite to an outsider, but he has to be extremely careful what he writes to me because just about anyone could see it; there¬†are people who know we’re married to other people, and to them we are best friends.

I thanked him and giggled at him. I wanted to kiss and hug him all over! Which is probably why he left before he called to tell me about my surprise.