I’m Right Here

Before dinner last Thursday evening, we were having a discussion on the power of positive thinking…

It’s true, there isn’t anything you want that you can’t have.

Yes there is.

There is? Tell me what you want that you can’t have.


I’m right here, aren’t I?

I Want You

I Want You

I changed a previous post, not by much, but I think that this version is better.


I want you to help rub out the kinks.

I want you to scratch the itches I can’t reach.

I want your arms to pull me close when I’m crying.

Even if neither of us knows why.

Because, with you, I feel safe and protected.

I want you to help me find myself when I am lost.

I want your inner calm when I am too upset to think clearly.

I want your attentiveness.

Respond to me.

I want your gratitude.

Appreciate me.

I want your reciprocation.

Tell me you want me, too.

I want your inclusion.

I want your love.