Smitten with Him

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Shakespeare Is Dead


He didn’t last very long.

(that’s what she said 😉 )

I kind of suspected it from the get-go, but he was an arrogant jerk.

Lemme backtrack a moment…

At noon on Tuesday he sent me a text (this is not what makes him an arrogant jerk):

Hey there. I’m at XXX Ave and XXX St on my lunch break. Maybe I could check out your place of work? Otherwise, we should totally have lunch or something.

He had mentioned that his new office wasn’t far away from the neighborhood where I work (I didn’t give him any name or address, just the general area).

It spooked me a little. Probably because of MM only a week before.

And he wasn’t that far away!

I was hoping that he hadn’t googled my phone number and found my work address. It would really suck if he had already hopped on a bus to come see me!


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A Bone

Last night TC tossed me a bone, but I was so busy freaking out and trying to get him to talk to me that I didn’t see it.

I didn’t see it because he sent me the message on Facebook and I haven’t been communicating with him that way this week — it’s been text, email and Twitter. Also, I don’t have a smart phone, so I don’t get any beeps or signals that I have received a message/status update/etc. Unless you text or call me, you pretty much have to wait until I log into my laptop – and then to Facebook. TC is aware of this.

And I was using Twitter because he is my Twitter crush and that’s where we met…

I am sure there is something subconscious in there that wanted me to take our disagreement to a more “virtual” platform: like Twitter, where we started off anonymously, instead of Facebook where we are both real.

Or, maybe I wanted to take it there because that was our initial forum, where we first got to know each other…

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I’m a Good Girl


Every morning I send you a message to tell you that I am safe at work.

Every night when I get home, I send you a message to tell you that I am safe at home.

I try to add kisses and huggs and sexy words and messages.

Sometimes I send pictures.

You don’t do the same for me.

In fact, there are times you don’t even respond.

It could be days.

You just leave me hanging.

Like an idiot who thought you gave a crap.

I guess sometimes there are just more important things for you to do.

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My Daughter is so Mean

Thing #2 was so mean to me last night.Girl Yelling Close Up

She told me that every time I say “I love you” to her, she only hears “I hate you”

She told me that I don’t care about her or anything about her

She told me that I never wanted her and that I regret having her as my child

She called me a fucking idiot

She told me that she wants to kill herself

That she thinks about running away every single day

I told her that if she hates it so bad, she is free to leave

She told me that I am a horrible mother over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over

I told her she was a liar for all the times she said that she loved me and that she was thankful I am her mother

Angry MotherThe fight went on for at least an hour

I took away her computer

Now she is mad because she can’t do her homework

She has to work on the desktop computer in her father’s bedroom

I took away her phone

Of course, now she is mad she can’t call her boyfriend

I almost told her she couldn’t even see her boyfriend until she got a better attitude

This morning she asked me if I would give her a ride or if I wanted her to walk to school

I told her that I was still very upset with her (and I held my trembling hand out for her to see)

I asked if a horrible, idiot mother who didn’t care about her daughter would bring her to school

She decided to walk

All of this happened because I asked her to clean up her dirty dishes from my room last night