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Argh!!!!!!!! Skater Down!

Saturday night my roller skates broke. Well, one of them anyway… *sigh*

I just got them in January! A month before I went to Phoenix!!


Broken Skate 1

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Sk8 Saturday: Kansas City

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these Sk8 Saturday posts. The video is kind of lame and really long and it’s in 3D, so it looks kind of funky. But, even for all of that, it’s still a super cool video (next Saturday I will show you a better one, though ­čÖé I promise)!

Winnwood Skate Center Kansas City, MO

Winnwood Skate Center
Kansas City, MO

You wanna know why it’s super cool? Remember last November when I went to Kansas City, MO on my first sk8venture with Loverman? Well, a friend of mine hooked me up with a video from that weekend and it just so happens that Loverman and I are in it! Sadly, we’re not skating or anything, but we’re still there! We are in the upper right-hand corner at 6:53 (after all the freaking bowling, you would think I was on a bowling adventure or something, lol!). You can see the flash on Loverman’s camera while he’s filming.

Woo hoo!!! Right!?

Just for the record: I don’t like that it’s in 3D. I don’t have 3D glasses and it makes my middle look funky without them. I have on a black skirt that, in 3D, makes it look like I am wearing a crop-top. I am, in fact, wearing a normal-length t-shirt.

Have a great weekend, everyone!! And go skate your asses off!

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It’s Been a While, Eh?

busy-ladyI am so sorry for neglecting my blog! I haven’t had much to write about and there hasn’t been that much time for me to write it.┬á Usually when things are going well in my life, everything just falls into place and I just get so comfortable. Also, I have been SO busy with work that when I get home the last thing I really want to do is “play around” more on a computer.

And, of course, there are the obligatory skate nights 3 times a week and my (life-permitting) date nights with Loverman on Tuesday’s ­čśë

Boss-Lady has me working on an instruction manual for what I do (and that takes forever to do! I am such a perfectionist *sigh*).┬á On top of that, I still haven’t had time to work much on my database that I wanted to start back in November. It’s awesome, though! Even though I don’t have as much time to post my entries on here, it does mean that work is picking up for me and I will have job security that much longer!

Mr. Doom-n-Gloom has been minding his own business and staying out of my way. As of next Monday, he will no longer be a package handler for FedEx Ground, he will be moving to Quality Control. That’s a good thing because he will mostly be working by himself — he has a very hard time getting along with people because he always knows more than them… But, it’s also a bad thing because now he will be getting little-to-no physical activity pretty much ever. At least when he was handling packages he was exercising (which is something his kidney doctor told him he HAS to do. Every. Single. Day!)!

Thing #1 has been doing well in beauty school. Last Saturday she cut my hair and did a TOTALLY awesome job! Loverman even said so ­čÖé I wish I could show you how great it looks!

Thing #2 and I have been getting along swimmingly, which is nice just because it is. Lately she has been spending less time being angry at everyone, but she still knows everything. So cute because she’s so much like me at that age, yet so infuriating!

Things with Loverman have been awesome. We have decided that our next big skate trip will be to Cerritos, CA at the end of October (I am so excited and it’s still SO far away!). This time we will be flying instead of driving. It’s a 3-day event and I would like to take a couple of extra days to see Los Angeles — maybe even get to the Price is Right (LOL!). I told Loverman I wanted to try. Hopefully I will be able to take time this weekend to tell you about all of that good stuff since the new year started.

Don’t forget that all of you are beautiful just because you exist! and have a great Thursday!

Happy Thursday


Sk8 Saturday: The Bus Stop

This is going to be my new roller skating dance step… Now, to figure out how to make it happen on wheels, especially the heel clicks at 00:51, but I’m gonna work it out!

Chaplin Skate Night


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A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays

I would, but it’s my skate night! Let’s jam to some old school grooves!

A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays

by De La Soul

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I’m B-a-a-a-ck!!!

I finally got to go roller skating on Sunday!

Loverman and my oldest daughter were there with me and both of them watched over me like parents who just took off their child’s training wheels. It was cute. They both skated very well, too! ­čśë It was so nice to get out on the skating floor again! It felt like I was finally home!

I want to do it again and again and again and again! Wednesday is the next night that Loverman can go with me. I know that I need to take it slow and ease back into things. But, my ankle is strong! I couldn’t even tell that I had been broken when I was out there skating my ass off. I was worried about stamina because roller skating is A hella-LOT of work, but I skated for almost 1.5 hours! I think Loverman even got a video…

Watch out, Skating World, I’m b-a-a-a-ck!!!!!