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Coyness is a Virtue?


Ixxi – Coy Look
by MissMangyKatChessur

Back when I was a teenager I used to be coy intentionally. I teased my boyfriend mercilessly because I loved the control it gave me (big surprise that in High School I only had that one boyfriend). It gave me such a rush to know that someone wanted me that badly (don’t worry, I didn’t tease him that bad. I blew him and he got off…). But I was also raised by some very crazy religious parents, so part of this coyness was covering for my naiveté because I seriously didn’t know.

I thought I had grown out of that a long time ago, but apparently not. I guess I acted like that coy girl so often that she just became a natural part of me. So now it seems like it’s something that I do instinctively.

I think that’s what happened last Friday when that collection attorney (Brent) asked me for coffee (and, by the way, I did find him on Linked In and added him as a Connection – and he accepted! Probably because of my mad writing skills ;)). While I was trying to be polite and conversational in the uncomfortably silent elevator, I probably gave him some kind of look or my body spoke to his subconsciously in some way — I don’t freaking know! I like to joke around a lot… Maybe it was my silliness that drew him to me. That’s one of Loverman’s favorite things about me…

I have that tendency to seem naive and innocent… Maybe my charm is just in my simplicity and not because I am intentionally being demure. Sometimes simplicity can be demure, right?

The reason I am even bringing this up is: I caught myself doing it today.

One of my attractive male co-workers walked past my office. He looked over at me and smiled. I returned his smile and nodded — you know, the silent “hello”? But then, for some reason, my hand pops up from my typing and waves timidly at him over my computer screen.

WTF was that?

I’m glad he had already turned the corner and didn’t see my reaction. I don’t know what I looked like, but it had to have been something akin to surprised realization.

Fall For Meby kestar

Fall For Me
by kestar