Smitten with Him

grown-up stuff happens here sometimes

Square One

…you know, if you say a word enough times, it no longer sounds like a word… it doesn’t even look like one really…


I am such a hypocrite.

When I am dating (aka: fucking) someone on the regular, somehow I feel it’s okay to get possessive/jealous and not want their dicks to be in any other women’s holes,

yet *I* still continue to “play the field”

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Reality Check


Just when I think things could actually work out with Mick, The Universe slaps me in the face with more reality.

Last week, he almost didn’t have enough cash for our Thursday night “hook-up”. Not a big deal.

Except for the fact that he wants to be my “Daddy” and take care of me and treat me “as I’ve never known”

He sold some rims and tires on Craig’s List and we were back in business…

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Music You Can Smack a Booty To

I was wondering…

The booty on the far left hardly got smacked at all. Do you think she felt jealous?

(I would) 😉

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He loved her without
desperation and needs
and wants.
With his naked soul,
he loved her,
and dreamt
of her clothed
in white dancing
beneath the moonlight
as the stars
grew jealous of the way
she moved.

~ McTesterson

Wonder by Ada Cartianu

Wonder by Ada Cartianu



Like a Badge

“Instead of being jealous of nothing, why don’t you just be proud to have me and wear me on your arm like a badge?”


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