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He didn’t last very long.

(that’s what she said 😉 )

I kind of suspected it from the get-go, but he was an arrogant jerk.

Lemme backtrack a moment…

At noon on Tuesday he sent me a text (this is not what makes him an arrogant jerk):

Hey there. I’m at XXX Ave and XXX St on my lunch break. Maybe I could check out your place of work? Otherwise, we should totally have lunch or something.

He had mentioned that his new office wasn’t far away from the neighborhood where I work (I didn’t give him any name or address, just the general area).

It spooked me a little. Probably because of MM only a week before.

And he wasn’t that far away!

I was hoping that he hadn’t googled my phone number and found my work address. It would really suck if he had already hopped on a bus to come see me!


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My Very Brief Weekend Dating “Adventure”


Last Wednesday I received the sweetest note on FetLife. The subject was “Interested, so very interested”. The message that followed was so charming I checked out his profile.

He’s only 26. Not much there for a profile, but I don’t have much either. Just pictures, and only one kind of with my face.

He didn’t have any pics posted online, but he addressed that in his note:

The way I see it being loud is like cheer leading, lets me know I’m doing a good job, and you can break as much of my skin as you like 😉
Hi, I’m “RS” (short for Rock Star) and I’m hoping that we can get to know each other.
What kinds of things are you into (both vanilla and kink)
I don’t have any pictures on my profile right now, but if you’re interested I can send you some via email or KIK.

Note: Rock Star is not his name on FetLife

I responded. He sent pics. He was gorgeous. We emailed a couple more times and then exchanged numbers. He’s new at the kink thing and so am I. We had common interests in rope/bondage, wax play, switching and also similar personalities and interests outside of the bedroom.

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The Break Up

Ain’t that the truth…?

It’s over.

What a relief, right? (*sarcasm* – kinda…)

TC broke up with me via text last Thursday night. He made mention of being a Cancer and how he’s not what I want. Then said “Be well”.

(Ironically, my biggest problems with Cancers have been during full moon cycles… This happened 1.5 days before August’s.)

I tried calling; he didn’t answer. I left a very brief voicemail and then sent him a text message.

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“I’m Sorry” VS “Thank You”

Do they mean the same thing?*

It doesn’t look like it to me.*

If a person says to you: I’m sorry to have inconvenienced you

Would it mean the same as: Thank you so much for your help


I ask you this because my husband seems to think these words are interchangeable.Instead of saying, “thank you for taking me to the pharmacy after you got home from work. I know you don’t like going out again after you’re home” – he chose to say, “I am sorry for being such an inconvenience to you”.

In the past, I have mentioned to him (and my daughters) that, in my mind, the phrase “I’m sorry” denotes regret and implies the desire to not repeat the mistake again.

Am I wrong to think that? Is that not what an apology is?

And don’t even let me get started on gratitude and entitlement… That will be a different angst-y rant on a different emotionally-tired day.

All I want is a very simple “Thank you” and a tiny bit of gratitude when I go out of my way to do something for someone.

If you want to be a jerk about it, think about how I will feel if you need/want something else some other time. Do you think I’m just going to jump right up to the plate and be eager to help out? Oh, HELL-to-the-NO!

Would you?